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  1. The investment has already started, I'm sharing a link to check the proofs of payment and so on. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TpxxI-Yuzj5ShLfpm8VHn_1HQJJnCMG-
  2. Good morning, evenings, nights and dawns to all friends who decide to join the Multinstante. I have recently achieved a new update for the Script and have successfully tested 1000% with PerfectMoney, however, Payeer still has problems with API but it is optional, i.e. we will not use it during the investment until further notice. I have modified some levels and they keep the date as well as the timetable. Don't forget to fill in your PerfectMoney account/ID/user data before investing, you can find it in Settings of your profile. There is still time to invite anyone who wants to make a lot of money in a short time, and when they receive benefits, please share proof of payment with the virtual ticket in PDF format (found in the History area of the Invest) to your friends, family and anyone interested in the business. You can tell me anything you want, I'm at your disposal. Regards.
  3. Hello friends, You are already invited and we are revolutionizing this new way of earning money by investing from eleven dollars. Regards.
  4. Hello friends, I hope you will be able to share this information with those interested, thanks! Regards.
  5. New update for security reasons, not yet launched... All are invited!! Program description: Investment plan: Double the earning daily Withdrawal: Automatic Payment accepted: Perfect Money, Payeer and AdvCash. Referral: NO Support: contact@multinstante.com Plans: Level 1 Invest $11 Earn $20 25 maximum times a DAY ----------------------------------- Level 2 Invest $27 Earn $50 Level 3 Invest $52 Earn $100 20 maximum times a DAY ----------------------------------- Level 4 Invest $103 Earn $200 Level 5 Invest $203 Earn $400 15 maximum times a DAY ----------------------------------- Level 6 Invest $505 Earn $1000 Level 7 Invest $1,005 Earn $2,000 10 maximum times a DAY ----------------------------------- Every day for the long term. Features: Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate UseTitan Script Licensed Join > https://multinstante.com
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