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  1. Your ideal bounce rate should be somewhere between 20% and 50%
  2. Choose as per your business need
  3. DFP stands for Double Click for Publishers. If the publisher prefers to manage themselves the ads which will be broadcasted on their websites, they use DFP.
  4. Google Ads provides tons of options so you can customize your campaigns and ads to your particular needs, hyper-targeting the audiences you most want to reach
  5. Quality Score is calculated in real-time, every time your keyword matches a search query
  6. Audience targetingContent targeting
  7. Is a snippet of JavaScript that collects and sends data to Analytics from a website
  8. Common video file extensions include .MPG, .MOV, .WMV, and .RM.
  9. Less competitive Substantial traffic Better targeted traffic Higher conversion rates Perfect for PPC Easier to optimize for
  10. Broken links are links that don’t work. Some of the reasons why links don’t work include: A website is no longer available A webpage was moved without a redirect being added The URL structure of a website was changed
  11. Bidding is very useful to set the value of an object, an art piece, a property, a commodity, etc. The bids specify the maximum amount that an organization is ready to pay each time a user clicks your ad
  12. 4th September 1998 was the founded date of Google
  13. Google AdWords is online advertising program that allows you to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in the products and services you offer.
  14. It is click through tag created for rich media banners designed with Flash