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  1. Hi, guys! I'm new here and I want to become a professional gambler. I learned many materials on the Internet about how to choose a casino, but this one https://gamblingaffiliatevoice.com/news/casino-games-for-real-money-choosing-one-to-play/ seems to be the most informative. BTW, your post is good as well. Informative, organized, but still I can't decide from where I should start. Can you help me, please? Which sort of game is suitable for newbies with big ambitions?
  2. No bonuses for US residents? I think it’s a big omission of the casino. I play in Nostalgia Casino where everyone can claim for bonuses up to $500 https://pc-tablet.com/nostalgia-casino-review-set-high-stakes/ . This is a secure place for gamblers to set high stakes. I like to spend my leisure gambling because it’s entertaining and fun. And sometimes it can be a really profitable hobby.
  3. Sports betting is a good way to earn money. Online casinos are also one of these ways. The rest is only up to you. For example, I'm good at playing casino games and I've managed to win some amount of money. But I keep on improving my knowledge and skills, and always look for something new. And a few days ago I've learned about live streaming in the online casino from this post, https://www.oyetimes.com/lifestyle/technology/243605-live-streaming-in-canadian-online-casinos , and now thinking of trying it. That should be fascinating.
  4. Now I’m interested in cryptocurrency and after I saw this discussion I started my research. And I think that Poker Forex is an interesting platform. After all that hype and buzz around it, a lot of online and mobile casinos started to accept bitcoin. So I switched to crypto as well and was amazed by its benefits. I considered bitcoin investment but not sure if it is profitable, and what risk it carries. Meanwhile, it works well for me in mobile gambling, especially when playing pokies https://hackernoon.com/online-pokies-in-australia-main-features-c5e0a417dad0 .
  5. It’s very interesting. But I didn’t completely understand whether your platform allows trading cryptocurrency or it’s only about investing. Does it require ID verification or just registration? How do you ensure those high percentage returns?
  6. Yeah, Microgaming offers a good selection of games. But I would also advise you not to obsess with slots and pay attention to other types of games. I think you might be interested in live dealers as well. They are also online casino games but simply speaking simulate real poker, roulette, blackjack, etc. And since real people are working in remote studios, players can get the feeling of the atmosphere. Such type has both pros and cons (if interested, you can learn about them at websites like LuckyLadyGames, http://www.luckyladygames.com/casino-blog/live-dealer-casino/live-dealers-online-casino
  7. Personally, I haven't tried either the one in the title comment or the other one you mentioned. I prefer to use the casinos trusted by many players and having a good reputation. Like Microgaming, which you can find in different tops like “best software providers” or “popular gambling applications for mobiles” https://thebroodle.com/android/the-5-most-popular-android-apps-for-regular-use/. So, its popularity speaks for itself.
  8. It’s an extensive guide with many exchanges. The best thing about it is that the exchanges are introduced by available payment methods. It’s very convenient, especially who are going to buy crypto for the first time. I used many of them but prefer Cex. It’s a platform that provides a high level of security and intuitive interface. I usually buy cryptocurrency with my credit card there (https://cex.io/buy-ethereum), so Cex is a great option. Plus it’s an international platform, and it’s available in my country. Generally, I am ok with the supported cryptocurrencies, but if I need some small-cap
  9. I think the main reason is in reasonable regulations towards cryptocurrencies. While the prejudices about western countries to be “more civilized” than eastern ones hang thick in the air, Eastern Asian countries were developing technologically. The Asian countries are the most crypto-friendly and crypto adopted. The number of crypto exchanges started to grow because of the high demand for crypto. The best example of a good exchange is Binance. It was founded in China in 2017. And for so short period of time, the exchange has reached great achievements and became the most popular and largest on
  10. Well, the choice of the best platform always depends on your needs and preferences. The best way to compare the advantages and disadvantages is to try all of them. However, research can also give you enough information. As far as I know, Paybis and Coinbase have geographical restrictions so you should check out if your country supported by these exchanges. The rest three websites are available almost worldwide. Coinmama is a reputable exchange with many advantages, but I consider the transaction fee of 5% very high. EXMO and CEX are two reliable England-based exchanges with reasonable fees. An
  11. Hey! Guys wanna play casino on my ipad, but still cannot decide which one to choose. Please advice,as till now I have not found anything worth to spend time
  12. Don’t think that HashFlare is scam. It has great number of users even despite cancellation of SHA-256 contracts recently. There are data plans for crypto based on other algorithm. Site still offers profitable codes (like these: http://hashflarecode.com/ ), so it should survive. As I understand, large and well-known cloud services aren’t scam at all unlike new projects without guarantees. But all cloud investments are risky, that’s true.
  13. I still think trading remains the best way to earn Bitcoins but mining and cloud mining is also good if you have knowledge. Your offer seems attractive, are there any additional promos or bonuses for mining? Something like that of HashFlare ( http://hashflarecode.com/ )?
  14. Like the affiliate program but what about other bonuses? World Mining offers them? Want to compare different codes from various cloud mining sites and create the ultimate list, so everybody can check it and choose the best bonuses. For now, I have only one list from HashFlare ( http://hashflarecode.com/ ), so maybe you have info about other sites including WM? Thank you in advance.
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