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  1. Sports betting is a good way to earn money. Online casinos are also one of these ways. The rest is only up to you. For example, I'm good at playing casino games and I've managed to win some amount of money. But I keep on improving my knowledge and skills, and always look for something new. And a few days ago I've learned about live streaming in the online casino from this post, https://www.oyetimes.com/lifestyle/technology/243605-live-streaming-in-canadian-online-casinos , and now thinking of trying it. That should be fascinating.
  2. Yeah, Microgaming offers a good selection of games. But I would also advise you not to obsess with slots and pay attention to other types of games. I think you might be interested in live dealers as well. They are also online casino games but simply speaking simulate real poker, roulette, blackjack, etc. And since real people are working in remote studios, players can get the feeling of the atmosphere. Such type has both pros and cons (if interested, you can learn about them at websites like LuckyLadyGames, http://www.luckyladygames.com/casino-blog/live-dealer-casino/live-dealers-online-casino
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