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  1. Richpush

    FIRST RICHPUSH WEBINAR ON PUSH CAMPAIGNS IS COMING! Guys, glad to announce our first webinar on push campaigns! Will be glad to share hot the insider's information to make your campaign rock. Topic: "How to run successful push campaigns". Date and Time: 22 August, 15:00 GMT. Presenter: Yan Gorbach, RichPush Head of Customer Onboarding. Webinar Agenda: 1. Our product. 2. How to set up your first campaign properly. 3. How to set up the CPC properly. 4. What is win rate and CTR in push traffic and how to work with them? 5. How to choose subscriptions lists. 6. The difference between clicks cap and impressions cap, why impressions cap is more preferable. 7. How to work with black and white lists. 8. How to work with Automated rules. 9. How to work with Target CPA. 10. What is Smart CPC? 11. What is Micro bidding and when we can use this feature? Follow the link and join the webinar. REGISTRATION LINK: https://richpush.clickmeeting.com/542271651/register
  2. Richpush

    RICHPUSH INSIGHTS DASHBOARD IS AVAILABLE NOW! We've opened RichPush Insights for all clients! Follow the link and find all useful insights from RichPush: https://richpush.co/insights/ With the help of this data you will know: GEOs with no competition in your vertical GEOs in which your priority vertical successfully works Average CPC in GEOs you are interested in Average CTR by GEOs, verticals, devices (to know how your creatives work) The time when average CPC in certain GEO drops (you will have the possibility to buy traffic for a cheaper price) And much more...
  3. Richpush

    [RICHPUSH BLOG] BECAUSE OF THESE 7 MISTAKES YOUR CREATIVES MAY NEVER PASS MODERATION! We can help you to avoid declines, reviewing in detail all the mistakes due to which your creatives may not pass moderation. Read this article and be 100% sure in your creatives. Follow the link: https://richpush.co/blog/because-of-these-7-mistakes-your-creatives-will-never-pass-moderation/
  4. Richpush

    RICHPUSH LOWERED MINIMUM DEPOSIT TO $50 FOREVER! From now minimum deposit in our network is $50! We recommend you to make the first deposit from $250, because in this case you will get a lot of benefits, such as: Personal Account Manager Priority Support Onboarding On-demand Creatives Pro-features Micro bidding Optimization Rules Traffic Insights *For a week these advantages will be available for all users, but after this period - only for those who will deposit $250. ALSO! If your first deposit is $2500, you will get as well: Fully Managed Service - full campaign running by our experts 10% Bonus on first deposit
  5. Richpush

    EACH MONDAY YOU CAN READ FEEDBACK ABOUT RICHPUSH FROM OUR USERS! This one is from our user on affLIFT forum! If you are satisfied with our service and want to leave your feedback, don’t hesitate to write it on the forum or to your account manager at RichPush.
  6. Richpush

    RICHPUSH AT AFFILIATE SUMMIT EAST 2019! Meet our head of business development - Dmitry Sergeev - on 11-13 August at Affiliate Summit East 2019 in New York. To book a meeting with RichPush representative, just follow this link: https://calendly.com/platform-io/affiliate-summit-east?back=1&month=2019-08 Looking forward to meeting you, guys!
  7. Richpush

    NEW FEATURE AT RICHPUSH - AUTOMATED RULES! Sick and tired of adding your blacklist all the time? We have a great solution for you - Automated rules! Just spend 5 minutes on creating some basic rules for the black or whitelists, and they will continue working automatically without the need to check them all the time. To know how the feature works, follow this link: https://richpush.co/blog/automated-rules-all-you-need-to-know-about-richpush-new-feature/
  8. Richpush

    ONE MORE COOL REVIEW ON RICHPUSH! This review has been written by our user on one of affiliate forums. You can leave your feedback in any of our official threads on the forums or just write it to your account manager! We will definitely publish it 🙂
  9. Richpush

    RICHPUSH CANCELED INACTIVITY FEE! You may know that recently we’ve implemented inactivity fee ($300) for users who weren’t active for more than 3 months. But, as a result, a lot of our users considered such measures to be unfair to them. So we decided to cancel inactivity fee to remain loyal towards our users!
  10. Richpush

    DON’T MISS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO GET RICHPUSH BIRTHDAY BONUS! Tomorrow is the last day when you can get one of our cool birthday bonuses! Discounts, special offers, bonuses, profitable offers from our partners. Follow this link and grab your bonus: http://richpush.co/birthday/
  11. Richpush

    15+ GREAT BIRTHDAY BONUSES FROM RICHPUSH PARTNERS! Our cool partners also congratulate us and our users on RichPush birthday and have prepared a lot of bonuses! Get more than 15 bonuses from CPA networks, trackers, conferences and spy tools. To know more about bonuses just follow this link: http://richpush.co/birthday/
  12. Richpush

    3 COOL BONUSES TO CELEBRATE RICHPUSH BIRTHDAY! RichPush is giving away unforgettable gifts for all who is mad about push traffic! The minimum deposit is just $100 (instead of $250) for a week (for all users) Get 10% bonus on your first $250+ deposit (for new users) Get 10% bonus on $2500+ deposits (for existing users) How to get your bonus? $100 minimum deposit. Deposit $100 or more during birthday week. New users 10% bonus. Sign up, make a deposit, then send the promo code to your account manager. The bonus will be added to your account shortly afterward. Existing users 10% Bonus. Deposit $2500 or more, then send the promo code to your account manager. The bonus will be added to your account shortly afterward.
  13. Richpush

    RICHPUSH BIRTHDAY WEEK - 24-31 JULY! RichPush is happy to announce its first Birthday! To celebrate, we prepared for you, guys, a whole bunch of cool bonuses. Cool discounts, bonuses for new and existing clients, premium offers from our partners! 24-31 July: The minimum deposit is just $100 (instead of $250) for a week (for all users) Get 10% bonus on your first $250+ deposit (for new users) Get 10% bonus on $2500+ deposits (for existing users) Get premium icon pack with 900 icons for 9 verticals (for all users) Get up to 50% discount and bonuses from our partners (forums, trackers, spytools, cpa networks, conferences) (for all users) Get $50 on your RichPush balance for a case study (for all users) Grab the chance while you still got him!
  14. Richpush

    WE ARE ALWAYS HAPPY TO SEE YOUR REVIEWS ON RICHPUSH AD NETWORK! If you like working with us we will be glad to see your reviews in different sources. For example, here is the feedback from from our user at Affbank: (https://affbank.com/advertising-networks/richpushco)
  15. Richpush

    NOW RICHPUSH HAS ENGLISH TELEGRAM CHANNEL! update cool feature news bonuses recommendations The link to the channel is https://t.me/richpushEN Be the first to know all RichPush news!
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