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  1. Richpush

    📚 RICHPUSH BLOG 📚 📌 How to set up Automated rules: 2 strategies to boost your revenue 📌 Automated rules is one of the greatest features to gain revenue for affiliates. If you still don’t know how to set up automated rules properly, we are here to help! ▶️ Our article is a super easy tutorial to understand how to use this top-feature like a pro: https://richpush.com/blog/how-to-set-up-automated-rules-2-strategies-to-boost-your-revenue/
  2. Richpush

    ❤️ Happy Valentine's Day to the most special users of TopGoldForum! ❤️ The adorable day is coming... 😍 🎁 So, welcome a lovely Valentine's Day GIFT! 💸 Get 14% BONUS for the first deposit at RichPush ad network 💸 💥 Use promo code RICH14 and start running campaigns with us 💥 🔎 Bonus is valid till February 21 (for new clients ONLY)🔍 So many conversions begin RichPush... ❤️
  3. Richpush

    📚 RICHPUSH BLOG📚 👩‍❤️‍👨 Full Dating Guide with Tips and Creatives • How to choose a traffic source for dating offers • How to promote dating on push traffic • Dating vertical creatives’ examples • How to choose messages’ language • Secrets of successful targeting for dating offers: choosing GEOs • How to increase CTR for dating offers 👉🏼 Find all the information in the new guide on our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/full-dating-guide-with-tips-and-creatives/
  4. Richpush

    🔥RICHPUSH NEWS - FRESH SUBSCRIBERS LISTS AVAILABLE!🔥 🔝New Subscribers Lists - 2.6 million more new users! 📌 Subscribers List #4196 🌎 Top GEOs: Scandinavian countries ☑️ 2 million users 📌 Subscribers List #4254 🌎 Top GEOs: ZAF, MEX, BRA, USA, TUR 📌 Subscribers List #4133 🌎 Top GEOs: BRA, IND, DEU, USA, ESP ☑️ 600 thousand users
  5. Richpush

    RICHPUSH BLOG How to make converting landing pages for affiliate marketing? Very often even experienced affiliate marketers face the problem of the budget leak. The reasons for it can be different but one of them is an incorrect landing page. It plays a key role in conversion. Read our new article to know how not to leak the budget and get high-quality conversions 💪🏼 Follow the link and read the article in our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/how-to-make-converting-landing-pages-for-affiliate-marketing/
  6. Richpush

    RICHPUSH BLOG Full list of top affiliate marketing conferences in 2020! The beginning of the year is a good time to decide which conferences to attend. Events are taking place worldwide. Choose the month and attend affiliate event you like: https://richpush.com/blog/full-list-of-top-affiliate-marketing-conferences-in-2020/
  7. Richpush

    RICHPUSH BLOG CTR of push notifications: How to increase clickability of your campaigns How to make people click on your push notification? The more users join the affiliate marketing sphere, the greater a chance to use notification which will hardly impress your potential clients. In this article, we will share with you our thoughts on how to make your push catchy and how to increase CTR. Follow the link and read: https://richpush.com/blog/ctr-of-push-notifications-how-to-increase-clickability-of-your-campaigns/
  8. Richpush

    Welcome to RichPush our Loyalty Program: RichClub for Advertisers! RichPush Ad Network team’s finally announcing the RichClub Loyalty program for our best advertisers. To become a Member of RichClub Loyalty is easy as pie! Just follow these steps: 1. Join us at any level by making a deposit or launching a campaign 2. Ask your account manager for any benefits within your package 3. Enjoy! Read more on our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/welcome-to-our-loyalty-program-richclub-for-advertisers/ New loyalty features: coming soon... Follow the updates!
  9. Richpush

    Reach iOS Devices with In-page Push Notifications from RICHPUSH! RichPush launches In-page push notifications, a new push ads format, and offers even more quality traffic to our clients. Open New Opportunities and read more about In-page push in our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/reach-ios-devices-with-in-page-push-notifications/
  10. Richpush

    RICHPOPS WEBINAR! Have you watched our pop traffic webinar? Read a new blogpost about it: https://richpush.com/blog/webinar-how-to-run-pops-like-a-pro-richpops-traffic-insights-inside/ Thanks to all the participants. It was a pleasure to answer your questions, guys! Follow the link and watch the recording of our webinar on RichPush YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTxizhCFww4 Next webinars? Coming soon...
  11. Richpush

    FREE WEBINAR ON POP TRAFFIC FROM RICHPUSH & RICHPOPS: HOW TO RUN POPS LIKE A PRO We are ready to start this year with professional knowledge! Recently RichPush team has launched a new pop traffic network - RichPops. Our professional experts will be glad to share their expertise in running pop traffic and speak about our new pops network - RichPops. Topic: "How to run POPS like a Pro & make your campaigns more effective!" Date and Time: January 22, 15:00 GMT Presenter: Eugene Kuznetsov, RichPush & RichPops Product Manager Webinar Agenda: Pops intro: • What is pop traffic, and how does it work? • Which offers/verticals work well on pops? • Prejudices about pops — are they true? How to start: • How to start pops campaign like a PRO. • Available targeting options. • Common mistakes. How to get maximum profit: • Optimization tools to get maximum profit. • Landing pages insights. Follow this link and register for the webinar: https://richpush.clickmeeting.com/-free-webinar-how-to-run-pops-like-a-pro-make-your-campaigns-more-effective-
  12. Richpush

    DON'T MISS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO GET A BONUS FROM RICHPUSH! Get $200 BONUS for High-Quality Push or Pop Traffic. To take part in our Christmas deal follow the link: https://richpush.com/bonus2020/#topgoldforum How to get your Bonus: 1) Sign up with RichPush or RichPops and deposit till January 15 2) Contact your account manager 3) Spend $200 till January 31 4) Ask your Account Manager for a bonus 5) Get $200 on your Balance! Only 63/100 bonuses left! Launch Your Holiday Campaign Now... P.S. OTO is available for new users only.
  13. Richpush

    🔥RICHPUSH NEWS - FRESH SUBSCRIBERS LISTS AVAILABLE!🔥 🔝New Subscribers Lists - 42 million more new users! 📌 Subscribers List #3482 🌎 Top GEOs: US, GB, DE, CA, IT ☑️ 32 million users 📌 Subscribers List #2549 🌎 Top GEOs: US, FR, GB, IT, DE ☑️ 5 million users 📌 Subscribers List #3031 🌎 Top GEOs: BR, DE, US, VN, EG ☑️ 3 million users 📌 Subscribers List #3293 🌎 Top GEOs: US, BR, KZ, FR, ZA ☑️ 2 million users
  14. Richpush

    RICHPUSH BLOG Click2call & Click2sms offers: How do they work with push traffic? Not every media buyer can make a decision to work with rare and exotic IVR-systems. Let’s deal with click2call and click2sms: how to set up such campaigns on push traffic to get profit. Isn’t it so difficult as it seems? Spoiler: well, it almost isn’t. Follow the link and read our new article: https://richpush.com/blog/click2call-click2sms-offers-how-do-they-work-with-push-traffic/
  15. Richpush

    RICHPUSH TEAM IS READY TO MEET YOU AT AFFILIATE SUMMIT WEST 2020! The largest meeting place for the affiliate marketing industry! 60 countries represented, 6000 attendees, 310 exhibitors and sponsors, over 75 expert speakers. What to expect: • Networking & fun • Learning & education • Experience & inspiration When: January 27-29 Where: Las Vegas (Paris Las Vegas Hotel) RichPush Exhibitor Hall: #E326 RichPush Meet Market: #MM1322 Be ready to book a meeting with us: https://richpush.co/meeting/
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