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  1. Richpush

    🔥 It’s time! Native Ads Now Open for Advertisers 🔥 ⚡️ Finally, a new format is available for our clients! 🚀 Be the first to test a new trustful high-quality format. ✅ Follow the link and find all about RichNative: https://richpush.com/blog/native-ads-now-open-for-advertisers/
  2. Richpush

    🎉 New RichPush interface is already available for just registered users 🎉 😎 But very soon each client on our platform will enjoy it! 🕹 Have questions on how to launch your campaign? 📚 We've prepared a nice and helpful Tutorial: How to Launch Successful Push Campaign. 💰 Implement all the points and success with push ads will be within reach... ✅ Check tutorial in our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/tutorial-how-to-launch-successful-push-campaign/
  3. Richpush

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  4. Richpush

    📚 RICHPUSH BLOG 📚 🦠 Coronavirus and Affiliate Marketing: Tips from Experts 🔎 RichPush team is constantly monitoring the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and its impact on people, businesses, and, in particular, the affiliate marketing. 🎙 We’ve talked to lots of industry experts to learn what they think about the current circumstances, how not to lose your money in them and what offers are more likely to covert. ✅ Read the article in our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/coronavirus-and-affiliate-marketing-tips-from-experts/
  5. Richpush

    📚 RICHPUSH BLOG 📚 🤔 What kind of mistakes may decrease CTR on Push ads? 🔎 In any push campaign, the CTR value means a lot. Even experienced specialists are not immune to its low value. In this post, we will dwell on which mistakes may be the reason for low clickability rates (CTR). ✅ Read the article in our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/what-kind-of-mistakes-may-low-ctr-on-push-ads/
  6. Richpush

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  7. Richpush

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  8. Richpush

    Happy International Women’s day from RichPush! Thanks for always being there! 🌸 International Women’s Day: Meet Female Professionals Of Affiliate Marketing In the run-up to this holiday, we wanted to celebrate the fact that affiliate marketing has evolved from the male-dominated industry and attracted more and more skilled women over the years. Our aim is to inspire you to get away from stereotypes and never give up in the face of challenges, especially, if you’re breaking into the exciting world of affiliate marketing! Here is the new article on our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/meet-female-professionals-of-affiliate-marketing/
  9. Richpush

    📚 RICHPUSH BLOG 📚 📌How to make money on Nutra in 2020? 🌱 Nutra vertical remains popular in marketing over the years. Weight loss products, biologically active and sports supplements, male potency drugs, health products, and beauty goods — all these are parts of nutra vertical very often run by advertisers. 🔎 Special for you we’ve prepared the list of urgent life hacks that will help to make a buck on nutra offers 💸 ▶️ Look into the article in our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/how-to-make-money-on-nutra-in-2020/
  10. Richpush

    💥 INTRODUCING NEW SUBSCRIBERS LISTS FROM RICHPUSH! 💥 👀 New Subscribers Lists - 20.08 million more new users! 📌 Subscribers List #4442 🌎 Top GEOs: IND ☑️ 80 thousand users 📌 Subscribers List #4451 🌎 Top GEOs: FR, DE, US, ES, CA 📌 Subscribers List #4415 🌎 Top GEOs: IN, AU, DE 📌 Subscribers List #4541 🌎 Top GEOs: IND, SWE, DZA, DEU, IRQ 📌 Subscribers List #4523 🌎 Top GEOs: RUS, SWE, KAZ, UKR, ARM 📌 Subscribers List #4469 🌎 Top GEOs: USA, DEU, FRA, GBR, RUS ☑️ 20 million users 📌 Subscribers List #4640 🌎 Top GEOs: USA, DEU, FRA, GBR, RUS
  11. Richpush

    📚 RICHPUSH BLOG 📚 📌Pop Ads: How to earn on popups and popunders in 2020? 💡 In this article, we will dwell on what are pop ads, popups, popunders, and clickunders and how to work with them. 🔎 What is inside? 1. Newbies part (for those who haven't worked with pop traffic at all) 2. Experienced affiliate marketer part (pop campaign launching and optimization tips) ▶️ Look into the longread in our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/in-app-push-notifications-launch/
  12. Richpush

    💥 NEW WEEK WITH RICHPUSH - NEW SUBSCRIBERS LISTS AVAILABLE! 💥 👀 New Subscribers Lists - 4.7 million more new users! 📌 Subscribers List #4187 🌎 Top GEOs: USA, GBR, DEU, FRA ☑️ 300 thousand users 📌 Subscribers List #4346 🌎 Top GEOs: RU, IT, UA, IN, KZ ☑️ 1.2 million users 📌 Subscribers List #4263 🌎 Top GEOs: ESP, RUS, UKR, USA, DEU ☑️ 3.2 million users 📌 Subscribers List #3635 🌎 Top GEOs: IN, BR, RU, DE, US 📌 Subscribers List #4319 🌎 Top GEOs: IND, IDN, RUS, BRA, UKR 📌 Subscribers List #4406 🌎 Top GEOs: IN, US, RU, UA, DE
  13. Richpush

    💥 RichPush is rolling out another new ad format: In-App Push notifications! 💥 🤔 Our team has recently launched In-page push notifications ad format. But we never stop thinking about new opportunities... ⚡️ Meet In-App Push format which allows launching your advertising inside popular consumer apps and engage a totally new audience. ▶️ More about the new format on our blog: https://richpush.com/blog/in-app-push-notifications-launch/
  14. Richpush

    📚 RICHPUSH BLOG 📚 📌 How to set up Automated rules: 2 strategies to boost your revenue 📌 Automated rules is one of the greatest features to gain revenue for affiliates. If you still don’t know how to set up automated rules properly, we are here to help! ▶️ Our article is a super easy tutorial to understand how to use this top-feature like a pro: https://richpush.com/blog/how-to-set-up-automated-rules-2-strategies-to-boost-your-revenue/
  15. Richpush

    ❤️ Happy Valentine's Day to the most special users of TopGoldForum! ❤️ The adorable day is coming... 😍 🎁 So, welcome a lovely Valentine's Day GIFT! 💸 Get 14% BONUS for the first deposit at RichPush ad network 💸 💥 Use promo code RICH14 and start running campaigns with us 💥 🔎 Bonus is valid till February 21 (for new clients ONLY)🔍 So many conversions begin RichPush... ❤️
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