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  1. THE PIONEER OF DEFI GAMING Get Paid for Staking Liquidity, Play Games and Much More! NLIFE is a self-sustaining, blockchain integrated gaming platform withzero fees for each game transaction, where users are able to stake liquidity.The NLIFE Gaming Platform brings several technical and strategic "firsts” to the online and blockchain gaming industry. NLIFE achieved these byharnessing the unique properties of Turtle Network in combination with the liquidity options on Pancakeswap. We are NOT JUST ANOTHER GAMING PLATFORM Games Unlike our competitors,
  2. Welcome! Ticket2Lambo.io a brand new Ethereum based lottery Project on the blockchain. Buy your Ticket2Lambo tokens now to join the wildest blockchain ride in the world. We plan on giving away more than 21 million USDT in total. You can participate in the draw by holding our coin on your ethereum wallet. Just one token could get you the Lambo. Whitepaper: https://www.ticket2lambo.io/T2L- Whitepaper.pdf About T2L ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ T2L is a hot new project on the Ethereum blockchain. Being brought to life by 3 entrepreneurs, who have a com
  3. ====================================================================== Website ✦ Facebook ✦ Twitter ✦ Instagram ✦ LinkedIn ✦ Telegram USERS: https://360wellness.io/user/ | BUSINESS: https://360wellness.io/business/ ===================================================================== ───── About 360Wellness ───── 360Wellness is a unique and decentralised wellness live marketplace concept. A suite of powerful web and mobile solutions connecting people with health and fitness professionals across the world. Empowering them with unique and revolutionary use
  4. ABOUT US The CoinsLoot Platform was created to give crypto enthusiasts a new entertaining way to invest in cryptocurrencies. CoinsLoot has brought the world's first crypto loot boxes while creating a fully decentralized platform in the form of a DApp, decentralized application, which is software that runs on a distributed network. It's not hosted on a centralized server, but instead on a peer-to- peer decentralized network with the aim of full transparency. Users are able to open loot boxes in exchange for USDT, the ERC20
  5. https://www.axpire.com/ https://www.axpire.com/downloads/aXpire_Whitepaper_v2.0.0.pdf https://www.axpire.com/downloads/aXpire_Whitepaper_v2.0.0.pdf https://www.axpire.com/downloads/aXpire-Overview.pdf About aXpire Our B2B SaaS products target a wide range of enterprises and industries. Below, you’ll find a selection of our main user types. Legal ✦ Finance ✦ Banking ✦ Retail ✦ Construction ✦ General The AXPR Token Our token acts as a central backbone of the aXpire ecosystem. No matter which product, AXPR is involved.
  6. WEBSITE ✦ FACEBOOK ✦ TWITTER ✦ INSTAGRAM ✦ LINKEDIN ✦ YOUTUBE ✦ TELEGRAM ABOUT US ──────── · ──────── IDEAVIS is a revolutionary crypto coin, that is based on the proof-of-work and the proof-of-stake algorithms to guarantee the ultimate security within the network. An extraordinary cryptocurrency, that is made to work for and with its community. What makes IDEAVIS more profitable in comparison to other crypto currencies, is the division of profit. The profit is assembled through two ways. First there is the increase of value of the IDEAVIS course itself
  7. =================================================== DIFX World’s First Fully Insured Cross Asset Trading Platform =================================================== LITE PAPER | WHITEPAPER WHY DIFX The Blockchain was ranked one of the top 5 emerging technologies in 2019 by the World Economic Forum and it is speculated to hold 10% of worldwide gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025. With this in mind, DIFX was created as a blockchain- based cryptocurrency exchange platform that will bring significant an
  8. About Benchmark Protocol ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Benchmark Protocol is a Supply Elastic Collateral and Hedging Device, Driven by the Volatility Index. The protocol operates as a rules-based utility that dynamically adjusts supply based on the CBOE volatility index (VIX) and deviations from the target metric - equal to 1 Special Drawing Rights (SDR)unit. Employing the SDR creates a larger use case rather than exposure to just one currency; the application of this creates a larger user base and delineated exposure to markets around the world. The DeFi
  9. ==================================================== WEBSITE ♦ FACEBOOK ♦ TWITTER ♦ INSTAGRAM ♦ LINKEDIN ♦ TELEGRAM ==================================================== We are more than just crypto and blockchain; more than financial vehicles and mechanisms; more than simply global lotteries, sports betting and virtual casinos; more than sustainable food production and distribution; more than real value given airline and services; more than restaurant purveyors and hoteliers; more than community and infrastructure development; more than p
  10. 01 SEC Compliant STO Pre-Sale Open May 1, 2020 02 SEC Compliant STO Public Sale May 15, 2020[ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Technolgoy is a highly frangmented field of healthcare is plagued by a wide spectrum of obstacles that are directly linked to the absence of a modern, standardized technology stack. The industry at large is generally run on legacy software applications and expensive hardware systems that ultimately fail to address present-day data sharing and security requirements. Fro
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