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  1. Friends! This year we added mobile proxies of several new countries - the USA, Kazakhstan and Lithuania. Now no proxy provider can offer such a variety of operators as ours. And we are not going to stop there! We are planning to launch several more countries in the near future. And you can help us choose the country you need by going through a small google-poll: https://forms.gle/FBh9uBGhD4NZMads9 The reward for passing the test will be a 5% discount on the proxy order! Contacts: Telegram:@airsupport_botFacebook: m.me/airsocksVK:vk.me/club144475561WhatsApp: wa.me/79099225792Skype: AIRSOCKS-Support-Bot
  2. Good news! We released a big update of dashboard. Now you can set your own logins and passwords for proxies, common to all proxies or individual to each. In addition, when authorizing by IP, for each proxy, you can specify individual IP lists for access. Individual passwords and access will allow the use of proxies in services that do not support a certain length or special characters in the passwords and logins, as well it will simplify the resale of the proxy for our partners. Contacts: Telegram:@airsocksSkype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  3. Great news, friends! We have launched USA Mobile Proxies! (operator AT&T) We were often asked or we have USA mobile proxies. Now we have a positive answer to this question. High speed and unlimited traffic are waiting for you. You can get free test of USA Mobile Proxies by contacting our support. Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  4. Do you have doubts in the purchase of our mobile proxies? We will automatically provide a two-hour free test of shared channels after registering on our site. Also you can request a test of private channels in support. The free test will provide an opportunity to evaluate all the advantages of mobile proxies, as well as to check their compatibility with the software. If you have any questions, please contact our support. Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  5. Hello! We have good news: We have successfully updated most of the software on all of our servers, which significantly increased stability and speed, both on private and on public channels. There are still some fundamental updates and improvements ahead. Want to know our news first and be the first to know about various promotions? All this awaits you on our telegram channel - @airsocks_ch. Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  6. Wish you all a productive week! We are glad to share the latest news of our service: We are preparing a large-scale update of the technical part of the proxy, which will qualitatively increase stability and speed. We have been developing it for half a year already Recently, our site has undergone a massive DDoS attack and stopped functioning ... fortunately not for long:) Such actions of our competitors only confirm that their proxies lose out in fair competition Of course, we have our answer to this. In the near future, we will hold new promotions and stocks! Moreover, we are preparing a total modern website redesign. All for our customers;) Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  7. Hey there! We are happy to share great news: We have launched a proxy in EUROPE. Lithuania. (Lithuania). Very clean, white addresses. Operators BITE and EUROCOM. Quantity is limited. We accept orders for testing and purchase. Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  8. Airsocks mobile proxies ensure high compliance with the parameters of a real user. Thus, chance to be banned reduces to zero. Following tests confirm everything mentioned above:: Checking anonymity from the phone - https://2ip.io/privacy/bar/9465188_c711f9.html The same check through a proxy - https://2ip.io/privacy/bar/9487600_ad0430.html If you have doubts, you can take a free test on our website. Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  9. Friends, if you have any questions about the work of the proxy, please contact our support! What can you get by contacting our support? Consultation on the work of proxies and software Private Channel test Get to the test our new services And much more 😉 Contact us - @airsocks Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  10. We are often asked the question - how many accounts of a service can you use on the same channel? It is differently. Just test (the test is free, you can organize a private channel test by contacting our support). We recommend to use 5-20 accounts per channel. Someone achieves results ten times more. Why so?: There is a high-quality and low-quality software, we are not responsible for it, it is necessary to contact the developers. Everyone has different competence and understanding of the work of the mechanisms for determining bots in the social networks and other systems. In the case of absence of this understanding or a poor understanding of this mechanisms the bans will still be. Everyone has a different proxy budget and traffic volume. We do not advise about the software work, it is necessary to contact the support of the software developer, we provide anti-detection at the network level. Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  11. Hi there! Since the opening of our service until this post, our service has significantly changed. We continue to make various changes and improve existing functionality. Everything that we do is done for you and it would be great if you point out what our service lacks or what it would be good to change or improve. Our support is waiting for your ideas. You can get a nice bonus for good ideas 😉 Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  12. We have launched a new service "Multichannel" What is it? Each new request / session is sent from a new IP address from the pool of one of the mobile operators How much does the service cost? The price of a multichannel depends on the operator and the requirements for count of simultaneous sessions The minimum number of sessions is 4, this is enough for most tasks The average price of a multichannel is $40, each additional session costs $10 Can I test it? Sure, like all our products, we provide a free test How to order? 1. Register on our website 2. Contact our support and send "I want to test "Multichannel"" adding your email you registered with Properties of use: We recommend you to check IP address by http://myexternalip.com/raw When you check it by the browser, you need to clean the cache and cookies, as well as set the setting network.http.keep-alive.timeout = 0 (this is an example for Firefox) OS Fingerprint Android (Linux 2.2.x-3.x) is installed on the multichannel, so we recommend you to compare User-Agent in those cases when it is necessary. Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  13. Friends! Airsocks is growing and developing, new offers and promotions are being introduced. For these couple of months there have been several important news that you might have missed: For those who deal with Android / Iphone there is an unique feature of mobile VPN. Contact our support for details Our new proxy service Аstroproxy has being announced. You can already buy or test the best elite datacenter and resident proxy by contacting our support. On Astroproxy we will not stop and in the near future we will please you with other interesting surprises We've launched our own datacenter CYBERZILLA Also we remind you that you can still get a private channel for a month, after shooting a video about the work of our service. You can get more information about this promotion in the previous post. Contacts: Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  14. Attention! We are announcing a new proxy service ASTROPROXY. When the new service starts up you will be able to get thousands of white elite data center and resident proxy servers. You will not be afraid of a ban or captcha. Your requests will pass through really live IP-addresses of countries and you can not be distinguished from the ordinary user. Who need a resident proxy? Affiliates - sending out any messages in all available places Marketers - parsing, posting without any problems SMM specialists - mass registrations and subscriptions Software developers - complete anonymity in working with automated systems To get proxy test or buy one please contact us by our contacts. Contacts: Our site:airsocks.in Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
  15. We are announcing the launch of our own data center! The building is already completed. Now we are installing engineering systems. Now we will delight users not only with innovative technologies in the field of mobile proxy, but also will try to occupy a server solutions niche. Would you like to test our servers first? Contact the contacts listed below! We accept pre-orders for physical (Dedicated Server) and virtual (VDS) servers. Contacts: Our site:airsocks.in Telegram:@airsocks Skype: live:93bae21d1a2a8334 E-mail:help@airsocks.in
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