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  1. Actually, I would like mention cex. In short, I like cex, coz this exchange provides me with a possibility to buy btc and alts with a credit card. Though there are not so many coins available at cex. But they have those ones, with which I'm trading. So, as soon as you’ll make a decision which exact altcoin you want to buy, you’ll be able to decide whether this exchange fits to you.
  2. Sure, it's even necessary to expand your portfolio to lessen the risk of losing your money if the coin's price crashes. As for the website provided, looks cool. I like it. Thanks for sharing it with others. Seriously, many people will find it useful
  3. Following certain rules could make you feel more or less reassured, as well as minimize the risks involved. Just remember: — avoid trusting your money to a third party, moreover, never share your private key with anyone; — do your homework. Always. No matter what it is; — don't invest in overhyped or cheap coins; — diversify your portfolio; — you should always follow your trading strategy.
  4. Thank you for your post! Very informative and grounded. I liked it :) Well, personally I would like to buy Ripple as my first cryptocurrency. Not only because Bitcoin is too expensive and volatile (but, actually, that's truth). For me ripple looks more reliable, secure and fast.
  5. Hi all! Maybe this articale would help you -https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/298348