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  1. Google algorithm is set off rules which all websites have to follow and changes time to time.
  2. Blogs, Articles, Press Release, Classifieds etc.
  3. There are two types of link building available which is White hat and Black hat.
  4. More than 85% of internet users use google and other use Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com etc.
  5. Blogger is a free blogging website to help it rank higher in google.
  6. The Hoth Backlink checker.
  7. Plurk, Redit, Diggo, Slashdot, pearltrees, ttlink, scoop.it, stumbleupon etc.
  8. SEO is all about Content marketing and Link building, through content marketing you can redirect customers to your website..
  9. blog should be on your same niche and some hyperlinks to your website pages on some keywords related to your products or services.
  10. search in google like.. travel :inurl + forum