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  1. ICO market: HYIP or a new source of investment. Details of the new model of raising funds. How to work with tokens. How to Safely Earn on Investing in ICO
  2. Mober34

    Oh, guys! I agree with Flavin. When I started a business, I was worried that money could be stolen. Also, there was a fear that the data of my reports could be stolen, but the program olap security, which provides the necessary security level for confidential information helped me solve this problem. And now my business is growing and booming.
  3. Quality projects occupy less than 15% of the market. The rest are divided into scammers and guys with ideas and big money, but a complete lack of experience and understanding of the industry. I think if you want to invest, it's better to invest in someone's idea to create a business. I have been investing for several years and decided to start my own business. What do you advise?
  4. Mober34

    What is a microearnings, what are its pros and cons?
  5. Mober34

    bitcoin is the currency of the future. buy bitcoin is the best kind of investment. smart people can double the bitcoin. xBit.com is one of the bitcoin betting sites where everyone can earn bitcoins. At present, odds on betting are quite high, and the online sports betting is an excellent opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. It is absolutely secure and advantageous to bet in bitcoin. Bookmakers recommend the online gambling site that is a place where bitcoin sports betting comes in a vast range. https://1xbit.com/en/
  6. I can share my experience. I created my own online clothing store. I longed for this, and finally, it happened! I decided not to be limited only to the site in the search engine. I decided to create an app for iOS and Android. This is very convenient since many people use phones. I turned to IDAP: Top mobile and web software development company http://idapgroup.com/. I was pleased with their work. They did everything perfectly. The application works well, it's really convenient to use.
  7. Mober34

    I want to visit Marseilles. I think it is the really good place! In addition, there lives a girl who is very dear to me. I met her on live chat with women https://datingtomarriage.com/ . I thought it was nonsense, and you can not find true love there. But I was wrong, and I'm glad of that. I have a loved one, and I will soon go to her in Marseilles. I really look forward to it!
  8. Mober34

    Pokemon is an interesting game. I like it because is game that force you to be active. But when I want to be at home, when I want to be lazy, I play PlayStation. My favorite game is Detroit: Become Human . This game is about an interaction between people and robots. It is really interesting!!!
  9. Mober34

    I like Das Leben der Anderen
  10. Mober34

    Australia !
  11. Mober34

    order his favorite gift in the online store and indicate his address. everything is simple
  12. Mober34

    I think it's better to have a small but cozy house. In which everything will be necessary to relax. This type of house can be only built by yourself. In it you can think about everything. In my house I built indoor sauna. I contacted for sauna equipment in this store. I honestly recommed this guys. They really know their job. Sauna is a great place to relax alone and to have a party with friends. I in love with this place.
  13. Mober34

    it is an awesome thought