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  1. I know how the fund works: 1. The investor transfers funds to the Cryptonomics Fund 2. The minimum amount of investments 0.07 BTC 3. The Cryptonomics Foundation selects the best ICO projects and funds 150 BTC each of the selected projects 4. Each ICO-project transfers to Cryptonomics its own tokens for the amount of 300 BTC 5. The Cryptonomics Foundation implements tokens through its own IR infrastructure (a pool of outside external investors, not fund investors) 6. The Fund returns to the investor 150% of the invested funds, and he also earns 50% The whole cycle takes 2 months + 1 week to pay the rewards. Investment windows are closed on the 15th and 30th of each month.
  2. Hellomoto, hello! Yes, I know one good programms, which doing reports. I using web olap, which analysis and draw up reports based on data available in a multidimensional view. The main advantages OLAP are: a big variety of OLAP general functional opportunities, user friendliness of data visualization, an opportunity to share the access to the data.
  3. I keep everything on the hardware purse, and I feel safe. Depending on the amount you have, you will need to have 50% on exchanges, if you want to trade, but it's safer to store them on purses.
  4. Plus - can take a microloan everyone Minus - high interest rate Plus - you can get a micro loan quickly Minus - there is a risk of "run into" a high fine If you want to start your business, find investors. You must give him report based on data.
  5. When I opened my first office, the budget was a little compressed, and the equipment needed to be bought and my companion suggested to me that there are coupons https://www.firstordercode.com/shop/123ink.ca where you can buy everything much cheaper, maybe useful
  6. Organic traffic can be increased with the help of good content this time, the SMS in which you insert information or a link to the site that you need to promote is still good. At least to me SMS very much raised the organic traffic, ordered the dispatch from them https://bsg.world/ was very pleased, I continue to cooperate with them now. The price is very acceptable for them by SMS
  7. Flavin223


    Oh, hi! I am Flavin, I am 27, and my weakness is a game about dinosaurs. I think that is really cool, when you can your own Jurassic World, design dinosaurs, etc. I relax when I play!
  8. I was lucky when I was creating my own website and I found a coupon https://www.firstordercode.com/shop/ca.godaddy.com Thanks to the website from the coupon I could learn how to create a website in less than an hour and also learned the proper marketing to attract clients. It helped a lot to boost my financial status.
  9. Last weekend I got the wonderful trip to Barcelona) it was wow)no words) so exciting and wonderful. I have been travelling with my family, it was quite hard to find a place of living there, I was lucky that I searched in google a little and found https://www.lugaris.com/en/ they helped us to book an apartment and we spent our vacation very comfortable thanks to them.
  10. It is quite easy for example from me to make money online, I sell trucks and pickups abroad and firstly I have only offline version of my business then me friend to know how make money online advised me to open my own website I even didn't spend much time to create a design, I found at once some good mockups https://webdesignblog.info/psd-mockups/trucks-pickups/ on my topic and that is all.
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