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  1. Eshkere

    The current system of Lamm accounts is not very presentable. If there were charts for the usual timeframes, so that you can compare them at least with your personal yield curve, then that would be a different story. And so, we see some chart and percentages... but it's not clear for which period though.
  2. I also think that profits are coming with experience. But, experience comes with a lot of hours spent on your trading account and learning. Everything on forex can be achieved only through hard work
  3. Eshkere

    If you are a new trader you should be very careful with leverage. In the beginning you should trade with small amount and always apply risk management techniques
  4. Eshkere

    In the beginning of your trading, you should forget about bonuses and leverage trading. Indeed you should be focused only on learning and gaining trading experience as much as possible. Profits will come in a later stage
  5. Eshkere

    There is significant level of risk on forex market. I think that the most important topic here for every trader is to know how to control risks on forex market. In this way he will be able to control his earnings and keep capital at sustainable levels
  6. Eshkere

    I would certainly be happy to use an EA, but still didn’t managed to find one which is profitable on a long run. If you know one, you could recommend it to me. On the other side, I think that my strategy is bringing me nice profits, so second question is if EA can beat me in profitability?
  7. Eshkere

    What a pity! I would not refuse the exchange commodity scheme:) it is inconvenient to store oil, but it seems that gold should be heavily harvested and stored for a long time. I am sure that the $2000 mark will be broken this year. It's the crisis, you know.
  8. Eshkere

    MadMax, I fully agree with you. I also think that low spreads are really necessary when trading with scalping method. The main issue here is that you are playing on small price difference and when you add high spreads to it you will never be able to make profits. What do you think?
  9. I am currently not at all fun of any sort of derivatives on crypto. I am straight forward investor because I just dont have confidence that many platforms offers can provide anything else than scamming experience. Would you challenge my opinion?
  10. Eshkere

    By my opinion it is very questionable if Libra can realy represent one crypto currency. It is just electronic mean of payment which is pegged to hard currency like USD. Other crytpos does not have this option. So, what do you think, is Libra crypto or not?
  11. Eshkere

    Everything is written in the specifications of the assets. Bitcoin has -20 short swap and -30 long one. Is it a lot or a little? The spread starts at 60. So consider.
  12. I think that first you need to know exactly what are your requirements. Then try to check some of these companies and their previous work to see how their work fit into your requirements. Also, be prepared to have enough capital as these projects are not cheap
  13. I find that multi level marketing requires sort of upgraded knowledge and skills from marketing practitioners. In order to build one successful website for MLM purposes it is better already to have some knowledge about this topic
  14. Eshkere

    I highly appreciate your contribution to this forum and your effort to explain this indicator. However, I would like to recommend you to include a picture of indicator visible on chart. In this way it will be much easier for new traders to understand formation of indicator
  15. Again I am reading some sort of statistics without too much explanation how it is actually generated. What exactly that means that 95% of traders make losses? I think that 100% of all traders have experienced loss at least once in their trading life. It is quite normal in Forex
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