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  1. Eshkere

    You're paid for attracted customers. I don’t quite understand this mechanism, but in theory you’re just given some amount of money for someone who signs up through your link. It is best to write to support on the site or see the video on YouTube. There they all talk in detail about all the issues.
  2. Eshkere

    I had gotten so much used to the internet that my sleep pattern got disturbed. I told my friend about it and he gave me the best advice ever. He told me to use the Calm application. I have tried the app and I can't thank him enough. You should also use the app if you are having trouble using it.
  3. We need to make one thing which is every generation kids will love to play video and computer games. You can say that it has become a part of our D.N.A. You can't stop children from playing games. You can put minutes restriction on them but not stop them from playing.
  4. The worst thing about important things from other countries is to pay the hefty custom duty. The biggest benefit of having good strategic and diplomatic relations with other countires is that the amount of exports and imports rise and people can easily use other countries' stuff.
  5. Eshkere

    I have covered and attended a lot of weddings and the most important thing I have learned is that your wedding never goes fully to the planned version. There will be something that will lack in the wedding. You need to be ready and have that thing in mind.
  6. Eshkere

    You should always be proud of your country. Not country is perfect. There are always negative aspects of every country. You should try to be rectify those negtive aspects and try to rise your country's flag in every field as you can. Again, you should be proud of your country. It has given you everything.
  7. Eshkere

    I am first checking if broker is regulated. In this sense, we both know the basic rules of the game. Then I read carefully terms and conditions of service providing, just to secure that there would be no surprises in the future
  8. Eshkere

    Very interesting news. Samsung have obviously seen that there is high demand and high potential in crypto mining for which is planning to supply chips. I find it as a very good business move, as they are not entering into crypto market but provide hardware for that market instead
  9. Eshkere

    I thought you had been working on Olymp trade for a long time. Your posts are usually so informative ... Could you tell me, please, what you made money on? And I want to withdraw rather big sums too!:)
  10. Eshkere

    There are different types of people, so is with traders. Some of them like to share their knowledge, the others don’t. I don’t know what they are afraid of, but certainly they cannot lose anything because everything depends on traders skills
  11. Eshkere

    It is important to be aware existence of scammers and especially of their techniques. I find forums good also, among all other things, for spreading the word about new scammers and their techniques used. I have a habit to regularly read these posts
  12. Eshkere

    As I am not using robots in Forex, I will certainly not use it in crypto world. But, however, I find this information very interesting as cryptos are starting to take over the world of Forex, by copying the systems already established for the world of Forex
  13. Eshkere

    I find that losing is also part of learning. As long as new traders are able to review their lose trades and spot exact mistakes made, there is a chance that they will soon switch to profitable deals. If they miss this moment, they will continue making same mistakes and lose deals
  14. Currently there is general insecurity in markets caused by political instability in many countries. It has all started with Brexit and US-China trade war and continued with other issues around the world. I think that currently investors don’t have a clue in which direction to trade
  15. Certainly no-deposit bonus can be one of the option for traders who don’t have initial capital to invest in forex. It will allow them initial capital with which they will be able to make some profits, depending on their skills. These bonuses cannot be withdrawn but profits made can
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