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  1. Eshkere

    Majority of the beginners make the mistake of not doing demo account trading. They need to realize that this is a suicide for them. Demo account trading is free of any cost and anyone can use this platform to kick-start their forex career. They need to give more importance to demo trading.
  2. Eshkere

    Unemployment is one of the biggest issue in the world. Freelancing is a great solution to cover a portion of that issue. There are million of freelancers in the world that are offering their services and making a honest and respectable livelihood. Governments should also support them in this cause.
  3. Eshkere

    You need to have all the information in the world in order to be successful in forex trading. You will never succeed without it. I have seen many traders invest in the forex market without having any prior information that is necessary to survive. Don't be naive and go back to school.
  4. Well, there is still not such thing developed as fundamental analysis of crypto market, but I think that it is slowly emerging as this market is gaining more and more popularity. At least there is clear market sentiment and that is, at this moment, enough for some profitability
  5. Eshkere

    Blockchain and crypto currencies are relatively new and not so common field to many people, which stresses importance of learning and education on this topic. However, I haven’t been able to find some really good books. Any suggestions?
  6. Eshkere


    At risk option, it's definitely more profitable to invest in bitcoin and ethereum. The period is a controversial issue. There are 2 options for possible events. 1 - buy at the bottom and remember about your purchase in 5 years and become the richest man in Babylon. Or 2 - lose everything.
  7. Eshkere

    MPSnet, I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a positive correlation between all crypto currencies and Bitcoin as leader on this market. So, I think that when BTC goes down all other currencies will follow
  8. Eshkere

    Shariar, I think that we are still trying to find the answer to that question. I see some market stability around level of $3.5K but still not sure market can break this level and move lower. There are still things to be learnt about crypto market
  9. Eshkere

    Development of technology and algorithms have a huge impact on both popularity of Forex and ease of carrying trades. Almost every platform includes some tools that can provide ease of technical analysis, followed with economic calendar and swift retrieve of news. It is very helpful tool
  10. Eshkere

    Starting trading on live account without prior learning the basics of Forex market or, at least, trying on demo account, is equal to gambling. “Do I feel lucky today?“ trading method would maybe lead to few profits, but loss could be extremely painful
  11. Eshkere

    I find discipline very important on forex market. It took me some time to learn it but it has save me few times from very sharp moves. I always put SL and TP values. And I also have an exit strategy in case that market moves opposite to my expectations and open position
  12. I agree that liquidity is very important in order to achieve market growth, but I would point out the need for accessibility. I think that Forex market had successfully achieved both goals as it can be accessed 24/5 from any almost any device, including smart phone.Then comes potential for earnings
  13. Certainly we have seen that there are couple of scammers on almost every financial market. However, by choosing a broker I pay attention if broker is officially registered. A registered broker gives me some sort of security, in terms that I can go to regulation body and report irregularities,if any
  14. Eshkere

    For me there are several issues that are important when choosing a broker.On a first place is if this broker is legit which gives me some sort of security.Secondly,if the services offered can meet my needs for trading strategy execution including spreads and commission charged for execution of deals
  15. Eshkere

    Interesting topic for beginners section. Lets break illusions that there is easy money on Forex. For some people it can take many years in Forex business until they reach the stage to be able to support themselves only from trades. Until then,some extra pocket money can be earned with good strategy