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  1. I think that most of people in business field will struggle with financial management, especially if they dont have financial background. In this sense, it would be better to hire professional to do your finances, than to get into potential trouble one day
  2. Eshkere

    I think that Forex is the most largest market on the whole world, with extremely high turnover on a daily basis. In this sense, liquidity should never be an issue on this market. You can be certain that you will always be able to buy and sell any other currency
  3. I dont think that it is so easy job to start a crypto currency exchange. Keep in mind that many people have already started and failed. Reasons for such development are various, from inexperience to technical issue and security topics
  4. I am huge sceptic on trading with help of robot. Actually, I have not find any of available robots which can be tested for free that are able to be profitable on a long run. Those scripts just need to be adjusted from time to time in order to follow current market trends
  5. Well, traders are just humans. If you are doing something without any sort of limits, then you can expect to have some issues with your health, because you dont have healthy behaviour. It is important to keep life balance even if you are trader
  6. Eshkere

    I also think that good broker can assist you significantly on execution of your trading strategy. This is why you need to choose honest and responsive brokers with good customer support that can answer swiftly any question or issue that you might have in your trading journey
  7. Eshkere

    I find that learning basics can be hard. Many beginners usually give up in this stage, which is wrong course of action. You should have some dedication and enough energy to reach your goals. It certainly becomes easier in the later phase of traders life
  8. Eshkere

    I think there's no place for dubious opinions here - the majority sticks to shares. The reason is low commissions and that the broker compensates dividends.
  9. Eshkere

    Plan B is important part of my trading strategy and plan. I know that market can turn against my open position in any moment, so I always tend to have plan B just in case that such development occurs
  10. Eshkere

    I also find very important for every trader to read carefully terms and conditions of services provided by any trader. Only then trader will be able to make decision of choosing the right broker which can support execution of his trading strategy
  11. Eshkere

    What do you mean, they can't? Most of the brokers use terminal mt4. You want to say that Olymptrade platform has a better feature list than Mt4?
  12. Eshkere

    Yes, the risk is on this market. I think that everybody should be clear about this fact. However, there are risk management techniques which can help traders to keep some of these risks under control and protect their invested capital
  13. Good and tricky question, but my answer is no. Forex cannot help majority of poor people due to fact that they won’t be able to enter this market with some decent amount of funds in order to make monthly profits high enough to drag them from poverty. Sorry but 10% on $100 is $10 and cannot be $100K
  14. Eshkere

    I also find that patience is very important personal asset for every trader. In the beginning you would need to have a patience while spending a lot of hours learning. After that you will need to have patience until you reach your first set goal in profitability sense
  15. Eshkere

    Experience is most important requirement for every successful trader. Experience can be obtained only while trading, so it would be wise for newbies to take advantages of demo accounts and trade as much as necessary to get initial skills necessary for this market
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