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  1. Eshkere

    By my opinion it is very questionable if Libra can realy represent one crypto currency. It is just electronic mean of payment which is pegged to hard currency like USD. Other crytpos does not have this option. So, what do you think, is Libra crypto or not?
  2. Eshkere

    Everything is written in the specifications of the assets. Bitcoin has -20 short swap and -30 long one. Is it a lot or a little? The spread starts at 60. So consider.
  3. I think that first you need to know exactly what are your requirements. Then try to check some of these companies and their previous work to see how their work fit into your requirements. Also, be prepared to have enough capital as these projects are not cheap
  4. I find that multi level marketing requires sort of upgraded knowledge and skills from marketing practitioners. In order to build one successful website for MLM purposes it is better already to have some knowledge about this topic
  5. Eshkere

    I highly appreciate your contribution to this forum and your effort to explain this indicator. However, I would like to recommend you to include a picture of indicator visible on chart. In this way it will be much easier for new traders to understand formation of indicator
  6. Again I am reading some sort of statistics without too much explanation how it is actually generated. What exactly that means that 95% of traders make losses? I think that 100% of all traders have experienced loss at least once in their trading life. It is quite normal in Forex
  7. Eshkere

    I was thinking that this forum is related to Forex trading. Since there are people who are replying to threads about weight loss, it is obvious that we need Lobby section on this forum. I would kindly ask administrators to open one section just for those traders who like just chatting while trading
  8. Eshkere

    Great article and very informative. I think that Head and Shoulders are one of the major indicator of trend reversal. It is very easy to be spotted on chart, this is why new traders like it very much, as well as experienced traders
  9. Eshkere

    I think that it is very good for each trader to have own trading plan. It fits perfectly into overall trading strategy and process. In this way you will be able to think about all small details which are related to trading which are not included in your trading strategy
  10. Eshkere

    This is an extra argument in favor of shares as the main asset. The euro has already been in flat for a year as well as all the other majors. But not shares! Apple, for example, has grown by 40% since Christmas.
  11. I think that most of people in business field will struggle with financial management, especially if they dont have financial background. In this sense, it would be better to hire professional to do your finances, than to get into potential trouble one day
  12. Eshkere

    I think that Forex is the most largest market on the whole world, with extremely high turnover on a daily basis. In this sense, liquidity should never be an issue on this market. You can be certain that you will always be able to buy and sell any other currency
  13. I dont think that it is so easy job to start a crypto currency exchange. Keep in mind that many people have already started and failed. Reasons for such development are various, from inexperience to technical issue and security topics
  14. I am huge sceptic on trading with help of robot. Actually, I have not find any of available robots which can be tested for free that are able to be profitable on a long run. Those scripts just need to be adjusted from time to time in order to follow current market trends
  15. Well, traders are just humans. If you are doing something without any sort of limits, then you can expect to have some issues with your health, because you dont have healthy behaviour. It is important to keep life balance even if you are trader
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