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  1. Post your content in your niche related groups, to increase your brand awareness.
  2. Follow other peoples and they will follow you back and also follow your competitors followers...
  3. Research on your competitors what they are doing, which type of videos they are publishing. Follow some competitors in your niche and increase your subscribers.
  4. Now Instagram as popular as Facebook, and helpful to promote your business online to make and promote like a brand...
  5. Google watch your social engagement on your social profile, how much your are active on social media with your followers..
  6. very well explained.. thanks for this
  7. make interesting and hd videos with some useful or interesting content for persons..
  8. thanks to share your thoughts and tips..
  9. every thing takes time.. you can start is as part time and then according to your earning you can do it full time..
  10. read some blogs in your niche and check your content on copyscape after writing..
  11. cool... thnks guys
  12. thanks for sharing your knowledge with us...
  13. Alexa depends on your website traffic so increase traffic on your website any how....
  14. People who are interested in your blog content can be interested in your service also..