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  4. Become IB, You can Get Commission Rebate start 1.6pips, in-out 5%, commission 10% from subIB.
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  8. FOREX CONTEST «CHASING MAVERICKS» ATIROX CONTEST FOR DEMO ACCOUNTS This unique contest is for everybody who feel power to predict Forex trends. Chasing Mavericks is monthly staged contest with high prize fund. Your goal in the competition – not only to maximize profits, but also to prevent losing trades as less as possible! Effective November 1, 2017, each month ATIROX broker conducting competition entitled “Chasing Mavericks”. Every month’s draw is $2,500. The total annual prize fund of the of the contest – $30,000. In the forex contest can take part and win any trader and the client of ATIROX company. Forex competition “Chasing Mavericks” takes on demo trading accounts. Become a member of of the contest can any trader who is already trading with Forex broker ATIROX or just planning to start working with us. For participation in the competition you need to register in ATIROX company, apply to the contest by filling form and get account with balance $10,000. HOW TO PARTICIPATE? STEP 1 Download Trading Terminal MetaTrader4 STEP 2 Open Demo Account with 10,000$ balance and 1:500 leverage STEP 3 Apply for a contest by filling out the form below. STEP 4 After receiving confirmation on your email just start trading Chasing Mavericks contest rules * Participant can register for the contest only one account; * During account registration the participant agrees to indicate valid data (name and address of the party to be confidential and will not be disclosed); * Trading results will be available at “Rating of participants” tab; * Accounts which are not included in the monitoring are not allowed to participate in the competition; * Parameters of contest account: initial account balance – $10,000; leverage – 1:500; * Deals on the Contest account before the contest and after is prohibited; * Contest participant is obliged to close all open positions and delete all pending orders at the time of the end of competitive stage; * At the end of the next stage of the competition account be closed, but remains available for public inspection; * It is forbidden to work with the same IP-address on different accounts participating in the contest; * At any coincidence the IP-addresses for different accounts, such accounts will be disqualified, therefore forbidden to work through a proxy server or a program, changing the real IP-address; * Permitted to use any trading strategies and automated trading; * For trading is allowed to use all trading instruments. Summarizing the results of the competition stage: * Prizes are awarded to the party’s real trading account and available for trading and subsequent profit taking; * Winners are 3 participants of the contest on whose account balance has the highest value; * Among the participants, who took from the 4th to 50-th place inclusive, randomly distributed one consolation prize; * With equal values of final balances on the accounts of two or more participants to the contest, won a prize, the prize money will be divided between them in equal shares; * To receive the prize participant has to open a new live account, verify it and send an application containing the login and password of the investor from the contest account and the real account number. * To withdraw profit from trading on the received prize money, you need to familiarize yourself with the current conditions. The prize fund of the monthly contest stage: 1 place – $1,250 2 place – $750 3 place – $500 Atirox Company reserves the right to: * Disqualify participant of contest stage without prior notice, in the event of a breach contest rules of the participant; * To cancel the results of the participant and the prize in case of violation of the rules by contest participant; * All disputes are resolved by administration of Forex broker ATIROX, solutions are final and not subject to revision; * Atirox company reserves the right to use the information associated with prize accounts for promotional purposes and to publish it in any sources of information.
  9. Atirox.com WHO WE ARE Atirox is a Forex broker company specializing in providing reliable and competitive services on the Foreign Exchange Market to clients worldwide. Team of experts of the company consists of professionals with the long-term experience and successful project implementation. Being a Pure ECN/STP Forex Brokerage allows us to bring the best pricing and liquidity to our clients. As a result we can be considered a discount Forex brokerage because we are bringing you very competitive spreads and lowest commissions in the industry, ensuring greater profitability of your trading. Established in 2015, Atirox brings into Forex trading, the world’s largest, the most dynamic and popular market, sound brokerage experience and cutting-edge trading technology. Customers from all over the world successfully use services of the Company. Atirox is well represented in Asia, CIS countries, in the Middle and Far East as well as on the African continent. [continue to detail..] Follow this thread and get a daily analysis
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