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  1. Do set-top boxes record TV?
  2. Where did you find that information? Lionel Messi is surely from some other planet! Have you seen him playing? He is a magician! I have watched all his matches and bet through https://best-betting-pak.com/ too. So, I can definitely say he is the best sportsman ever
  3. pennyq

    It is quite clear that any professional sport is always surrounded by the special atmosphere. I am a big football fan and can say that I like both variants.I always visit some interesting matches of the league alive but as for every day I prefer watching on TV. I also bet through It https://1xbet-bonus.org/ and it is always exciting to get some extra money sitting on a comfortable chair.
  4. For me, it is Ryan Giggs. The reasons being, In terms of winning spirit, he ranks top along Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Scholes, Edwin van der sar, Roy Keane and Ruud van Nistelrooy. He is 100% Mr. Manchester United! No one can think of Ryan Giggs away from United. He has made the highest number of appearances for Manchester United. He has scored in every Premier League season he has participated in except 2013-14. Ryan Giggs has never received a Red card when playing for United. and many more..
  5. Really? Come on, are you a fan at all? Messi is the only one possible candidate! He is the greatest player ever. I have watched all his matches and should say he is a real professional. I also bet through https://all-bet.pk/ from time to time and can admit that he has high results practically all the time
  6. pennyq

    I'd prefer playing than watching. This doesn't mean that I never watch sports, but rather play. I've been a great sports enthusiast from my childhood and while I was very young developed a habit of watching matches of any sports. I do remember there used to be a program named 'sports world's that would air at 3pm every Saturday on DD National. I never missed an episode until I was sent for tuition and would argue with mom and sir that I've to watch it. (Oh man, Miss those days!!). I've watched every world cup (football) since 94 and still remember being scolded by mom for waking up at night till 3am for s/f of 98 between Holland and Brazil. Now a days, I prefer playing over watching sports. I try to get involved in as many sports activities as I can, with work taking much of time. I'd love to play badminton regularly, however I find it difficult to spot a club where I live which is affordable. I believe that for you to be agile and spontaneous, you need to be playing sports regularly(based on your preference).
  7. What's your favourite football team?
  8. Who is your favorite football player?
  9. Do you have AliExpress any gift cards like Amazon? Where did you get it?
  10. pennyq

    I know that there are a lot of different software at the official apple website.
  11. Are debt consolidation companies helpful?
  12. Well, I used to hire this san antonio moving company and should say they were quite helpful. My family had to move to another state and that professional team helped with packing, loading and unloading very fast. Moreover they managed to deliver my mum`s piano without any scratch. Highly recommended
  13. What are some tips for successfully moving house?
  14. What city in the world has the best escape room games?
  15. pennyq

    You can use different services around the web. There are a plenty of different reliable ways.
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