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  1. Google Says Making Quality Links Is Against Google's Webmaster Guidelines... Now Google wants natural links. Can anyone explain how to get natural links??
  2. There are 4 types of goals in Google Analytics... Destination Duration Pages/Visit Events
  3. dpkmlm

    It is an HTML tag which controls how search engines index and explore a web page.
  4. Google Analytics is the best free tool.
  5. dpkmlm

    Don't Worry Google Cache 404 Error Does Not Impact Your Search Rankings Google says no need to worry about that. The Google Cache 404ing is an internal issue with the Google Cache server and doesn't reflect on indexing or ranking of the web page.
  6. First of all you should optimize your website for SEO with On page SEO and do Off Page SEO and Social media marketing than use PPC services when your On page SEO is good and have quality landing pages.
  7. For an online store, you should go with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram.
  8. Build the links from high DA websites Post Quality Content
  9. Share your blog in facebook groups and also use long tail keywords and rank them in SERP by doing SEO for blogs.
  10. dpkmlm

    great tools for everyone...
  11. dpkmlm

    Follow these two sources : https://www.wpbeginner.com/wp-tutorials/how-to-move-wordpress-to-a-new-host-or-server-with-no-downtime/ https://www.wpexplorer.com/migrating-wordpress-website/
  12. dpkmlm

    Niche tips to follow... thanks for this.
  13. dpkmlm

    In SEO there are the Long tail keyword, Short tail keywords, LSI keywords exist..
  14. dpkmlm

    Paid traffic comes from PPC and other paid marketing techniques when you pay Google for this.
  15. dpkmlm

    Google Review helps in building trust in the eyes of customers if you have good reviews for your customers.