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  1. Pros of Doorway pages in SEO : Doorway pages are indexed very quickly. Thereafter, they rank higher on the search engines as well. These pages have the ability to draw genuine and fast traffic to the website. You will get instant results. Doorway pages are very easy to set up. Doorway pages represent that relevant portion or page of a specific website. The user is redirected to a single page despite of having so many other locations. Similar pages help the search results in browseable hierarchy. Cons of Doorway pages in SEO : Sometimes the user gets directed to empty pages. Doorway pages can sometimes direct you to spam pages. Sometimes it redirects user to duplicate content even if the original content is present. Eventually it forms a bad impression of the website and also creates a bad user experience.
  2. Add facebook groups related to your niche and you will find people from your same niche. Post unique and helpful posts with images and videos to make your profile cool.
  3. Yes, landing page is optimized to attract the customers and have a call to action button so always send your visitors to your landing page.
  4. for daily free traffic use classified websites and social media...
  5. Blogger is a free product of Google to create blogs and convert traffic to your website.
  6. Google analytics is a free tool to track and understand your website visitors.
  7. Google reviews increase trust in the mind of new customers and also help with SEO.
  8. Google webmaster Google Analytis SEO Quack Google Adwords Backlink checker tools
  9. it is also called reciprocal link building, now it is not in use and you can penalized by google.
  10. If you want instant results for your website or blog then you can buy paid links but is negative in googles eye's and it can harm your website.
  11. Mainly two types On page SEO and Off page SEO
  12. two types of link building or SEO are available 1. whitehat 2. blackhat
  13. read here top 10 factors for 2018 : https://www.branded3.com/blog/seo-ranking-factors-2018/
  14. you can run Facebook ads for page likes and also on other social media platforms..
  15. Post quality and useful content for your audience...