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  1. The fact is that most of the famous AI frameworks have primary support for Python. They can even be multilanguage supported, for example, TensorFlow that support Python, C++ or CNTK from Microsoft that support C# and C++, but the most used is Python. Even if you choose C# you must have the Python environment set up. I read in other forums that Python is preferred for AI because the code is simplified and cleaner, good for fast prototyping. So what is the big deal, the relationship between Python and AI? Do you agree that startups should use Python for AI and machine learning and that Python is the best programming language for machine learning and ai?
  2. Thank you, interesting article. Also, this one is also should be read Why Python & Django Are Your Top Choice for Web Development
  3. Hello folks, I need a Python/Django developers and I'm not a tech person(but I have a basic understanding). So which are main criteria? Is it better to hire freelancers or dev company?
  4. I am planning to hire a software development company. Developers from which country do you prefer and why?
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