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  1. Hello I am looking for a wholesaler or a distubtor for women clothes, shoes, wedding dresses, gowns.etc.. There are so many variants in internet and I hope to find only reliable ones. Please help me out and I really appreciate it. Thank you
  2. Thanks a lot for your replies:)))
  3. How do I surprise my husband on his birthday, when we are in two different countries?
  4. I will be starting my dissertation in a few months and have decided to base it on the Song of Ice and Fire series. Although I have a few ideas on what I want the title etc to be I was wandering if anyone had any good ideas for me to write about and explore and more importantly if anyone knows and sources I could use as I'm struggling to find many and I don't think quoting the asoiaf subreddit will be very useful haha. I hope I will overcome it!
  5. Try Las Vegas AC repair. I was consulting about a buzzing noise whenever my heater goes on and they came as quickly as possible to check it out. They didn't find any problem with the heating system so there wasn't anything to fix. They didn't charge me anything because they said it was just a consultation visit. They have great hours too if you have any emergency. Really nice gentlemen.
  6. Tim Ferriss has a blog with a lot of good information on language learning.