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  1. How do you feel about hunting for food?
  2. Masha Esina

    I prefer trading, forex for instance. I used to earn 20$ per day and was very happy about that. I believe trading is much secure than playing casino
  3. Masha Esina

    If he is a single man, I would probably register him at the dating website. But not just for fun. I do believe he could meet his love there. My friend has found in Russian dating service https://iloveslavic.com/ a partner for my relationship. Who knows, may my your friend will find also👩‍❤️‍👨
  4. I’d say start out by going with an experienced small game hunter and pursue animals like squirrels and rabbits. But before that, the prospective hunter should purchase a good .22 rifle and become proficient with it. If the prospective hunter isn’t predisposed in any way to eating the game he harvests, or at the least, someone to donate it to who will eat it, I wouldn’t recommend hunting. But still I've been hunting for deer for 10 years already. This year I'm going to try out my new riffle scope by ATN ( https://www.atncorp.com/smart-hd-weapon-sight ) . Hope I will like it as other do!
  5. Masha Esina

  6. Masha Esina

    There are many strategies recommended to grow your business. This is just a handful of the many tactics. I hope this gives a head start on how to go about it. Surround yourself with people of like minds. In other words, your employees must believe in your vision. Have all necessary structure that will facilitate success in place Have a growth strategy and follow it religiously. Always seek to improve brand awareness. This could come through trade show or events in which you us promo girls to improve brand awareness. Take note of your effort that yields as well as those that doesn’t. Do all in your power to get your business before interested clients and the public. This might be via advertisement, trade show etc. Leverage on the power of the internet, use social media judiciously.
  7. I’ve been making music since I was 18. Before that I played the piano. Every job I’ve held paid less than $25k a year, and with all my expenses I’m stuck. My friends and family support me. This school offers connections in the music industry on top of an amazing program. I’ve been hearing the “get a job and go to college” thing for years. I recently showed some people my music and they didn’t know how I wasn’t famous already. I’ve never shared my music because I know there are a lot of things I have to learn to make my music presentable. I produce rap, edm, rock, country, and last year started singing-songwriting. I understand the difficulty with becoming successful in the music industry, but I’m passionate about this and there are many jobs in the music careers from working on films, tv, games, other musicians, freelancers who need work done on their projects, etc.
  8. Masha Esina

    Italy is the best choice
  9. Masha Esina

    I would go to Seychelles. I have been there once and I want to go there again. The vacation was perfect. Nature is absolutely amazing, I can't even describe it. Besides, Savoy hotel is the best hotel where I've ever stayed, booking seychelleshttps://savoy.sc/rooms/
  10. Masha Esina

    Which webhosting do you use?
  11. Masha Esina

    Hi, i would highly recommend a VPS for you. Your budget seems fair and what you require won't be a problem. Let me know if i can help you in any way.Regards!
  12. Masha Esina

    Does it really work?
  13. Masha Esina

    very informative;)
  14. Masha Esina

    Titanic coz I cry all the time
  15. Masha Esina

    There’s a certain value in classic games for us, but there’s no such thing for our children. It is most likely, that future generations will avoid the outdated entertainment we once cherished and would have a very limited interest in them even when presented. Instead, they will have their own “classic” games to brag about, which we now consider “modern games”. Recently I with my 14 years old son got carried away by one game https://dmnd.games/ From a half-naked barbarian, you can create a real champion of the arena! Thousands of unique items that give a unique image, PvP battles, in which points are earned and with due persistence, you can become a Champion!