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  1. With Do-Follow link ,Link juice will pass to your link from the site where you placed link.with no follow link,link juice will not pass to your link.But still their is importance of no follow also,because you need 80 %do follow link and 20 % no follow link to maintain link ratio
  2. You can check it by site:domain but with that you will need some more time.webmaster is the best place to see which pages got indexed.
  3. Social bookmarking sites are a way for people to search, discover, gather and organize webpages of interest using virtual “bookmarks.”
  4. Agree with Money Maker,Reciprocal link means link exchange.If any site ask for reciprocal link to you it means ,that site also want link back from you.
  5. Google Search, also referred to as Google Web Search or simply Google, is a web search engine developed by Google LLC.
  6. Suddenly changes in ranking might caused by many reasons like your click through rate is down or bounce rate is high,or your site might be affected by penalty from Google.
  7. Basic purpose of directory submission is to include website in different business directories through which you can reach up to many people. ,with directory submission your website get backlinks also.
  8. Here are some sites which I used for social bookmarking https://list.ly http://www.video-bookmark.com http://www.pearltrees.com https://tutpub.com https://www.bagtheweb.com https://www.plurk.com http://www.socialbookmarkssite.com http://www.hoopler.com http://turkrazzi.com http://www.eduhub.io http://newsconomy.com http://ttlink.com
  9. Best places to include keywords are 1.URL 2.Title 3.Description 4. H1 tag 5. In Content(depends on no of word count)
  10. If you are asking about your own website you can check this in Google webmaster Tool,Or if you want check any random web page then you can put that URL in Google search,if you find that URL in SERP It means that webpage is indexed
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