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  1. - Round has started and has been successfully filling up! - Hurry up to be included in round 30! Dear friends, round 30 is now open for filling up! - It will first incorporate all donations from the queue and then all new donations. - You still have a chance to get into round 30 - so hurry up. The round will be open until it’s completely filled up. - After round 30 ends, all participants who donated in round 29 will receive their profit. Leaders will also receive their bonuses. Welcome to the Club!
  2. A round is a specific amount made up of member donations. When members make donations, the round is filled up. You can always see the round fill-up percentage on our website. After it is filled up, the round is closed and members from the previous rounds are paid their profits. Round closing is also followed by the payment of bonuses to leaders of the participants from the previous round. Then a new round is immediately started. All rounds are different. In most cases each new round is bigger than the previous one. All of them are interrelated. If the round is not filled up by at least 5% over the last 72 hours, a restart is launched. In this case everyone receives a guaranteed refund, and the new round amount is again small. Round #30, Start Time: august 9, 21:00, Beijing time.
  3. I'm not the project administrator. Start July 2018. The ELDORADO system uses a unique mathematical algorithm developed by the Mavrodi brothers - Sergey and Viacheslav. It is based on voluntary donations. It was created by a team of former MMM enthusiasts. Minimum profit +5% of donation amount; Referral bonus +3% of each amount donated by new members; Guaranteed return of 80%-100% of donation amount in the event of a restart; 10-Level Referral Bonus. Build structures and earn multi-level leader bonuses. Accept Bitcoin My Deposit 120 USD 2018-08-05 18:10:55 db0e512d88b5bee20873254c0b0d6e8813d30cab5e052b879311422017abdfce Join Mutual-Aid Club right now!
  4. Those, I can not get money at any time, and I need to wait every Friday?