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  1. yes we use mobile apps to improve our business it will help you to monitor and improve your business and sales
  2. Yes i use some apps to grow my business and sales
  3. 1. Standardized processes 2. Optimization of the commercial pipeline 3. Automation of the sales process 4. Communication between departments 5. Greater visibility for decision making 6. Centralized information
  4. odoo is a ERp software for modern companies. Get more leads, drive more sales, and grow your business faster with the Open Source CRM software that's made in India. read the 7 reasons to choose odoo for your business
  5. Does my idea solve a problem? Is there a market for your idea? Is your idea monetizable? Are you passionate about this business opportunity? Have you tried your idea? How will I promote my business idea?
  6. 1. Summarize your ideas Writing helps you visualize the plans you have in mind and order your ideas. Then you can review those concepts and not leave the main focus of your business. 2. Prepare to go further To carry out a venture, not only a good idea is enough; you also have to know how to sell it. 3. Generate contacts Animate to introduce yourself and send an e-mail to those you think may be interested in your venture, do not anticipate your response. Write an attractive email that reflects your passion for entrepreneurship. The worst that can happen is that they respond: "I
  7. Study the market Monitor the competition Analyze our offer of products and services. Improve promotion and dissemination Take advantage of the customer's knowledge Take care of the details Anticipate the demand Attend Financial Management Negotiation with suppliers Caring for employees
  8. When you have already made the decision to carry out a software development project for your company or project, the natural question that arises is: And now who do I choose as a supplier? What should I look for or inquire to know if it is the right one and take me to step by step along the way? Here we point out some points that can help you when deciding: Development methodology It is essential that the provider has a development methodology. Development methodologies offer suppliers to have processes and procedures that avoid chaos during development, a supplier that does not have a met
  9. We are very concerned so that you follow this path of entrepreneurship. Then, we allow you to share a series of small business ideas in which you can start with relatively little money, investing almost always in making yourself known (advertising), in setting up a sample space (such as a micro website) or in maintenance direct. Accommodations and room rentals: With platforms such as Airbnb, if you have at least a small space in your apartment or house you can do it profitably, renting it. The money you need will be merely to give it some maintenance and adapt it to make it attractive.
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