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    It's up to you, Which loan you are applying in the bank. Applying for loan needs following documents KYC Documents: Proof of Idenity, Address Proof, DOB Proof Proof of Residence : Leave and License Agreement Utility Bill Passport Income Proof Latest 6 Month Bank Statements Office Adress Proof Proof of Residence Proof of Continuity of Business
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    Thanks for sharing a relevant information. But i dont have any type of knowledge about C & S corporation, so can you please tell me about this.
  4. If you are knowledge incorporate your business & forming an limited liability company. you either knowing or are realizing that the process involves certain steps: file the appropriate paperwork, pay the necessary fees. Steps by business type For the almost part, what you want to do varies by the type of business you incorporate: C corporation, S corporation, LLC or nonprofit corporation.
  5. Thanks for sharing useful information. Limited liability company, also known as an “LLC,” is a flexible common business structure that combines the pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation.
  6. Lawrence Miller

    Thanks for sharing good information. It is good idea for the start small business.
  7. Lawrence Miller

    Thanks for sharing this information. But when there are many business available in the market, why you think we should choose the Smartphone business. According to me, smartphone market is most competitive. Can you tell me how investing in smartphone business can help me in long run?
  8. We can help you in incorporating your business or fill the form within 10 minutes if you want to register your business. Generally, a company is incorporated in its state, and it requires filing fees or some other documentation. A business license is a business tax registration certificate issued by the state in which you control your business. You will require one to start up your business. 6 Benefits of Incorporating Your Business Personal asset protection Tax flexibility and incorporation tax benefits Improved credibility Protection of your band Perpetual existence Deductible expenses