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  1. Coma

    Wishing You A New Year, Bursting With Joy, Roaring With Laughter And Full Of Fun😊
  2. Sure, there is no reason to invest money in your site/mobile app if your customers don't need it or unhappy with it performance
  3. When we talk about building an on demand delivery app clone, we’re often talking about building an app like Uber or Airbnb.What’s so great about these companies that makes people regularly use their applications and makes entrepreneurs want to copy them? [[Edited by Dennis#MD]]
  4. Maybe a bit, cause really good developers are expensive developers and technologies are also changing rapidly. And yes, a website for $2000/3000- yep, but from the other side it can cost 30 000 and higher cause everything depends on its complexity.
  5. If someone here is interested in the development of streaming apps then you should take a look at this article too. How to Build a Great Video Streaming App
  6. We all enjoy the comfort of a hotel room after a long and exhausting journey. But it can take quite a while to book a room if you aren’t using a hotel booking app. Many startups have made it easier for users to find and book accommodation. If you’re looking for guidance on how to improve the hospitality industry, consider these hotel booking app development best practices.😉
  7. Coma

    GDPR can be summed up in this one sentence – ask permission, respect the privacy of your users, value and protect their data. This article https://steelkiwi.com/blog/how-to-create-gdpr-compliant-software/ tries to explain to you what you need to do in order to make sure that your product/service is GDPR compliant, and gives you some tips& tricks that you can use
  8. Coma

    try not to do it
  9. If you like to write and you write interesting- than try. But if you want to start your own blog just to make money or someone tell you that it's easy- don't believe. It is a very hard work and you will write tons of articles before you can monetize your blog. Do you have experience?
  10. I 'd prefer a company. More Guarantees 1. You need a proper Job Description 2. Interviewing the candidates - When structuring your interview, spend time figuring out which questions you want to ask. Good programmers love to learn and need to be using great tools, so it’s critical that you make it clear that your workplace will provide this. 3. Project Assignment or Skill Test: After the initial interview, be sure to assign relevant test projects to your candidates. You need to understand their communication skills, and whether they can back up their claims of expertise, and this is not something you’ll be able to do without a test project. Check whether the developers know the best practices, guidelines and whether they make any attempt to go through the best available code to improve their code. Test your applicants. And I can recommend you to take a look at this article https://steelkiwi.com/blog/how-to-find-and-hire-a-python-django-development-company/ Hope it will help =)
  11. Now I am working with Ukrainian company. They are developing an app for my business. I don't have a big experience in software development and I’m not a tech person at all but I'm satisfied with their work. Don’t be afraid to try something new) Btw, you can read this article probably it can help you.
  12. Coma

    Yep, and even now I am working with Ukrainian company. They are developing an app for my business. They have a big experience in native app development and can provide a big variety of design options. I am satisfied with their work. Don't be afraid to try something new) Btw, here is an article you should take a look at https://steelkiwi.com/blog/how-to-start-working-with-software-developers-from-ukraine/
  13. How much did you share with him? Because I believe if executed well it could indeed be a profitable business. But it usually ISN'T and thus it not entice sellers and buyers to get together. However, if you are able to offer benefits to BOTH sellers AND buyers yet make a profit from such then that's a step already taken cared of. Other things you have to worry about are hosting, development and so on. If you still want to create an online marketplace business - you can take a look at this article https://steelkiwi.com/blog/online-marketplace-businesses-key-benefits-to-starting-one/ . It can help you a bit.
  14. I am going to start working with a remote software development team. And to tell the truth I am a bit nervous. (about my money, my project, timeline)What are the best practices do you know or what advice can you give?