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  1. Dear users! The SIGEN.pro platform has been updated. Changes: - Exchange chat; - New version as a separate module; - P2P; - Prohibition of specifying card details in the terms of the transaction; - Notifying the user about the rate change during the creation of the order; - Suspicious offers; - Removed binding to rank in ROY; - Improving the usability of the site according to the recommendations of the Usability Lab. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  2. Delays in sending confirmation codes Dear users! At the moment, there are delays in sending confirmation codes for transactions on SIGEN.pro. Our team is already working on the issue and will eliminate these delays as soon as possible. We recommend that you refrain from active trading for now. And if you are faced with delays and could not, because of this, carry out a transaction on a p2p-platform, immediately contact arbitration. The arbiter will promptly resolve all issues! Thank you for understanding! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  3. Dear users, be careful! The official and only website of our platform is https://sigen.pro SIGEN.pro does not have any other addresses today! If you see a different link, with additional words, letters, on other domains, etc. - these are the sites of scammers! In particular, the fraudulent website https://login-sigen.pro is currently running This site is fake and has nothing to do with our platform, it is phishing. Its purpose is to steal your data and steal coins from your accounts. Under no circumstances and under any circumstances do not go to the site https://login-sige
  4. SIGEN.pro mobile application update Dear users! We have updated the SIGEN.pro mobile application and made a number of useful changes. • Optimized the P2P section • Fixed a bug in the chat of the deal • Fixed a bug in the P2P section related to the lack of an offer • Fixed a bug with a large duplicate offers • Fixed a bug with delimiters when creating an offer • Fixed a bug with rounding Download for Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sigen.sigen Download for iPhone https://apps.apple.com/ru/app/sigen/id1505741102 Best regards, SIGEN
  5. IOS app update Dear users, we have great news for Apple owners! We have updated the application and made a number of innovations and changes. Changes: - Implemented a dark theme - Improved design - Optimized the exchange section - Added display of market depth - Added display of order book values in different currencies - Added the function of autocomplete fields when concluding a deal Fixes: - Fixed a bug with duplicate offers in the p2p section - Fixed the error of incorrect calculation of the minimum value of the offer amount - Fixed bugs of the previous ver
  6. A new type of Fraud Dear users! We have received information that some users are receiving calls from “SIGEN.pro support”. Call topics can be different: threats to block an account, write off coins, clarifications about changing email, and so on. They are scammers! SIGEN.pro does not have and never had a call center! We never ask for the phones of our users and never call them. All communication with technical support takes place exclusively in electronic format. So if you receive calls allegedly from our support service, they are 100% scammers, no exceptions. Do not g
  7. Dear users! The site has undergone technical work. Changes: - API optimization / Database optimization; - UMI activation when registering at ROY Club through SIGEN; Improving the usability of the site: - Emphasizing the user on the list of transactions in P2P; - Focusing the user's attention on the need to confirm the transaction; - Hints for auto-filled fields in the form of creating an order in the exchanger; - Exchanger. - New order design. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  8. Dear users! Technical work was carried out in the background, without restricting access to the site and is currently completed. The site is operating normally. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  9. Dear users! In a few minutes, technical work will begin on the platform. In this regard, the site will be temporarily suspended. Thank you for understanding. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  10. Good news! Friends, hello everyone! SIGEN.Pro is actively developing, thanks to the partnership with the UMI coin, we have a large influx of new users. The statistics and trend for the development of the site are extremely positive. In the near future we plan to enter new markets and gain a foothold there! We have grandiose plans ahead of us! Thank you for being with us! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  11. Technical work completed. Dear users! The technical work on the site has been completed. Thanks for waiting. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  12. We invite you to the survey! Dear users! We strive to become better for you and to improve the quality of service. And for this we need your help! We ask you to take a short survey about your experience of interacting with cryptocurrency exchanges and experience of using the SIGEN.pro platform. The survey will take literally 5 minutes, but it will give us important information for the development of the site We will be very grateful for your participation! Take a survey https://oprosso.net/p/vDk799wFTHfGKG8ox Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  13. Dear users! SIGEN.pro platform has been updated. List of hotfix changes: - Added a dark theme on the pages: blockchain; landing pages - how to trade on P2P, Exchange, Exchanger - Added display of the last block number in the System Status. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  14. SIGEN.pro application update Dear users! Today our partners, the ROY Club community, are celebrating their second anniversary. And therefore, our team has tried and as quickly as possible (but efficiently), released an improved version of the SIGEN.pro application. We congratulate our partners and wish them further development! We are proud to present you a new, updated application of the SIGEN.pro marketplace. It is already available for download on Google Play and the App Store and will surprise you with its capabilities and improved design. Changes include: - Completely
  15. Happy half year to UMI cryptocurrency! Friends, today one of our most important partners - UMI cryptocurrency - is six months old. We sincerely congratulate the UMI team and all users of the coin on this significant date, wish you happiness, prosperity and prosperity! We are confident that UMI has great prospects, and for our part we are always ready to help it develop! In addition, on the occasion of this wonderful anniversary, we, together with the UMI team and the ROY Club, launched a cool competition with many cool prizes and a super-prize - an elite Mercedes-Benz CLA 250 wi
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