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  1. Dear users! SIGEN.pro platform has been updated. List of changes: - Made rounding to whole values in BIP cryptocurrency in P2P statistics; - Added a cryptocurrency prefix for BTC / LTC / ETH to the generation of a QR code in the address manager; - Fixed copying of the address in the Wallet (mobile layout, Safari); - Fixed the display values in the P2P statistics. For sale / for purchase for all cryptocurrencies except BTC. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  2. Media SIGEN.pro Do you want to always be aware of the events of the crypto world? SIGEN.pro media - at your service! Here you will find current news, interesting articles, analytical forecasts, reviews, interviews, training materials and other author's content. SIGEN.pro Media is your ideal companion in the world of cryptocurrencies! SIGEN.pro Media Portal: https://media.sigen.pro/ Telegram channel Media SIGEN.pro: https://t.me/SIGEN_Media Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  3. FREE TON at SIGEN.pro: easy to buy, easy to sell! Got TON Crystal? Then welcome to SIGEN.pro. This is a convenient opportunity to make any transactions with TON at a favorable rate and without commissions. On SIGEN.pro you can buy / sell TON in three directions at once: - On the exchange for bitcoins - BTC: https://sigen.pro/trading/TON_BTC; - On a p2p site for fiat money: https://sigen.pro/p2p/buy?ccy=ton; - Through an automatic exchanger in 1 click: https://sigen.pro/swap. Fast, profitable, safe! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  4. Good news! Friends, our trading platform continues to actively develop along with our main partners - UMI cryptocurrency and ROY Club. We are glad to share great news about new records! We already have over 100,000 active users! Active users mean users who have entered / withdrawn coins or made any transactions on the exchange or p2p site. Of these, about 5,000 people use the platform daily. In total, there are over 180,000 registrations on the platform. This is simply an amazing result that clearly demonstrates our growth and development. By achieving such records, we
  5. UMI / PZM pair will be disconnected soon! Dear users! In the next update, which will take place in just a couple of days, we will disable the UMI / PZM trading pair on the exchange. The liquidity for this pair is minimal and we see no reason to spend resources and support this direction of trading in the future. However, you can still buy / sell PRIZM on a p2p platform for fiat or on an exchange via Bitcoin. Thank you for understanding! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  6. Hello. Thank you for your comment, but doesn't it seem strange to you to write about this in a thread dedicated to the SIGEN.pro exchange?
  7. Solemn news. Today we launched our own media portal - a full-fledged media magazine about cryptocurrencies and blockchain! Here we will publish current news, interesting articles, analytical forecasts, reviews, interviews, training materials and other useful content. All content on the media portal is unique and is written only by professional authors. Our goal is to become # 1 crypto media! Your own media magazine is a great opportunity for you to learn about important events in the crypto world right on SIGEN.pro. In addition, this is a big step towards popularizing both the t
  8. Dear users. Our technical support is spent on technical work. In the next 5 hours, we will not be able to process user requests. Immediately after the end of the technical work, we will begin to consider applications as usual, but the consideration of all accumulated applications may take some time We ask you to be patient and wait for a response to your requests. We will definitely consider all applications! Thanks for your understanding Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  9. PRIZM output restored! Dear participants, we have reopened the PRIZM coin withdrawal. We remind you that a few days ago there was a failure in the PRIZM network and we had to close the coin withdrawal at the request of the PRIZM team, which was engaged in its elimination. And now the PRIZM developers have already fixed the failure and its consequences, after which they allowed the exchanges to reopen the withdrawal of coins. What we have done now! Thank you for your understanding and we hope that this will not happen again Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  10. Bip (Minter Network) coin is already in the Sigen.pro mobile application! Friends, the day before yesterday we listed the BIP (Minter Network) cryptocurrency on our trading platform. And today we have successfully added it to the SIGEN.pro mobile application! In the mobile application, transactions with BIP are implemented both on the exchange and on p2p. The application supports the full functionality of the platform (excluding the exchanger). In addition to the BIP listing, several innovations have been made to the mobile application, which migrated from the updated web versio
  11. How to sell TON for BTC in a couple of clicks and without registration? It couldn't be easier! Do you want to profitably sell TON Crystal coins for BTC and not waste a single second on formalities? A fast and convenient exchanger at SIGEN.pro will help you. - just a few clicks are enough to exchange TON for BTC here! Read more in our video tutorial Link to instruction: https://youtu.be/o7vKsv5BIU0 Use it with pleasure! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  12. How to enter TON on SIGEN.pro and sell on a p2p platform for any currencies of the world On the SIGEN.pro trading platform, you can quickly, safely and absolutely commission-free sell TON Crystal for fiat money, from almost anywhere in the world. We have prepared a video instruction for you on how to send TON coins to SIGEN.pro from your wallet (by the way, it will take you less than a minute) and sell them on a p2p site on favorable terms for you. Link to instruction: https://youtu.be/ZRzXI9Sc4Ww Use it with pleasure! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  13. How to quickly, safely and profitably buy TON for BTC on the SIGEN.pro exchange You can quickly, safely and profitably buy TON Crystal for BTC on the SIGEN.pro exchange. Note that all transactions here are made absolutely commission-free - and this is a huge advantage of SIGEN.pro over other exchanges! Our video tutorial will help you figure out how to do it. Link to instruction: https://youtu.be/cLy9biLj9To Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  14. How to quickly and profitably buy TON for BTC through the SIGEN.pro mobile application The SIGEN.pro mobile application is a great opportunity to buy TON Crystal for BTC at a profit. It doesn't matter where you are, you can always buy TON coins on our exchange without commission and withdraw them to your wallet. We have prepared a video instruction on how to do it - quickly, conveniently and safely. Link to instruction: https://youtu.be/-iqv_SsTUPY Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  15. How to buy TON on SIGEN.pro in a few clicks, even without registration? Want to buy TON Crystal coins without any hassle? Then use the convenient exchanger at SIGEN.pro - you don't even have to register. Just a few clicks - and you already have coins! How to do it - see our video tutorial Link to instruction: https://youtu.be/QSGZZIKsHPM Use it with pleasure! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
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