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  1. Dear users! We have updated the web version and mobile application SIGEN.pro. Changes include: - Statistics on canceled buyer's transactions; - Implemented a counter of active transactions instead of a counter of transactions requiring attention; - Feedback in the order is now displayed by a modal window (displaying orders in the list of deals where the user has not left a comment); - Added the ability to copy links to the FAQ; - Now you can add user offers to someone else's profile, all except hidden ones; - Indexed p2p rules for search engines; - P2P: - Chat of the deal. The number of characters remaining is displayed; - Fixed loader in modal windows; - Fixed links to cryptocurrencies in the "System Status" which led to articles in the FAQ that did not correspond to the selected cryptocurrency; - Fixed saving the template in the offer creation modal if in the "Payment time" select "3 hours". Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  2. Dear users! Due to malfunctions in Amazon services, pictures in arbitrage deals on p2p are temporarily not displayed. We expect the issue to be resolved within 24 hours. At the moment, we recommend that you conduct transactions only with trusted counterparties in order to minimize the likelihood of arbitrage. If your trade gets into arbitration, be patient, the decision on the deal will be made later. Thanks for understanding! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  3. Dear users! We are glad to inform you about important changes in the functionality of the p2p platform SIGEN.pro. From this moment, when canceling the offer, you can create it again only after an hour. In addition, it is now impossible to edit offers and create unlimited ones. All three changes apply only to the UMI cryptocurrency! These changes were introduced in order to avoid manipulation of trading by unscrupulous users. If you trade honestly, you will see little or no change. And we continue to work to make the SIGEN.pro platform more convenient and transparent. Stay tuned for news and new changes. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  4. BITCOIN MANIA - we are launching a drawing with the main prize of 1 BTC! Friends, right now we are launching one of the largest (if not the largest) giveaways in the history of crypto-media! Bitcoin Mania Main Prize - 1 BTC There are also cool intermediate prizes: - 10 prizes of 100 UMI each - 10 prizes of 10,000 BIP each - 5 iPhone 12 PRO - 3 MacBook Air - As well as smaller, but very pleasant surprises Prizes will be raffled live on Fridays. Look for information about broadcasts in our Telegram channel Media SIGEN.pro. The winners will be randomly selected using a randomizer. And the main prize of 1 BTC will be drawn on August 31. Do not miss your chance! To participate in Bitcoin addiction, get at least one ticket in the contest bot https://t.me/sigen_media_contest_bot. You can increase the number of your tickets by inviting friends and predicting the bitcoin rate. The more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win 1 BTC! Detailed drawing conditions https://media.sigen.pro/news/5963. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  5. Dear users! We have updated the web version and mobile application SIGEN.pro. Changes include: - Removed the function of creating a hidden order in the UMI-BTC pair - Optimization of the platform and mobile application. It is no longer possible to create a hidden order to sell or buy UMI coins. We have removed this functionality to ensure transparency of all trading on the platform. All orders that were previously hidden after the update became visible to all users. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  6. Dear users! In a recent platform update, we changed the way the UMI coin rate is displayed. Now it is fully synchronized on the exchange and p2p, therefore it is displayed everywhere accurately and up-to-date, changing in real time. We hope you enjoy this update and make your SIGEN.pro experience even better. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  7. Dear users! The technical work on the site has been completed. The site is operating normally. List of changes: - Changing the rate during order creation; - The user is notified if the rate in the offer has changed during the creation of the order; - Onboarding for the user (Web version); - Prohibiting the publication of links in the exchange chat; - Improved Login Guard; Wallet: - Operations history. - Display of the total number of confirmations. - Dashboard. - Added tips for the "Increase Security" section. - Increased the minimum UMI limits in P2P and on the Exchange when creating an offer to 20 coins. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  8. Dear users. The number of people on our platform is growing, and accordingly the number of chat participants on the SIGEN.pro platform is growing. Therefore, we want to remind you once again the rules of communication. In our chat, the following are prohibited: - Mat, insults. - Spam and flooding. - Advertising. - Selling and buying cryptocurrency outside SIGEN.pro. Users who regularly and grossly violate the chat rules will be banned. Please follow the rules, be polite and respect other users. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  9. SIGEN.pro is 6 years old! Dear users, today the SIGEN.pro cryptocurrency platform is exactly 6 years old! Over the past year, we have done a lot of work: - Added UMI cryptocurrency and became the largest trading platform for the developing community of this coin. - UMI's trading volume is stable at around $ 5,000,000 per day. https://umi.top/ru/volumes - Implemented a convenient UMI wallet on the website that supports staking in structures. - Added UMI to the SIGEN.pro mobile application. - Other promising cryptocurrencies have been floated - BIP and TON. - We launched the Media SIGEN.pro media portal, which in the shortest possible time became the fastest growing crypto-media. - We entered the international market. The leading crypto-media began to write about us. - The number of users has grown to 470,000 people. And most importantly, we are not going to stop there and will continue to develop the SIGEN.pro ecosystem! More details about our achievements and plans - in our article: https://teletype.in/@sigen.pro/v8lLCzAJACl Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  10. Dear users! The technical work on the site has been completed. The site is operating normally. In the course of technical work, measures were taken to stabilize the exchange rate of the UMI coin: - Current calculation of the course. - For Gold partners, the p2p limit of $ 0.95 has been removed. Thanks for waiting. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  11. SIGEN.pro update Dear users, we have completed the technical work and updated SIGEN.pro. Changes include: - Adding the WBTC token to the exchange, in pairs with BTC and ETH. - Adding the WBTC token to the mobile application. - Optimization of the platform and mobile application. IMPORTANT! Don't forget to update your mobile app. New functionality will not appear without an update! The update is already available on Android, and will appear on iOS a little later. WBTC is an ERC-20 token, which is the tokenized version of BTC on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to solve BTC problems by transferring it to the Ethereum blockchain. It has a high transaction speed, it supports smart contracts and decentralized applications. Moreover, each WBTC is backed by real BTC, in the equivalent of 1: 1. Thanks to this, the price of the token is the same as that of BTC - the smart contract guarantees the identity of the price, tracking it in real time. By purchasing WBTC at SIGEN.pro, you can expand the possibilities for working with cryptocurrencies. For example, the token can be used in DeFi projects and other platforms on the Ethereum blockchain. We hope you enjoy the innovations, and we continue to work on the platform further to make it even more interesting and functional. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  12. SIGEN.pro ecosystem received Blockchain Life 2021 certification Friends, recently the SIGEN.pro ecosystem, which includes the SIGEN.pro trading platform and our information portal Media SIGEN.pro, took part in the top blockchain conference Blockchain Life 2021. For partnership, professional cooperation, help and support at all stages of the conference, we received a certificate with gratitude from the organizers, which was personally signed by the CEO of Blockchain Life 2021 Sergey Khitrov! In turn, we would like to thank the organizers of Blockchain Life 2021 for the invitation to take part in such a large-scale blockchain event. We were happy to contribute to the development of the crypto industry and show the whole world who SIGEN.pro is. This certificate once again confirms that SIGEN.pro is an international trading platform with ambitious plans for the future, and Media SIGEN.pro is a world-class crypto-media. We develop every day and move only forward. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  13. Dear users! The technical work on the SIGEN.pro website has been completed, the platform is working normally again. We have made a number of important fixes and improved the operation of servers, which will now be able to handle even a very large influx of users without problems. In the course of technical work, we also optimized the functionality of offers on the p2p platform and orders on the exchange. All the old ones have been canceled, so you need to create new ones. Thank you for waiting and hope that your experience using the SIGEN.pro platform will be even better! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  14. Dear users! In the new update, we have revised our username policy and made a number of important changes: - Made all names unique - Added a list of banned names - Added regular check of usernames Now you can not enter a name that has already been assigned to another user. Also, you cannot use the names of sites and names often used by scammers as a name. If your name was not unique or is on the banned list, it will automatically be changed. If you are not satisfied with the new name, you can change it at any time in the profile settings. Thanks to this innovation, the site has become more transparent: now it is impossible to create takes and fakes for trading on a p2p site under a false name. Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!
  15. Media SIGEN.pro entered the TOP-5 channels about cryptocurrencies! According to the top Telegram channel aggregator tlgrm.ru, Media SIGEN.pro entered the TOP-5 in terms of the number of subscribers among all channels that broadcast on the topic of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Congratulations to everyone on this achievement. A little more, and we will be in the TOP-3, and then we will start fighting for the first place! Best regards, SIGEN.pro team!

⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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