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    Check this out too http://www.ktvn.com/story/39549166/fintech-industry-advocates-for-prudence-and-transparency-in-singapore-cryptocurrency-marketplace http://markets.ask.com/ask/news/read/37357150 http://archive.is/7OuUv?ico=policypal-scam-MAS Mentioned Policypal abused their MAS sandbox startup, which they totally ignored.
  2. KMS Global (CEO KJ Kim) will hold a launch ceremony for the International Crypto Exchange ‘Boxcorn’ and ‘mit messenger’ inviting 300 VIP people such as Senator Pacquiao, SAP “Bong”Go, HIV TV Chairman Rey Langit at the Conrad Hotel in Manila, Philippines on December 4th.Boxcorn is expected to simplify the remittance of foreign workers from Filipinos, which are known to be more than 15 million people. In addition to expanding off-line exchanges and transactions in foreign exchange transactions to deal with casinos, which are comparable to those in Macau, Stargram Coin (SGC) has recently been selected as the key currency.mit messenger, which means 'together' in German, plans to create a blockchain ecosystem through messenger launches in the Philippines, the world's largest SNS country.Representative KJ Kim expressed his intention on the launch ceremony, saying, "We will build a growth engine by constructing a structure in which blockchain platforms based on the Philippines-based boxcorn and mit messenger will grow together through mutual growth."For participating in the launch ceremony of Boxcorn and mit messenger, please visit the homepage below and apply for participation.http://www.boxcorn.io/
  3. Today, there is no market that is worth over millions of dollars in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry like the Airdrop market. Considering the fact that Airdrops is given out by virtually all ICO projects, it has helped in generating over $6,000,000,000 USD this year along. Interestingly, these projects are classified and have span over 28 industries throughout the world.When you compare the world’s population to cryptocurrency holders, it is evident that the industry has not surpassed the infancy stage. We have animmenseunexploited potential waiting to explode by bringing non-holders of cryptocurrency into the cryptocurrency industry and support the industry in growing its market capitalization.Now, you have no excuse because AIR WALLET is giving everyone an opportunity to interact with one another. It is creating the needed bridge between Airdrops, People, and host projects. We understand the power and potentials of Airdrops, which is connecting people to projects and supporting the growth of the blockchain. The best time to take advantage of this opportunity is now because there is no more barrier stopping you from becoming a force to reckon with when it comes to cryptocurrency. AIR WALLET is the world’s first decentralized wallet platform transforming the Airdrop industry. Join us today to tap the exploitable potentials of Airdropshttp://airwalletofficial.com/https://t.me/AirWallet
  4. Pal Network ICO is a scam, even though they do have a credential from previous ventures in simplifying insurance. I went to their pitch from Ethereum Singapore. After obersering this ICO's developments and hoping that they are not a scam, i cannot sit by anymore and not educate the public about experience with Pal Network and why it is a scam. 1) The CEO Val Yap has no idea what is the difference between a private chain and a public chain. 2) The Tech team does not know what the PYPL tokens are for, they refer to its use case as staking in a public chain they would build in future BUT event validation (insurance events) signing can only be done by trusted partners. The constant switching between their positions for their tokens tells me this is an attempt at raising capital for their current business ventures, not for building a truly public blockchain 3) The consensus mechanism for their supposedly PoS chain is not announced, and I assume it is to do with their setup being trusted (aka dPoS). I have no idea what consensus they are intending to use: Ouroboros/Casper/Algorand. No technical details on how they plan to initiate consensus among nodes were given. 4) Upon pressing them on how they plan to implement the first phase of their chain, they gave the answer that they plan to setup a Plasma child chain on the Ethereum mainnet, which does not give me confidence considering Plasma chain like OmiseGO which has the resources and talents have yet launched their testnet (only MVP). 5) The team has no experience in working with public chain networks, only in private chains using Quorum and Hyperledger SDK. 6) Upon pressing on how privacy features will be adopted or in the roadmap, they have no idea what privacy mechanisms like zkSNARKs, zkSTARKs and ring signatures are. This is extremely important because, in order for you to put a policy on the public chain, you will need a privacy feature! Whether you are storing your policies off-chain does NOT matter as the event trigger is on the blockchain! 7) Upon asking all these hard technical questions politely on the telegram, I was dismissed with the constant "The team will get back to you" even though their token sale is just 2 weeks away. This is a red alert. 😎 The last polite message I posted on their telegram to warn them the gravity of their situation triggered the deleting of all my posted messages to wipe the hard questions and a ban. I have not touched on the non-technical parts of this project that makes this extremely shady like triggering FOMO among the telegram by flooding it with bounty hunters (telegram went from 1k to 10k in a week), website setup in Panama and etc. I am extremely disappointed as a Singaporean to see that a MAS Sandbox Graduate would carry out a scam in the crypto scene. This is a bad mark for the crypto project developments in Singapore
  5. Excellent Marketing Company is gearedtoward creating a charity with the aim of helping homeless kids in our neighborhood. Our intention is to give homeless children an opportunity to have a roof over their head. Through this goodwill, we will be able to fight poverty in the world. It is another way to ensure that the wealth of the world gets to people who need it most. Every donation made by youwill be used for a housing project to house these homeless kids. More interestingly, Excellent Marketing Company will double the total donations collected during this charity. It is important to contribute to the right course. The more houses we build for these kids, the more we take them away from crime and build a prosperous world. The time to protect our future is now! Let us contribute for this reasonable course. Please send your donation or help on this - Bitcoin wallet - 1JMu3t7WVB2hJ4hU8Qu4civarEHYFNwNpn Ether wallet - 0xF31f202cfECCb8EEAd873dCFB5b30e61bc17FBA6 Bitcoin Cash wallet - qzlxm6qvj5dgj7m0pfwcpaf5lvff55rjpsmr5vat63
  6. We live in a world were human attacks are becoming prevalent. The cyber world is not exempted from this chaos going on. To solve this issue, organizations need to provide a sustainable level of protection; however, traditional solutions are never as effective as they are gradually failing. Today, there are new threats, which our current traditional cyber methods of scanning cannot detect. They seamlessly bypass these security protocols easier and pose a greater threat, which would cost millions of dollars to repair if it is repairable. Nevertheless, GBMS Tech has developed a new cybersecuritysystem that will make the challenges of the traditional system history. GBMS Tech has created a new cybersecurity as a service, which uses a prototype shift in cybersecurity and works in reverse to scan, detect, and remediate model. This unique GBMS Tech offers numerous cybersecurity services, which include monitored hardware and software solution that stops threats like magic. Interestingly, it stops all unauthorized programs, closes access to dangerous activities, and detect data thefts. GBMS is the future of cybersecurity and the best time to join the moving train is when it is ready to move. Because of the success of GBMS Tech, it is offering the public its Accumulus Threat Shield Token also known as ATS. The token is compatible with the Ethereum ERC20 and will be sold to raise funds for the continuous development of the product. This sale offers you the opportunity to be part of the new future of cybersecurity. The interesting thing is that you not getting involved with just an idea but joining forces with GBMS to develop an incredible lockdown and network monitoring product to reach a global market. The ATS is externally tradable, used for buying services from GBMS Tech, and for rewarding Hoplites for finding or validating new threats and vulnerabilities.
  7. The advent of the blockchain technology brought about a lot of advantages that were hitherto not possible with the traditional methods of doing business online. Blockchain brought about speed of transaction, trust, security of data, Proof-of-Credit, Smart Contract, etc. thereby making it seamless to transact online business and protect your personal data.However, blockchain also has its own challenges which include some level of insecurity, lack of trust, interoperability problems, hacking, and a few others which have deliberately slowed down the speed of progress of the technology.Nuls.io bridging the gaps Nuls.io is closing the gap between the disadvantages and the advantages of using the blockchain technology and bringing back the confidence that users have been craving. How exactly are they able to disrupt the status quo? Here are some of the things they are doing differently:Multiple chains Nuls makes it possible to exchange data and value among chains as well as provides space for extensive application and make performance better. With this technology, the difficulty in exchanging data among chains which has characterized the ecosystem is now obliterated. In addition, Nuls helps to modularize (reduce the complexity of blockchain) and create multiple chains to increase flexibility. The creation of modules makes the system easier to use.Smart Contracts Trust remains a major issue when doing business. Why? People can easily renege their promises or disappear with your money without fulfilling their own side of the bargain. However, Nuls provides Smart Contracts, which means that you no longer need much programming to define service logic. With Smart Contract in place, both sides are compelled to fulfill their terms. Since Nuls runs its logic from NULSVM in a decentralized environment, it is difficult for anyone to manipulate.Scalability Nuls.io provides a solution to the scalability issue that is common with so many blockchain platforms. It constantly improves its network technology, encryption algorithms, storage systems, and independently upgrades its modules for uninterrupted improvement and make things more scalable.
  8. Every year several people lose their hard-earned money through investing in wrong, unprofitable businesses or by putting their money into High Yielding Investment Programs that turn out to a hoax. Why do people gamble away their money? It’s simply because they do not have the right skills and knowledge about the right investment schemes to put their money into. They either rely on instincts or simply take avoidable risks they later end up regretting. BTCMagician directs you to the right place Instead of throwing away your money through unguarded investment, while not depend on a system that is tested and proven to work? BTCMagician is an online platform where you can subscribe to crypto signals and use the information you get to invest in the right cryptocurrencies. With BTCMagician , you can easily earn up to 1.5% profit daily or 152.50% Return on Investment (ROI). Do you really think there is a better investment that will pay you more than that anywhere? Their results are unbeatable! If you do not have what it takes to make a professional analysis of the crypto market, you can rely on signals provided on this platform to place your trading and make huge profits, minimizing losses in the process. The BTCMagician team works tirelessly to analyze the crypto ecosystem thereby providing potential investors the right information regarding Bitcoin, Altcoin, Token and ICO which people are trading mostly on in the crypto money exchanges. Join the platform today and start earning huge ROI with minimal exposure to risks.
  9. From September 17th to 19th, at COEX D Hall in Seoul, invited CEOs of 7 mainnet development companies from around the world who are fiercely competing for the 3rd block chain following Bitcoin and Ethereum. The topic of the conference will be on the future development and technology of blockchain. The general public will participate in the first block chain exhibition in Korea and will experience and imagine the block chain economy. ▲ Registration desk to make the wallet for Ethereum. ▲ Experience zone for apps that will change daily life. ▲ an experience zone for Block chain based smart government ▲ a financial zone to experience a change of finance ▲ a job fair for blockchain companies ▲ a block-chain hackathon ▲ a block-chain legal counsel ▲ a project meetup zone and much more awaits the participants. Among the companies participating in this event, the Estonian-based RIME COIN FOUNDATION will hold the "Block Chain Seoul 2018 launching event" during the period. Rime Coin will integrate the value of returning the driving data to the data producer and all the services in the aftermarket related to the vehicle, and provide the driver with this 'Connected Car Platform'. All data generated from the use of the service is added new value through AI analysis, generates and selling data, and distributes part of the revenue to customers. This is a 'business platform that connects vehicles and driving services'. The Rime Coin project is a 'virtual-Currency Platform' structure of a circulation system that distributes generated profit to users "With our project, we expect to grow more than 14% annually, and we will be able to increase our profit-sharing business in the connected car market ($160 billion in 2020, 14% in domestic growth, and 17% overseas)" Official Site: http://rimecoin.io/ Telegram : t.me/rimecoin/
  10. In the 19th century, French novelist Jules Verne wrote of the adventures of Phileas Fogg in Around the World in Eighty Days – now, in the 21st century, the updated tale may well be Around the World in Forty Cryptocurrencies. The site’s ease of use and global reach, united with its flexible cryptocurrency prices, has meant that numerous cryptocurrency investors are at present flocking to the site to enjoy a well-deserved break using their speculative gains. More Stamps Global accepts forty different popular cryptocurrencies, allowing its customers to book flights, hotels, rental cars, and more at a diversity of locations around the world. The agency’s launch marks animportant step forward in the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Currencies accepted include DigiByte, Ethereum, Litecoin, OmiseGo, Augur, iExec, Salt, 0x, Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin Cash, Bancor, Dash, Decred, among many others. More Stamps Global was born from the zeal and hunger to offer freedom of movement and hassle-free travel to the world at large. This zest led to proper study and research of the travel and tourism industry to enable us to invent better and cheaper methods of boarding on journeys to any part of the world. More Stampshunt for a better travel means led us to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, providing us with a potent weapon to revolutionize the travel and tourism sector. Supporting Link http://www.morestamps.global
  11. Hrbe.io is a decentralized land listing application, Land LayBy Listing (otherwise known as ( LLL ) with the potential to bring sanity and sanctity of land information systems management in all developing countries. It will create trust between land sellers and buyers, and secure land owners assets against deliberate or inadvertent deletion of the government’s land registry information. What the problem is? In many developing regions of the world, citizens in diaspora send home over USD 660B per annum for the purchase of land and other investments. The problem is, in many cases purchase and title records for landed property transactions aren’t readily available and are rarely upheld in cases of dispute. Such attempts to purchase therefore often end in loss of money and falling prey to fraudulent activities of agents and middlemen. What we are doing to solve it? We have designed a blockchain platform Land LayBy Listing (LLL), which provides a history of immutable and incorruptible land ownership details accessible by anyone where land transaction and title deed information can be verified by purchase of landed property from any part of the world. Powered by the Harambee token (HRBE). Land LayBy will collaborate with independent data validators (approved advocates) to create an independent verification and single source of truth for land ownership. These records will be immutable, available to the public, government, law courts, financial agents and institutions and both land buyers and seller. Token Information: Token Name: Harambee Token (HRBE) Token Price : 0.70 USD HRBE Pre Sale Start Date: September 1, 2018 HRBE Pre Sale End Date: September 15, 2018 HRBE TDE Start Date: October 1, 2018 HRBE TDE End Date: October 31, 2018 TOEN AMUONT: 500M (500 000 000). Token Sale Distribution Information: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4730402.0 - 262600000 Reserved for producers (26.25%) - 200000000 Pre Sale tokens (20%) - 300000000 Mam Safe Event (30%) - 237,500,000 Team Reserve (23.75%) ALLOCATION OF RAISED FUNDS Development and R&D (41 %) Operation Human Resources (26%) Office & Professional Expenses (6%) Partners (2%) Buffer (7%) Marketing (18%) To know details about the bounty reward please visit this link and submit your link: https://beta.bounty0x.io/bounties/460333
  12. GraphenTech is founded by an HP experienced engineering manager who is also a co-founder of an electrical-car production firm. The company envisions to provide graphene material worldwide and will monetize its products through the cryptocurrency 77G. GraphenTech brought to you a user friendly and interesting idea to you. To learn more Please, click here and read the whole article carefully. 1% of Token Sale Soft Cap is being allocated to the bounty (37,000,000 77G, equivalent of 780 Eth) The tokens will be distributed across 8 campaigns: Bitcointalk signature and reply campaign – 10% (3,700,000 77G) Contributed Content, Blogs and media publications – 20% (7,400,000 77G) Translation – 10% (3,700,000 77G) Facebook Bounty – 15% (5,550,000 77G) Twitter Bounty – 15% (5,550,000 77G) YouTube Bounty –10% (3,700,000 77G) Reddit Bounty – 10% (3,700,000 77G) Discretionary – 10% (3,700,000 77G) The Bounty program starts on the 23rd of July 2017 and will run until the end of Token Sale, October 27th, 2018. You will receive 77G token for performing bounty program activities. Bounties will be distributed throughout the BountyProgram assuming the task has been deemed complete by the GraphenTech team. Within 5 weeks of the completion of the token sale all bounties will be distributed. BitcoinTalk.org Campaign - 10% (3,700,000 77G) BitcoinTalk Campaign begins 7/30/18. Signatures will be posted then!! Please visit this link to now the rules and details about the BitcoinTalk forum and other bounty procedures. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4732688.0
  13. The Acorn Collective is creating a crowdfunding platform for everyone - advocating the idea that if you believe in an idea strongly enough, you should have the opportunity to make it happen. It’s hard to believe that it’s been less than a decade since reward crowdfunding giants Kickstarte and Indiegogo hit the scene. Since then the crowdfunding industry has grown exponentially, acting as the catalyst for tens of thousands of businesses worldwide to access funding and build their businesses. It has brought us creations such as the Pebble Smartwatch, the Fidget Cube, and Exploding Kittens to name a few. The current crowdfunding market is estimated at over $35 billion (Massolution 2015) with over 2,000 platforms globally. In short - the concept of asking a lot of people for a small pledge for pre-determined rewards - has revolutionized the way that start-ups secure funding for many. But that’s not the full story. Despite these shining light examples of what crowdfunding can achieve, there are still significant barriers to entry for many aspiring founders, so much so that a recent research study by ResearchandMarkets.com shows that there will be a decline in crowdfunding revenue of roughly 17% from 2017 to 2021. Barriers to Entry Crowdfunding is a competitive business, and the first hurdle is getting your project onto a platform in the first place. Most major reward crowdfunding platforms are equity backed, meaning that they rely solely on commissions for their sustainability and profitability. This means that they often select projects based on commercial appeal and existing community. To run a campaign, founders require substantial seed capital for the development of a prototype, content, and marketing. It’s estimated that founders spend between $3,000 and $10,000 on marketing services alone, once again, cutting out a huge proportion of founders. Perhaps surprisingly, a 2016/17 Crowdfunding Center study found that only 1.9% of crowdfunding revenue reaches developing countries, despite SMEs making up over 90% of the business. Finally, for those fortunate enough to be listed, failure rates are high. In fact, the same study discovered that a staggering 78% of campaigns fail to reach their raise target. Despite not raising their target, they still need to pay between 5-10% of fees to the platform in question, taking a considerable amount away from the final raise. The reason for this is often poor marketing reach, and not communicating their project effectively. Planting the Seed with the Acorn Collective The Acorn Collective is building a platform that will tackle these major crowdfunding pain points in three words - access, success, and transparency. Access - As a blockchain-based platform, it will give a fair chance to everyone. Since there are no vested interests, Acorn will allow anyone to market their ideas to backers for free, as long as the project is legal and ethical. Integrated project milestones will allow founders to release funds from their raise before it has ended, removing the need for hefty seed capital, and instantly increasing accessibility. Success - Failure rates in crowdfunding can be lowered by supporting founders with a data-backed toolkit and targeted APIs to help them create content, market their campaign effectively, and reach their optimum audience. Once a founder has completed their campaign, they will immediately be able to use the Acorn marketplace to sell their product. Transparency - Because the platform is based on the blockchain, an unparalleled level of transparency and trust in crowdfunding can be achieved. All transactions on the platform and marketplace use an ERC20 standard, Ethereum-based token called OAK. This means that every single transaction on the marketplace is traceable and open, meaning that backers can see how their founders are spending their funds, and are more likely to support projects with a history of meeting their commitments. By using blockchain to tackle three of the major current issues in crowdfunding, The Acorn Collective hope to revolutionize access to funding for start-ups and entrepreneurs globally. The ICO will begin on 26th May 2018 and will last until 24th June 2018. OAK will be available in the event for USD 1.40 per OAK with 25,000,000 OAK available for purchase.