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  1. Forex trading can be rewarding if you use the right tools, especially if you have access to the best Virtual Private Server. Forex VPS is one of the best. The VPS from the number one VPS company in the world provides ultra-low latency for both institutional and retail traders. For Windows users, their system adopts the Hyper-V Virtualization that offers traders nothing but the best performing Windows VPS experience. The Hyper-V allows you to create true dedicated servers between the Forex VPS. With full isolation, all trading servers can have free access to pure dedicated resources that will support their quest for the best trading tools. If you need a super-fast VPS for trading, the Forex VPS is above its competitors. Its ultra-low latency with 0.5ms-1.0ms guarantees you maximum speed without issues. Trading FXVPS works with over 100 major brokerages around the globe from its five different locations – London, New York, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and Chicago. The company also offers you the opportunity to try its Forex VPS for as low as $3.99/week with its trial VPS Plan. If you are new to Forex trading or want to test the water with a foot, take advantage of this trial plan. During the trial, you will enjoy the following benefits: • Hassle-free setup. • 24/7 support. • Multiple Locations Option. Once the 7-day trial is over, you can continue to enjoy the numerous benefits of the highly efficient Forex VPS for as low as a monthly subscription of $25/month but we offer 30 days money-back guarantee without questions asked, so feel free for them to try. Thus, TradingFXVPS is head and shoulder above its competitors. A trial will surely convince you of its superiority.
  2. Jaxon

    The forex market is currently one of the money-spinning sectors to invest in and make good money if you apply a good trading strategy. You've got to learn the basics, have an in-depth risk management plan, have a good broker, and of course have a trading psychology. There are several way to trade but one of the most popular and profitable way in recent times is Signals following. This is where a Telegram Channel is available now for you to use to benefit from and able to get quality signals and other information to be able to trade with ease and comfort. With this there is best trading opportunities and strategies put up after getting spotted to be used and also equip traders with the requisite tools to be successful traders. With this Telegram Channel, you would get daily market insights, trading signals, and a lot of educational resources. No matter your level of trading expertise, you must connect yourself to this Channel to stand chance to succeed. Ready to get started? Join their Telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFGUWlj8OzQgLrpQbA
  3. Alpha-X is another big name in the Cryptocurrency industry. It is a market place designed for digital currency usage, backed by Artificial Intelligence. Alpha-X currently will start running an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on P2PB2B exchange as from tomorrow. This is to enable the exchange to handle the offering on behalf of Alpha-X, banking on the exchange’s experience in the business. It is Alpha-X’s way of ensuring that users and investors alike get nothing but the best services from the Cryptocurrency company. The token sales will begin on September 16, 2019, and end on October 6, 2019. Some 25,000,000 Alpha-X tokens are currently available for IEO. An investor can buy a token for $0.05 while the token sale lasts. Investors should note that the minimum purchase amount is 600. Hence, with just $30, you can invest in the amazing offer and own a whopping 600 tokens. With BTC, you can purchase the minimum amount with 0.002868 BTC and 0.168534 ETH. It is also equivalent to 30 USDT. You can get a bonus, though. Once you purchase some specific amount of the token, Alpha-X will offer you an impressive bonus amount. This is the bonus breakdown: • 2,000 AX to 3,999AX, 2% bonus. • 4,000 AX to 5,999 AX, 4.5% bonus. • 6,000 AX to 9,999AX, 2% bonus. • 10% bonus if you purchase 10,000 AX token and above. E-Commerce, Finance, AI, and Fintech are some of the areas of applications of the Alpha-X token. That is one of the reasons why it is a worthy digital currency for interested Cryptocurrency investors.
  4. Depositing money in your bank account is boring, especially now that the internet is booming with lots of investment opportunities. Like any investment undertaking, cryptocurrencies and its related products can be risky; however it is worth the try. The philosophy of crowdfunding is “let’s do it together”. The idea is not only about micro-financing with the help of public funds as it also concerns the involvement of a large number of people into a project’s realization, getting customers’ feedback, testing and promoting new products. The beauty of crowdfunding is that companies can get funds, sponsors, and make investments entirely without the mediation of banks, stock exchanges or venture funds. So What’s Million Dollar Crypto Site All About? The Million Dollar Crypto Site is like a crowdfunding platform where you contribute to the realization of the owner’s dream. The concept is basically to promote cryptocurrencies, its related technology, as well startups. They advertise the most popular cryptos in exchange for pixels. The money realized in this project would be used to develop stunning ideas, help different communities, and also promote the platform on other forums/websites. If you are passionate to get started, feel free to follow Million Dollar Crypto Site on Twitter. You can also check their website for more information on how to participate or buy pixels.
  5. Ever since the global acceptance of cryptocurrency, it has continued to make waves throughout the world. The recent of these is Zolango, which is a marketplace community where people can buy stuff using their Bitcoin. Accidentally, the name of the platform means opportunity and gives users the opportunity to use Bitcoin within the platform. Zolango is the first online platform that offers users the opportunity to buy and sell their products using cryptocurrency. Furthermore, the website has over a thousand items available including gift cards, electronic accessories, fashion, freelancer services, jewelry, office supplies, sports equipment, and books. Unlike most ecommerce sites, the platform charges only a percent commission from the sellers. For instance, top sites such as Amazon and eBay charge money fees along with referral fees, which goes up to 15 percent commission. The platform works in a simple way. Firstly, the buyers after seeing the product they want, will have to pay in Bitcoin. After the payment, the sellers receive the Bitcoin. For safety reasons, Zolango uses an escrow system to protect the buyers and sellers in case of any defective products. With Zolango, the safety of the buyers and seller is guaranteed. Zolango is the next stage of the cryptocurrency revolution that the world has been waiting now. Buying and selling numerous items on the Zolango platform is more than an experience. Indeed, it is bringing the era of cryptocurrency as a daily payment system closer to our doorstep. With Zolango, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be the currency it was meant to be.
  6. In the present day business environment, if you want to be a successful Forex trader, you've got to be forward thinking. Across the world, there are some professional traders that can predict the changes in forex prices. However, their predictions are not always correct due to human error. Thus, some technocrats came up with the idea of developing Apps for the purposes of tracking market trends. One of such app is the FxTrendSignals app. In this post, we will walk you through why you should choose the FxTrendSignals app as an investor. With the FxTrendSignals app at your disposal, market trends are just a few step away from you. The following are some of the reasons why you should choose this app; 1. Instant Tracking: With the FxTrendSignals, you will be able to follow live prices of stocks instantly in real time. 2. Alarm Planning: One biggest benefit of the FxTrendSignals app is that you can schedule an alarm to notify you once the market fluctuates. 3. Multiple Language Support: The FxTrendSignals app supports 11 languages (Chinese, Hindi, Malay, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Turkish and English), meaning, you are covered wherever you are on the globe. FxTrendSignals Guide Knowledge they say is power. At FxTrendSignals, there is a guide for users to leverage in order to understand how the app operates and also navigate the website. Check here to explore the FxTrendSignals Guide. FxTrendSignals app was developed with Forex investors in mind. So, if you are passionate about dipping your feet into the forex world, you won't go wrong with this app. Visit https://apple.co/2y04C0n or http://bit.ly/2ZqRFZw to download the FxTrendSignals app on the Apple or Google Play Store.
  7. Forex trade remains one of the best ways to make extra passive income online. However, this income potential has made the forex sector vulnerable to fraud. While some platforms swindle unsuspecting traders of their hard-earned income, some equally promise what they are unable to offer, thereby exposing newbie traders to unnecessary risks and losses. Nonetheless, there are still several trustworthy platforms to perform your forex trading. One of such platforms is the Trade Nero. This platform provides you leverage and gives you the opportunity to trade CFDs on different assets including Forex, ETFs, Indices, and over 5,000 stocks on all major markets. Why you should pick Trade Nero over other competitors There are several reasons to choose Trade Nero as your preferred trading platform. Some of the advantages include: • It is fully regulated • It offers instant execution • Three different platforms – Web, Mobile, and Desk • Up to 1:1000 margin level for forex • Up to 1:100 margin level for stocks • You have access to over 5,000 assets • You have access to worldwide stock markets such as Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, etc. Major currency pairings are also available to you. • It has the lowest transaction fees in the industry – from $0.005 per share and 0.4 pips for currency. Special privileges for users Special privileges available to users include the following: • Segregated Clients’ Account: This includes quick and seamless withdrawals, as well as adequate safety measures. • Top-notch trading tools, including Smart Analysis Dashboard • Live Expert Assistance – worldwide multilingual support • The privilege to trade on IPOs and earn profits • Various educational programs to boost the knowledge and skills of greenhorn traders • No restrictions on short selling Monthly competition Trade Nero organizes a monthly competition where all traders on the platform are allowed to participate for free. Every account holder demonstrates his trading skills and at the end of the month, a winner emerges and is rewarded with a $250,000 trading account. You can join this competition by signing up on the site at https://www.tradenero.com
  8. Truth be told; it is a bit difficult to trade financial instruments like stocks, commodities or currencies without the tutelage of a professional trader or broker. This explains why there are several brokers across the world. The funny part is that these brokers earn millions of dollars from your hard earned resources. As a newbie or professional trader, the need to register on a brokerless trading platform cannot be overemphasized. From no deposit, no broker fees to high rate of returns, the benefit of trading on a brokerless platform is simply mind blowing. Thankfully, there is only one brokerless trading platform in the world, which traders can rely on to enjoy these benefits. Spectre.ai is a leading and first of its kind blockchain powered trading platform. Spectre.ai has proven to be a game-changer in the business of forex trading. They help both newbie and professional trader to smile to the bank. With Spectre.ai, you can trade directly against the financial markets without the interference of brokers. The platform uses cutting-edge technology to match forex traders against an embedded liquidity pool. What's more? Traders have the opportunity to trade on a fraud-free and secure environment. Among other mouth watery benefits, the following are the perks of trading on the Spectre.ai platform: ● Secure and Transparent Platform: The Spectre.ai platform makes use of the blockchain technology; thus, guaranteeing security and transparency. As a registered member of the Spectre.ai community, your funds are safe. ● No Deposits: Unlike other trading platforms where you are required to deposit fiat currencies, you can trade directly from your supported digital wallet on the Spectre.ai platform. ● Earn Passive Income via Affiliate Program: As a registered member of the Spectre.ai community, you can earn passive income when you refer your friends or family members. For more information on the affiliate program, click here Spectre.ai is a unique and wonderful brokerless trading platform. To sign up on the platform, visit https://www.spectre.ai/?ref=MOM for more information.
  9. Bitcoin is one of the hottest investment opportunities online at the moment. Since the cryptocurrency gained traction and became one of the means of paying for goods and services globally, there has been a mad rush to invest in the digital coin. Various risk takers have, no doubt, made several hundreds of percentage gain trading bitcoin. However, the risk inherent in trading bitcoin is quite high; you could lose your life savings in a matter of seconds if things go awry. Trading bitcoin requires some technical knowledge of the crypto ecosystem and the best time to invest or make a sale. Polny’s Bitcoin Crypto Index is your best tool If you are interested in buying bitcoin but you are not a crypto geek and do not understand how the market works, you do not need to panic. There is a tool that can easily help you trade safely with little or no possibility of losing your hard-earned money. The Bitcoin Crypto Time Analysis has proved to be a reliable tool in the past 24 months due to its ability to accurately predict bitcoin timing. Its strong point is that it has been able to successfully time Bitcoin’s KEY entry and exit TIME points. Why you should use Polny’s Bitcoin Crypto Index Some of the reasons why you need to use the Polny’s Bitcoin Crypto Index in your trading project include: • Its Bitcoin timing is reliable and precise. • It offers you essential ‘KEY’ dates that concern the future cycle of bitcoin (2-3 weekly) • It uses the Fibonacci Price Targets in getting charts for several trendy altcoins (weekly) • It gives you the right projected timing regarding sharp multi-thousand dollar price drops and spikes. • It offers you the probable future bitcoin cycle HIGH and LOW dates up to 30 days beforehand. -Weekly. Arming yourself with this amazing tool simply means being able to buy bitcoin when the price is at its lowest possible level and selling when the price gets to the pinnacle. In this way, you are guaranteed a huge return on investment.
  10. Technology has thrown amazing business opportunities into our path. Over the years, crypto trading has continued to be one of the several opportunities to gain financial freedom without leaving the comfort of your home. MyCrytpoParadise is one of the platforms where individuals can increase their income through crypto trading. The platform offers all the tools that will make trading in cryptocurrency easy and fun. How does MyCryptoParadise work? MyCryptoPalace conducts a series of research on the market, taking a look at the available coins. It claims to share information with its members about a coin once it is convinced that “the coin is ready to fly.” If there are signals from a coin, the trading platform also analyzes the signal from such coin. It uses multiple indicators for its analysis to ensure that traders have a good chance of making high profit from trades they conduct on the platform. Of course, the trading platform promises to ensure there is a smooth flow of communication with its traders. It set up a Telegram account for that purpose to give it a platform where it can share all its ideas, findings, and what have you with traders. MyCrptoParadise offers VIP membership to traders as well. The membership of this exclusive club gives traders access to tons of benefits. You will receive friendly support from the support team at any moment of the day. You will also be assigned a personal coach who will attend to you 24/7 and groom you until you become a professional trader. This is in addition to the VIP Chatroom where you can meet same-minded individuals. The goal is for members of the VIP Chatroom to assist each other and improve their trading skills. When you join the Chatroom, these and other mouthwatering benefits await you on your way to making side income as a crypto trader.
  11. Jaxon

    The world of Forex trade keeps evolving daily, and several platforms claim to be the best in terms of the tools they offer and the charges as well as other benefits that users get. However, one leading Forex platform that one cannot overlook is AGEA, a site that claims to provide a trading platform without requiring deposits from prospective traders to start trading. The company has been in business since 2005 as an experienced FX-CFD market maker. There are several reasons why AGEA stands out from the packs of other Forex trading websites. Some of the essential things you find on the site include: Resources & Guides If you are a newbie trader, you don’t need to worry because AGEA provides all the necessary materials and articles to enable you to have a grasp of the subject. Some of the topics to find here include Introduction to Markets, Trading techniques, and Specifics and Facts. Apart from these, there are also other educational materials available to you, which handle the following: Introduction to Forex, Forex Glossary, Macroeconomics, Central banks and policies, Financial instruments, Types of Technical Indicators, Algorithmic trading, Local Information, and History. Benefits of using AGEA AGEA provides a wide range of services and products which are meant to take care of the needs of individual and financial traders globally. Reasons to make use of the platform include: They are highly experienced They have 24/5 multilingual support, with over 100 languages available globally You do not need to deposit funds before commencing trading AGEA offers $5 for every new account that is verified There is a provision for Islamic trading, with no fees on deposits More than 10 payment methods There are 3 trading platforms to choose from. These include MT4, Streamster, and Webtrader. How to become an AGEA trader It is quite easy to become a trader on the platform. All you need to do is to follow these three simple steps: Register an account Verify your account (in order to get $5 deposit gift) Deposit (via one of those 10 payment methods) Withdrawal fee AGEA has a uniform withdrawal fee of $7 across different platforms such as Bank Wire, Skrill, WebMoney, FasaPay, Perfect Money, Neteller, Qiwi, Credit Card, RBK Money, withdrawal by local banks in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Affiliate program AGEA has a mouth watery affiliate program that enables users of the platform to earn extra cash for themselves. You can join their Facebook affiliate page to take advantage of the program. The commission you receive depends on the type of customer you refer to them. Additionally, there is also the Broker program, which allows you to earn more money besides the affiliate program. If you are in a position to offer educational help to newbie traders, this program is for you. AGEA can be the game-changer in the Forex market and help you meet the dream of becoming a big-time income earner. Set up your trading account now. In order to register and giving your career the perfect platform, click here.
  12. Envision the world dealing with outsiders without trusting them,depositing your funds securely without confiding in banks, government as you recognize it, which is honest and trustworthy. This notional world is actually the vision of the blockchain world. 2018 is the tenth year of blockchain application and we believe the following pattern of blockchain world is gaming which is being penetrated and supported. With the advancement of the worldwide Internet and the movement of essential equipment in cell phones, web-based gaming is continually enhanced with relentlessly improved gaming background. The worldwide gaming market is quickly emerging.By 2020, the worldwide gaming market is relied upon to achieve an impressive number- - 128.5 billion dollars. However, with the growth of the business, the general issues in gaming industry have gradually become prominent. For example:-the gaming frameworks are independent of one another; data security is hard to ensure; users cannot depend on manipulated feedback, gaming resources are hard to acknowledge, and player rights are abused. BigBang Games, BigBang Game Coin Token (referred to as BBGC) is managed and operated by BBGC Foundation Ltd. The headquarter of BBGC Foundation Ltd is situated in Singapore and strategically collaborates with Fulife Stable, Horsey, Rapidz, Snapper, and Abloom. BBGC aims to break through the barriers between games, improve in-game currency transactions, create a better experience for players, and provide a better setting for game publishers. BBGC will utilize matching encryption to provide security for user assets and data and greatly increase security. In addition, BBGC will use API block functionality to help game publishers minimize promotion cost. 1. VALUE- BBGC effectively combines two ways to reduce the intermediate links and realize the value of game, technology and people, which will have a subversive impact on traditional games. 2. GENERAL-BBGC is committed on breaking the barrier in centralization, achieving the connectivity of gaming ecosystem, simplifying business logic communication and incubating gaming innovation. 3. SAFETY- BBGC uses RSA asymmetric encryption technology to empower the security of user’s information and assets. Thanks to distributed storage technology, we can finally protect the permanence of the existing users’ accounts. 4. ECOSYSTEM - BBGC adopts a brand-new POT-B mechanism and opens its ports across API platform to build BBGC complete ecological gaming advantage. 5. PROFESSIONAL- The BBGC team invites well-known experts and technical teams from Europe, America and Asia-Pacific to design, develop and implement a world class product for global players. In 2019, the world has become so dynamic and BBGC is thriving to be the leader in the blockchain gaming platforms. Let us brace together and be a part of bigbang run! #bbgc games. New version 3.0 is released. Check the details: Instagram: bbgctravel Twitter: https://twitter.com/BbgcFund Telegram Global: https://t.me/bigbang_Global Telegram Chinese: https://t.me/joinchat/CG1n5RUnrukQfsU7l8tXVg Youtube: https://youtu.be/AJYvILbnWm0 HOTBIT: https://www.hotbit.io FCOIN: https://www.fcoin.com BBGC Download: https://fir.im/BigBanggames BBGC WEB VER. https://www.bigbang.run BBGC global market index: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/big-bang-game-coin/ official web: www.bbgc.games
  13. Sports Betting is an old age thing. But it’s still becoming more and more popular by the time. There are parts of the world which aren’t entirely capable of providing good place for this. So this is where we have come up with the thing called ‘Mtstation’, it’s a creation that’s going to work as the game changer for the whole betting industry and going to take it to the level never seen before! By involving the highest level of comfort and easiness, it has really opened gates for everyone and the reason why it is considered such a revolutionary thing. An opportunity like this is not something you see coming up very often, so you need to make sure you take full advantage of it. Join this biggest sport betting castle and be the part of the next best thing. You can find all details and information at - https://mtstation.kr
  14. The advent of the Internet started a complete revolution in the advertisement industry. Currently, half of the total spending on advertisement globally is spent on online advertisement and this is expected to increase significantly up to 70% before 2020. Recently, online advertisement has been taken to another level with the introduction of blockchain-based advertisement where https://virtonomi.com/ is the leading name ant the best place for advertisers who are interested in getting the best advertisement firm for promoting their products/services and getting targeted traffic and the right exposure to for their products/services. In a bit to offer you the best advertisement that is head and shoulder above the conventional advertisement offered by ad companies and agencies, Virtonomi is using the best technology in the world, including artificial intelligence that is designed to optimize the advertisement in order to give advertisers value for their money as they see the desired result for every penny they spend on advertising on the platform. By investing in the billion dollar advertisement industry, Virtonomi is out to get their share from the industry while giving their customers the best advertising experience. Virtonomi members will also share in the industry as the company is out to share 75% of its revenue with its members. The company gives back to its customers in two major ways. This is through the Revenue Sharing Packs that include two different packs, the Adpack $10-$500 and the Stacking Adpack $10-$500. While the former is designed for customers who are interested in earning very fast, the latter pack is ideal for long-term investors who are ready to stack the coins and earn a profit on it. There is also an Exchange Pack for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who which to earn Bitcoin in the long-term. This Pack will cost you between $10 and $5,000. Alternatively, you can join the Virtonomi Affiliate Program and stand a good chance to earn passive income for life through the affiliate program. Whatever your choice is, the company will give you top-notch advertisement and help you to earn passively while doing your job.
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