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  1. Interesting ideas, but only a few of them I think are really possible for the future opening of my business. What concerns real estate and restaurateur, it already depends on the country. But I recently appreciated the work of the company Splento https://www.splento.com/headshots-photographer-manchester, which entered into such a crowded competition are as a photography. Yes, and in the UK. But the main thing is a qualitatively new level of work with clients.
  2. Sites with e-commerce is very heavily burdened hosting, so save just does not work. But for such a platform, there are several options with optimal cost, among them I will highlight https://hostovita.pl/domeny/. There I bought both domains and constantly use hosting services.
  3. Steps in steps, but the essence is precisely in their implementation. Declare their goals the easiest, but it is not always possible to implement them. So most startups fail before they begins. By the way, what can not be said about the project Splento and his CEO Grigoriev. It would seem that the topic of providing photo services is not new, and it is jaded, but in such a convenient way you should be able to add it.
  4. In this regard, I'm too conservative about unverified innovations like these. Although recently I discovered an excellent scheme for earnings using Bitcoin. But you need to do everything in the right order. Enter the money to coins.ph through the payment system GCash, buy crypto currency, then sell it on https://coinsgive.com/ (for registration you need the invitation code nbk6uidf) and soon get the result on PayPal (and then again to GCash excluding any fees). Nothing complicated, especially if they had something to do with this earlier. But the time of activity on the platform for sale is li
  5. Why is that? I do not agree with the latter. But I will say that there are some nuances for achieving such a goal. If it's about investing and trading, it's now easy enough to make money online. Specifying, I mean the sale of currency through https://coinsgive.com/ by a certain method. It's quite simple - you just need to buy Bitcoin on site coins.ph, before using as a means of payment GCash. Then register on coinsgive.com with the help of the invite code dcvbxb24, sell there and cash out on Paypal without any problems. In addition, you can also earn on the referral program, if not interested
  6. Very interesting, but very remotely solves the main question
  7. Quite a difficult question, if we talk specifically about the specific currency and only this year. You never know which one of them can shoot after a significant investment that will be made obviously. Here it is necessary to look from the altcoins. I advise for this purpose to use platform https://hiribi.com/, so that it is also convenient to exchange it for a short period of time.
  8. Assess the prospects of bitcoin, it is necessary from the point of view of the possibilities of its network, such as commissions and speed. But, the Ethereum crypto currency has a different set of characteristics by which it needs to be evaluated. The future of Ethereum depends on the speed of development of its competitors, such as Cardano, and the success of the startups already started on its platform. There is also the platform of the EOS of course. But I've been investing in the Ethereum for a long time, and I've made a lot with it
  9. I would not be sure of such a goal at a price, at least for the next two to three months accurately. Especially, given the current trend of trading on all crypto-exchanges. Plus, you should not focus your mind solely on Bitcoin. So far, I do not expect that more than an interval of 8-10 thousand on https://hiribi.com/ when exchanging Bitcoin
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