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  1. Well, if you like crafts, it's cool - because you do what you love and get money out of it. BUT, for me personally the crafty things is the last thing I would do to earn money and if I do it, I would be in emotional pain :D Well, everyone has to find their way, I guess and the crafts is not it for me :D The same thing is with writing - you need special skills to do that, I think OR, if you write a blog or something, you should have A LOT of followers if you want to earn money (because advertisers look for followers and only then for your content). For now I'm earning pocket money in two ways: I manage client support (about 2 h a day) for a website (usually through their FB page) and I play runescape. First one is useful for me to not loose my social skills :D and the second one, of course, is for fun :D I think that everyone can do a minimal client support (you just have to find the company you like) and definetly everyone can PLAY and then sell their gold (this is the part I like the most, because you feel like real gold digger :D). If you think I'm crazy, think again :D And think again after you read this: https://www.food4rs.com/blog/buying-selling-swaping-in-runescape-2/why-do-players-put-up-runescape-gold-for-sale It sounds like a fantasy (because, what? gold? sell online? WHAT again?), but in a bitcoin and virtual reality world it doesn't sound so unbelievable now, does it?
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    Balanced diet. Vegetables, fruit, protein, less fried, oily foods and less meat ideally
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    Thai food! The richness of taste in amazing
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