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  1. I started a new project and started off page optimisation with "Directory submissions" but most of the latest techniques in 2017 wouldn't suggest Directories a go.What are the other strategies you prefer after starting a project?
  2. How to improve Search Rankings?
  3. alex1155

    www.youtube.com. www.vimeo.com. https://vine.co/ www.facebook.com. ... www.photobucket.com. ... www.dailymotion.com. ... http://www.break.com. ... http://www.grindtv.com.
  4. Best tool for page loading speed is : 3Pingdom and 4Web page test.
  5. Here are 7 strategies to help you get lucky with your ranking quickly: Use the less popular version of a keyword. ... Use many keyword modifiers. ... Mix up your on page optimization. ... Go deeper than the competition is going. ... Move away from the commercial keywords. ... Buy traffic. Hire Angularjs Developer
  6. Yes...I am using all these tools but these tools are not free only Backlink Checker is free tool to check competitors backlink.
  7. alex1155

    I am using Google 's Rank tracker tool and SEMrush tool.
  8. alex1155

    Main uses of Google Analytics are : FREE to use; you don’t have to pay any (monthly) fees for using this product. This way you can invest a decent budget in resources, instead of only/mainly in tools. Relatively easy basic setup; a basic implementation is easy compared to tools from many other vendors. However, in order to fully benefit from all the features of Google Analytics, deeper knowledge is required. Documentation available on almost every aspect; on both the implementation as well as the configuration part thorough documentation is available. This Google Analytics Tracking code library is a great start. Powerful customizable reports; create your own reports with an easy drag and drop interface. Add many different dimensions and metrics in one report.
  9. Always use targeted keywords in Page title,Description,Image ALT tag and Content.
  10. I want to increase Quality traffic, I had implemented all these methods but still I am not getting enough traffic.Please suggest me proper offpage methods for driving quality traffic. React Native Development Services Zend Development Company
  11. Thanks all of you providing me all techniques for increasing backlinks.I will try all these methods for increasing backlinks. React Native Development Services
  12. My Alexa rank is not improving what should I do? Suggest me guys what kind of activities are preferable for better Alexa rank. React Native App Services | React Native App Development Company | Zend Framework Development Company
  13. Thanks for your reply. Directory Submission is still worth to create backlinks? React Native App Development Company
  14. i need to improve my website and it is a classified website and i need to improve its traffic....last one year i stopped seo so it went down in ranking and now i am stating it again and need to improve the traffic. and also ranking so help me to get good traffic and also ranking.what should i do for both ranking and traffic. React Native App Development Services | React Native App Development Company
  15. Hello, I have website related software services,now i want to increase backlinks of our website.Please suggest me some quality methods to increase our backlinks.