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  1. Thanks for the detailed and straightforward answer!
  2. Is there a fixed schedule for new coins and fiat currencies to add or is it done on a more ad-hoc basis?
  3. If this browser has all the functions that a user needs, mines bitcoin and does not overload the system, then this is a good idea.
  4. That’s a great approach. Pity that most crypto companies don’t follow it.
  5. I don’t think that quppy will add new products frequently - they seem to focus quite heavily on thorough testing of everything prior to release.
  6. many cryptocurrencies are highly profitable. Just buy at a low
  7. Well, with USD accounts added Quppy came really close to becoming a bank. I hope that they won’t turn their back on crypto at this rate.
  8. there are many good broker out there; go for a regulated one
  9. journaling is important, to track trade success over time
  10. brokers with zero spreads are athe best for scalping techniques
  11. The free replenishment of the wallet turned out to be very useful - I had to send a rather large amount a week ago.
  12. Taking your time to practice with the demo account is a good idea. It prepares you for the real account experience. The only thing I believe is that you cannot master your trading psychology while trading with the demo account because there is a part of you that knows that it is not real money. I don't have issues with kridex yet, I will only advise that you start small, you can start with a deposit of $500 or any amount you can afford to lose. When you get more confident then increase your deposit. Best of luck as you trade
  13. Regulated brokers want you to make money, the fraudulent ones dont
  14. good for you, some people learn better with a physical teacher
  15. Well, I would not say that plastic cards are "promo". It's much cooler!
  16. I also test my strategies using the demo account before going live
  17. there is no profitable business that does not involve risk
  18. there are many useful forex courses online, get a mento too
  19. I wouldn’t say that that was a great time in Europe. Fortunately, I’m done with that now, so I can relax a bit. And Quppy saved me a lot of time and hassle, it was great.
  20. GBPUSD, I like the pair and it has 95% of my trades
  21. conditions to open an account? Lol you talk about the broker like you are trying to sign up into the army. I don't think there are any conditions. Be human..lol Anyway maybe the information you want is that the minimum trade deposit, which is $50. You could contact the support team for any other information, they have quite fast live chat. I benefit from the rebate program, it is more like I get some cash back for every trade I make even if they are losing trades. I don't have more information if there are other types of rebates or bonuses, you could ask the customer support too.
  22. Quppy’s IBAN account turned out extremely useful. It looks like I’ll spend a few more months in Europe, so I’m really glad that I picked this platform.
  23. Kridex is no scam platform, I day trade and scalp news also with the broker. The platform has been good for my chart analysis and scalping. I trade the USD and CAD news monthly. I have been able to make some cool money with the CAD unemployment, interest rate, FOMC, NFP news. You could open an account with them.

⤴️-Paid Ad- TGF does not endorse any products advertised. 🔥 Advertise here.🔥

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