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  1. I wouldn’t say that that was a great time in Europe. Fortunately, I’m done with that now, so I can relax a bit. And Quppy saved me a lot of time and hassle, it was great.
  2. GBPUSD, I like the pair and it has 95% of my trades
  3. don't start with an amount you can't afford to lose
  4. conditions to open an account? Lol you talk about the broker like you are trying to sign up into the army. I don't think there are any conditions. Be human..lol Anyway maybe the information you want is that the minimum trade deposit, which is $50. You could contact the support team for any other information, they have quite fast live chat. I benefit from the rebate program, it is more like I get some cash back for every trade I make even if they are losing trades. I don't have more information if there are other types of rebates or bonuses, you could ask the customer support too.
  5. Quppy’s IBAN account turned out extremely useful. It looks like I’ll spend a few more months in Europe, so I’m really glad that I picked this platform.
  6. Kridex is no scam platform, I day trade and scalp news also with the broker. The platform has been good for my chart analysis and scalping. I trade the USD and CAD news monthly. I have been able to make some cool money with the CAD unemployment, interest rate, FOMC, NFP news. You could open an account with them.
  7. Tight spreads are not always good! Brokers who have low spreads, usually much of their extended when major news outlet. I traded the broker, who spread was not the lowest, but preferably fixed. It is very comfortable. I'm not a scalper, it is important.
  8. I know this broker because his people post about themselves anywhere on the forum. It is strange that even now they do not support your branch, not something that would have to post other on a branch. I wonder if they still alive? Pay?
  9. When I then had to deal with this broker. It is strange that on a branch broker was so quiet.
  10. By the way, it looks like I’ll soon move to Europe for quite some time. Do I get it right - Quppy helps with creating european IBAN accounts?
  11. The lack of USD support isn’t a huge deal for me, so maybe I’ll give Quppy a shot.
  12. I’ve been looking for a convenient way to use both crypto and fiat for quite some time. Recently I came across Quppy - it does look pretty nice and easy to use, Is there something I’m missing or it is really good indeed?
  13. I would say that both risk and capital management techniques are ones that will keep you alive on Forex market for a long period of time. So, if you are new trader, dont be lazy always to apply these techniques as they will save you a lot of money
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