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  1. Forex might be, but is not necessarily zero-sum game. With increased experience there would be lesser number of lose deals until it reaches continuous profitability. Experience and continuous learning is important in order to reach this stage
  2. Gilstern

    There might be people on Forex who unintentionally discourage other people and this should not ever happen. This is why I always keep on mind how much support new traders need and trying to be always very positive as I understand their sentiment
  3. Gilstern

    Great article and informative. I like Bollinger Bands as they do not have timing leg as other similar indicators do. Of course, the best is to be used in combination with other indicators in order to have signal confirmation
  4. Gilstern

    I heard you can still identify the relationship between different assets and somehow use this information.
  5. Gilstern

    Brokers are necessary as connection between individual trader and Forex market. Good broker is one that is reliable, credible and doesn’t charge high spreads and also commissions. In addition, I am always emphasising responsive customer service as also important quality for broker
  6. Gilstern

    Although MA is quite good indicator, I don’t think that it can be treated separately from some other indicators in predicting the market move. Can we get some more information regarding set algorithm behind Trading Robot? I mean, 1500 pips in 1 day sounds too good to be true
  7. Just take any opportunity that you find, without waiting.You can set part of your funds for fundamental results in order to catch big move. In the meantime, you can trade short moves. If you don’t want to bother too much,open position to follow long term trend and wait for peak to take your profits
  8. Gilstern

    Fundamental and technical analysis must be well researched before opening demo account, wherevdifferent trading methods can be applied. Then try to analyse your lose deals to understand what have you missed. This analysis would point to the necessary deficiencies in knowledge
  9. Gilstern

    Profit is the purpose of trading on any financial market, Forex as well. But, in order to reach this phase in which a trader can make continuous profits, a lot of effort, dedication and learning is necessary. Making money on Forex is great, but it is not at all an easy job
  10. Gilstern

    I think that analyst75 is speaking about some sort of psychological aspects of becoming a trader. Well, I can say that it is something that can be learned only through experience and a lot of different situations on the market. Everything else is related to dedicated learning and... more learning
  11. Gilstern

    I have heard a lot regarding these relatively new programs on cash-back scheme. I have also heard that it is free of charge of traders. Has anybody had any previous experience with it? Please share some thoughts and experience
  12. Gilstern

    Dr. Steenbarger had said it very nicely. But it is only less than 10% of all things that pop up in reality with which every dealer needs to cope and find solution for it. This is one of the reasons why I love forex market. I need to keep my brain constantly alert
  13. I find this thread very interesting. It is explained very well some basics regarding few trading strategies. It is excellent for those traders who already have some basic knowledge about forex market and want to upgrade it
  14. Gilstern

    Generally speaking you can keep your position open as long as you don’t receive a margin call. I can’t be sure regarding your trading strategy, but it is not advisable just to leave your position open. It would be good to include some risk and funds management techniques
  15. Gilstern

    Domain extensions, also known as Top Level Domains or TLDs, are the suffixes or the last part of a domain name - the letters that come after the dot to the right of any domain name. For example, most URL addresses end with .com - this is an example of a domain extension or TLD.