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  1. Gilstern

    I don't know the extent of your reasoning but i will urge you to not take loans from the banks. They will convince you that they are trying to help you but are liars. You will fall in a trap if you borrow money from them. Try getting money from your friends and family and then seek the bank.
  2. Gilstern

    The best way to stop the runny nose is to use a humidifier. They are really helpful if you have a runny nose or a flu. You also need to take a lot of fluids as they will help you recover. If this doesn't help, you need to go to a doctor. Don't track your symptoms over the internet.
  3. Gilstern

    I believe that you should always buy medicines or any such things from a personal pharmacy. I know that e-commerce is growing in the world but you should abstain from buying things from online pharmacies. You don't want to take risks with your health. It is not worth it.
  4. I agree with you. Parents need to understand that there is a lot of dirty things on the internet that has a negative impact on your children. They need to have a watch over their children. They should put a parental control over the electronic things to save their children.
  5. Gilstern

    Choice of broker can sometimes distinguish between profitable and less profitable strategy. I am always stressing importance of legit broker, and then are spreads charged by broker. Depending on a strategy, high spreads can significantly impact trading profitability
  6. Gilstern

    Demos are very useful tool for many purposes. In the beginning you can test your knowledge, later you will probably use this system to perfect your trading strategy and find the one that exactly fits your trading skills and temperament
  7. Gilstern

    Patience is a virtue, especially on Forex market. There are no things that happens overnight, so take your time, learn and gain some experience. The profits will come with time dedicated to learning how to perfect your trading strategy
  8. Gilstern

    I fully agree that new traders should not start with large investment. Trading on demo and real account have some differences, and until traders are fully aware of them, they should try to minimize potential losses by trading with very small amounts
  9. Gilstern

    Experience is very important in Forex. With time spent trading comes traders maturity. This is the only way to learn secrets of Forex and figure out how to deal with trading mistakes and specific market situations that occur from time to time
  10. Gilstern

    I think that newbies should start without leverage at all. Until they get some experience on market and are confident that their trading technique can produce green pips, they should not use lever. With experience they will decide how much leverage they can afford
  11. Gilstern

    I also find that demo accounts can be used for many purposes. It is very suitable for new traders to practice their skills, but I am still using demo account to test new indicator that I am planning to use or new trading strategy. They are great tool
  12. Forex might be, but is not necessarily zero-sum game. With increased experience there would be lesser number of lose deals until it reaches continuous profitability. Experience and continuous learning is important in order to reach this stage
  13. Gilstern

    There might be people on Forex who unintentionally discourage other people and this should not ever happen. This is why I always keep on mind how much support new traders need and trying to be always very positive as I understand their sentiment
  14. Gilstern

    Great article and informative. I like Bollinger Bands as they do not have timing leg as other similar indicators do. Of course, the best is to be used in combination with other indicators in order to have signal confirmation
  15. Gilstern

    I heard you can still identify the relationship between different assets and somehow use this information.
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