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  1. The lack of USD support isn’t a huge deal for me, so maybe I’ll give Quppy a shot.
  2. I’ve been looking for a convenient way to use both crypto and fiat for quite some time. Recently I came across Quppy - it does look pretty nice and easy to use, Is there something I’m missing or it is really good indeed?
  3. I would say that both risk and capital management techniques are ones that will keep you alive on Forex market for a long period of time. So, if you are new trader, dont be lazy always to apply these techniques as they will save you a lot of money
  4. I dont think that it is difficult to predict price of gold. Looking historically, each time when there was high uncertainty on the market, the price of Gold was going up. It is the same situation today. So, we can expect that in the future price of Gold will go only up
  5. I agree that demo should be taken very seriously by all new traders. A lot can be learnt on this account. Certainly, there are differences when trading on real account which are mostly related to psychological aspects, as now you are trading with real money and you care about your profits
  6. Guys, GBPUSD catch much attention recently since all political issues has been very challenging also for financial markets. I was hoping to get here some updated information and thoughts about future currency pair moves. Anyone?
  7. First fact that new traders should be aware of is that there is large number of scammers on all financial markets. In order to avoid these promising offers is always to stick with legitimate brokers. These brokers must fully comply with local regulation and in this sense, keep your money safe
  8. Anna, you have so nicely defined it. Certainly, for experienced traders Forex can be more than just a hobby, it is becoming their profession and through this, a business. For less experienced traders Forex can be a very nice and profitable hobby
  9. Only you can save yourself from losses. I find that it is important to have trading journal where trader can get sort of reflection of his previous trades. It is good to figure out what he has done wrong in lose trades and try to avoid it next time. Again, Forex is about continuous learning
  10. Certainly trading on Forex is risky but I think that it is not riskier than trading on any other financial market. There are techniques developed with aim to limit these risks and keep them under control. It is only traders decision if he is going to apply these techniques consistently or not
  11. I find that copy or social trading can not be beneficial to any trader. In this way you are fully losing your independence as a trader. If you are newbie, hen you are losing huge chance to learn something about this market. If you choose this way, you will be always hooked on somebody’s else advises
  12. I think that you need to be able to find a good broker who can help you with execution of your trading strategy. Certainly, short term traders will seek brokers who support methods like scalping or swing trading and who is also providing low spreads, as they will impact their overall profitability
  13. High risk of trading forex really exists on this market, and it is most riskiest market for inexperienced and ignorant traders. For anybody else, there are risk management techniques that can be successfully applied
  14. It is true that you need to keep your head cool, if you want to make success on forex. On this market emotions are not welcomed at all, but only logical and rational thinking. Some situations require swift reactions, and if you start panic, then you will be off the market
  15. With hard work you can achieve anything in live. So is with forex trading. When you set yourself a goal, you will be able to achieve it only through your hard work and strong dedication to achieve your targets
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