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  3. Fear in trading is one of the states of the human psyche, the main mental problem of the trader.
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  6. Understand the risks, if possible eliminate them or reduce them, and quickly respond to price changes - all that is needed for profitable trading. Also, when trading is important, concentration and perseverance. I recommend taking nootropic drugs https://nootropicboost.com to improve memory and sleep, under stress.
  7. First of all, a demo account is an account with virtual funds and it gives an opportunity to see how earnings occur, on what principles the deals are opened.
  8. When I was a student I was advised https://nootropicboost.com/buy-best-nootropics/coluracetam/ . Nootropic drugs improve memory, increase intelligence, stimulate cognitive activity.
  9. very interesting, thank you
  10. lots of good advice