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    Black Hat SEO Techniques to Avoid1. Unrelated Keywords2. Keyword Stacking and Keyword Stuffing3. Tiny Text, Hidden Text, and Hidden Links4. Cloaking5. Doorway Pages or Gateway Pages7. Duplicate Content or Mirror Site
  2. how to avoid black hat seo?
  3. earthkind

    Are you facing a problem with your browser that continuously redirects to an uncomfortable website? Then there are chances that are your pc is affected by browser redirect virus Here are important steps to avoid this type of virus 1- Uninstall the Redirect virus from your computer. And also press the Windows Logo Button and then “R” to open the Run Command Window. Type “regedit” 2- Remove the redirect virus from chrome , firefox and ie. Open Google chrome . In the main menu of chrome select tool extension 3- Browser redirect viruses are usually caused by adware or hijacker, lurking somewhere on your computer.
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    The Best Sitemap Generators are: Writemaps Mindnode FlowMapp DYNO Mapper Mindmup Slickplan
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    www.xml-sitemaps.com is the best tool to create sitemap.
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    I will add the most important new HTML5 tags. 1. <A>: Use to create links in content. 2. <ABBR>: Works in a similar way to <dfn> and <acronym>, using a titleattribute 3. <ADDRESS>: Not commonly used. Recommend looking into micro formats, which allow for more detail and interoperability. 4. <APPLET>: The old way to insert a Java app. Use <object> instead today. 5. <AREA>: Avoid image maps where possible. Occasionally necessary. 6. <BODY>: Essential (unless you’re using frames)
  7. earthkind

    Link velocity describes the speed of link growth to a page or domain. Link velocity can be measured in new links per month or new linking root domains per month.