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  1. Hi, If your goal is to catch the big profits in the forex-trading arena you will need to trend follow forex trends which are longer term. Here is a simple method. If used correctly it will help you catch major forex trends. This will lead you to a long-term currency trading success. The methods that we will be discussing are, breakouts, confirmation and stops and targets. For More Details: Creative digital advertising company
  2. Hi, Monaco Estate focuses on high end apartment rentals in Monaco and utilizes blockchain smart contracts to allow token holders to receive a monthly profit share via Ethereum payments. Lowering risk and allowing investors to benefit from profit shares, Monaco Estate is the new blockchain startup that will be offering a cryptocurrency backed by real estate rentals in Monaco.The company will be looking to raise up to 50,000 ETH with their Monaco Estate (MEST) tokens which will be backed by real-world assets and have the benefit of offering token holders a share of the company profits every
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