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  1. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    Hi Usually we use online backlink checkers like ahref's. In this we put the URL of our competitors and fetch all backlinks.
  2. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    Usually we take help from Google Keyword Planner because its free and google affiliated tool for keywords. Many times we also use Moz's Keyword Difficulty Tool. Thank you
  3. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    Our format to make the blog SEO friendly:- Think before writing like the Title of blog and the blog topic should be unique. Correct Heading. SEO friendly blog length 1600+ words. Don't lie in the blog. Make quality content. Make points as much as you can, don't make big paragraps. You can add internal links. Select best keywords according to the blog. Use of valid and good quality images. Use good length of URL, Title and Description. Thank you.
  4. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    Ahrefs: get backlinks from here Google Search Console: seo tool SEMRush: for marketing Moz: SEO tool SpyFu: Free SEO Tools.
  5. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    This is a text file placed on your web server which tells webcrawlers like GoogleBot if they should access a file or not.
  6. Usually we do join some groups related to the business and do post on them on regular basis. Use hashtags as much as we can, but they also relates to the picture. Know more about SMM strategies you can visit our blog section. Thank you
  7. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    Organic search engine optimization is the method used to obtain a high ranking in search engine results page in unpaid, algorithm-driven results on a given search engine.
  8. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    You can use online backlink checker tools. In any tool you just put your competitor's URL and where you will get many of the backlinks.
  9. As my point of view i will give half to social media and half of other seo techniques. For SEO it is important to do ON-Page and Off- Page SEO because it helps to make backlinks of you site and rank you in search results. On Social media many of the people are active but it is not enough to targeted for an SEO approach.
  10. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something ostensibly newsworthy.
  11. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    Bounce rate is very simple. This is just a percentage of single page visit. It would be your web session. We can also say that when a person leave the website without searching anything.
  12. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    Usually we use these tools for SEO Ahrefs:- For checking backlinks. Google Webmaster:- For indexing the pages. Google adwords. Google Keyword Planner. Moz SEMRush
  13. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    This is also called as robot exclusion standard. It tells which pages on your sites are no crawl and which are crawl.
  14. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    There is no doubt, the future of digital marketing is in hands of bots. With this users can saved their long calls to customer services. Its benefit is you will immediate response on all platform without any need for installation.
  15. AniWebDesigns Pvt Ltd

    Use google tools like google keyword planner, google search console, google adwords, google keywords campaign. Do start SEO on your site and promote your business. Start blogging. You can read this blog and learn how to get traffic - https://aniwebdesigns.com/boost-your-presence-with-google-adwords-campaign/ Thanks
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