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  1. What do you think what are the latest tools for SEO in 2020?
  2. What is the major difference in blog post and guest post?
  3. An image map is a graphic image defined so that a user can click on different areas of the image and be linked to different destinations.
  4. Quality content Mobile-friendliness An optimised URL H tags Well-optimised images
  5. Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is available to anyone with a Google account.
  6. Competitive analysis is a field of strategic research that specializes in the collection and review of information about rival firms. It's an essential tactic for finding out what your competitors are doing and what kind of threat they present to your financial well-being.
  7. Googlebot is the web crawler software used by Google, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google Search engine.
  8. Do add a meta tag that identifies your site as mobile friendly Do make sure your code is valid Do invite other sites to link to you Do develop a list of keywords and write a good description for your site.
  9. Choose the most ideal target audience Choose the right social network Improve social profiles Make the right schedule Create great content in advance Create different types of content
  10. Make high quality backlinks. Write original content or high quality content. Start guest posting. PPC
  11. Hi, Make sure that all words are spelled correctly. Try different keywords. Try more general keywords. Try fewer keywords.
  12. Hi, These pages are created for the deliberate manipulation of search engine indexes. A doorway page will affect the index of a search engine by inserting results.
  13. These are some sites where you can bookmark your links:- https://www.instapaper.com/ http://www.pearltrees.com/ https://www.diigo.com/ https://www.scoop.it/ https://my.bookmax.net https://www.plurk.com http://www.stumbleupon.com/
  14. Hi, Black hat SEO is a practice against search engine guidelines, used to get a site ranking higher in search results. Black hat SEO seeks to game search engine algorithms, rather than solve for the user.
  15. Hi, There are many online back-link checker tools. You can use them in a very easy way.
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