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  1. The risk of BTC trading, in general, is quite the same way as a common trading. But if you decided to start it then I'd recommend you this crypto trading platform. As far as I use it I trust it. It has also bonuses for newcomers. So feel free to try it yourself.
  2. Borderer

    I use EML to PST Converter. This soft is very useful, easy, and noob-friendly to use. From this article you can read about problems this program solves and much other information about it. I recommend it from my personal experience.
  3. Borderer

    Here is an option that you may really like - https://papasgames.io/ . My kids love the game and I think that your daughter will like it too. And you know, it's sad that these days it's quite hard to find a proper game for your kid.
  4. I understand that there are lots of firms providing this services. But I got used to Squadex from here https://squadex.com/devops-consulting/ . They've already proven their reliability and efficiency. So that's why I even don't want to look for new consulting firms.
  5. Borderer

    I really like The Wolf of Wall Street because of Margot Robbie appearing naked. She is super hot in my opinion. And I was lucky enough to find some other naked scenes with here on nudogram.com and you guys definitely should check them out.
  6. Borderer

    I'd consider crypto gambling as an option if I were you. It's not a way to invest money actually but you can earn by doing that. It's risky but all the investments are risky so I am totally OK with the fact that I always have a chance to lose my money.
  7. Borderer

    Do you guys buy medicine from the internet? I mean, is it really safe to do that? I am quite concerned about the quality so hope that someone will help me to figure things out.
  8. USA I guess. And I am really glad that I went to Australia to get an education. Here I have enough money to order papers from https://australianwritings.com.au/pay-for-assignment-writing-in-australia/ which really makes my life easier because I don't have to spend days away to complete all the assignments.
  9. Borderer

    All the gifts I receive are from my сolleagues. But sometimes those presents are quite good actually. Last week one of managers from our department ordered nice bags with company's logo for all of us. Here is a link so you could understand what I am talking about, bags from this website are quite similar. So I use this bag every day now) And I must say that it's really important to choose only useful presents. You know, the ones that you won't throw away the other day.
  10. Borderer

    There are a lot of them actually. MOV and MPEG4 are the most common ones I think. At least they the most of video players can work with those formats. But if you have a video in a different format, that's not a problem, if you need to convert a video file, there are programs like www.movavi.com/videoconverter/ which can help you to do that.
  11. Borderer

    It's quite expensive to fly to Europe so I advise you to use Fareboom if you want to book a cheap flight. I myself travel by plane a lot and each year I save a couple of thousand dollars just by searching for cheaper flights using different online services so you really should consider this.
  12. Borderer

    I travel a lot and I'd say that it's my hobby. And if you also love traveling, I advise you to rent a car always. Next week I'll have a business trip to Orlando and I'll spend a few days there just for some sightseen. And it turned out that car rentals there are quite cheap and if you are interested, you can visit this website to find some more information .
  13. Borderer

    Turned out that it's quite hard to find a decent casino with bitcoin blackjack bonuses. And I really love blackjack, that is the only gambling game I play actually. I've been spending a lot of time spinning slots before but I got really bored and blackjack is involving enough not to annoy with monotony.
  14. For those who care about their family, I want to give a quick tip. To always know where your wife or your children are you can use this phone tracker app which is kind of a spy software which tracks the location. It works correctly so it's a nice option to use it if you need to know the location of your family members.
  15. My son plays games on https://papasgames.io/ sometimes but that's it. Well, maybe a few years later he'll start playing more serious games but now the only thing he needs from any game is simplicity. And for me it's strange why it's so hard to find a good browser arcade for children these days.
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