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    Since forex is an easy market place here traders will require some basic knowledge and skills before they start trading with real money. Now many may think how a new baby can acquire basic trading acquaintance. The answer is: start with demos and get real experience of trading with the use of artificial money. For this reason, my broker CIBfx is providing free training, professional supervision, trading courses and live education facilities along with the services of demo trading accounts.
  2. Sandro Flores Galarza

    I have chosen CIBfx, a broker that has long experience as working successfully as a bridge. It is providing me regulations, higher security of funds, diversifies trading accounts: micro, standard, executive and SWAP free trading accounts, re-quote and slippage free trade executions, expert assistance, lower spread, multilingual 24 hour customer care support along with good and flexible leverage.
  3. Sandro Flores Galarza

    Many outsiders and even new traders in the forex think that forex will require a large sum of money. Today this agenda has been broken by many brokers that are offering chances to trade with micro accounts. As a part time trader; I also have received opportunities to trade with micro investment with my broker CIBfx and its micro accounts starts with only $500 investment. It is good to work with smaller trading lots and as CIBfx is an experienced broker it is helping me a lot.