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  1. Scalping’s profitable for successful traders with the skills and facilities to do it.
  2. anna.serea

    What other ways of earning Money on forex do you use besides trading?
  3. anna.serea

    an emotion can cause someone is bankrupt when it is not in the management of.
  4. anna.serea

    I also pray hopefully my quick success in forex trading as you are.
  5. anna.serea

    the information is very useful. OK I'll check out that site.
  6. anna.serea

    so, with AAFX brokers are able to cope with risk in trading?
  7. anna.serea

    What is the AAFX broker can detect emotional when we get angry?
  8. anna.serea

    No more than a few days. All you’re doing is learning how to use the software / platform. You’re NOT trading or learning to trade.
  9. anna.serea

    AAFX Trading was offers trading in a number of currency pairs and various CFDs on the widely used MetaTrader 4 platform.
  10. anna.serea

    have you found the answer? I've heard that term.
  11. anna.serea

    I also was looking for answers from the topics you have created. hope we can get the answer.
  12. anna.serea

    What is forex will always be forever? or forex has the limit as tren?
  13. anna.serea

    If you choose a scalping as your trading method, you should choose a forex broker that have the lowest spread..
  14. anna.serea

    You can see the forex trend on higher time frame...
  15. I can make it for you with $50k..real time online booking and connect to air plane services too.
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