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  1. anna.serea

    forex becomes annoying when we lose every day.
  2. anna.serea

    thank you for sharing a very useful link.
  3. How do you overcome fear and greed during forex trading?
  4. anna.serea

    Forex trading can be difficult, it can be easy. depending on someone's understanding.
  5. anna.serea

    in my opinion, for beginner traders it is better to focus on learning.
  6. anna.serea

    Thank you friend. Your information can hopefully educate the community.
  7. anna.serea

    transactions that trade in a country's currency against another country's currency (currency pair / pair) involving the major money markets in the world for 24 hours.
  8. anna.serea

    I agree with the answers of our friends.
  9. anna.serea

    What is the trading style of a successful world trader like?
  10. thanks, a very clear and useful explanation for me.
  11. A few days ago, there was a trader friend who asked a simple question: "Actually, how much is 1 pips, how many dollars?
  12. anna.serea

    How do I choose a brokerage firm and secure it?
  13. anna.serea

    When losses start to grow, the emotions will distort our perspective on reality.
  14. Scalping’s profitable for successful traders with the skills and facilities to do it.
  15. anna.serea

    What other ways of earning Money on forex do you use besides trading?
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