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  1. anna.semera

    How many people make it success through the AAFX?
  2. There are two types of forex trading Accounts offered by AAFX Trading that is Fixed Accounts and ECN Accounts.
  3. anna.semera

    Forex as one means to make money.
  4. anna.semera

    everything need education and learning. so does forex trading.
  5. After we buy how to close a position when we felt the price was already good enough?
  6. anna.semera

    Why online forex trade is a high risk venture?
  7. anna.semera

    Have a stop loss order for every single forex day trade you make. A stop-loss is an offsetting order that gets you out of a trade if the price moves against you by an amount you specify.
  8. anna.semera

    If vitamin D is suitable for people who are often trading forex?
  9. anna.semera

    If that's the baiik for you, then pass it on. because everyone can be different opinions in deciding broker.
  10. anna.semera

    Hypnotherapy in need when traders have already started to stress facing the figures in front of his computer screen.
  11. anna.semera

    in choosing a broker, use a broker registered and regulated properly, as it is already registered in one of the regulators like CFTC/NFA, FINRA, MFSA, FCA UK, MIFID, ASIC.
  12. anna.semera

    How to shield yourself from fake broker? I will search a lot of information about that broker in Google before decide to invest my money on them.
  13. anna.semera

    Hi Anu, what type of your forex broker? STP or ECN?
  14. anna.semera

    This company only allow Indian?
  15. anna.semera

    What kind of reaction? to open a trade when news coming? it's dangerous.
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