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  1. john.brave

    I agree with you that forex will make flexible work schedule and we can enjoy our life well.
  2. This id using fake woman picture..do you believe what he say?
  3. john.brave

    So how to get red hot buyer to my online business?
  4. john.brave

    I've tried to make forex change my life, but i'm still loss..i need more practice..
  5. john.brave

    Starting from last year, the forex broker that i use launch a web trader and mt5 platform. It's make me more easy to trade anywhere.
  6. john.brave

    Sorry to say, but i don't believe someone who offering valuables goods like gold without a legal permission.
  7. john.brave

    nice info to get money from uploading some images...
  8. You can create some post with attractive images and words and spread it on others groups.
  9. john.brave

    You have another options, first you can use a profitable EA and let your profit flowing to your wallet everyday. Second, you can invest in some profitable trader and share the profits or using a PAMM account.
  10. john.brave

    I don't have any experience on stock trading. I think stock have more stringent regulation than forex.
  11. john.brave

    Hi Ross, there is called candlestick reading technique. We can identify bear or bull trend using this way. The most popular pattern was hanging man, evening star, and shooting star.
  12. john.brave

    Where are you Billy? I watched in this thread to view your GBPUSD daily analytic.