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  1. Hi Ross, your experience as same as my experience. I also trade with my forex broker for 4 years and they offering a lot promotion and daily analytical..
  2. Hi era. Yes sure, some people can make 100$ a day by using some investment..i use forex for that.
  3. Also you can learn forex basic knowledge in topgoldforum. You can go to this section:
  4. I'm a scalper trading type and lucky me my broker allow it..
  5. I don't have any idea about this. But i know a little bit about how to optmize your web SEO.
  6. All online business are virtual trader too. Including ecommerce, Facebook ads, etc.
  7. where can i get do-follow entertainment forum list?
  8. The forex competition make more stressful than real trade. We must gain a lot of profit in tight time and we must to defeat others.
  9. I'm checking my trade status between my phone and my mac. Almost all day on and rest in the midnight until morning.
  10. Hi Braxton, please explain how to determine forex trend? Please explain your simple method.
  11. Hi Rohan...Nice to meet you..I'm from US..