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  1. robert.miner

    I heard that the forex morning strategy on Monday morning always effective...
  2. robert.miner

    Can i get free trial for this indicator?
  3. robert.miner

    sound great if you can made $500 in 48 hours, but i need your proof..
  4. robert.miner

    How to avoid the forex broker cheating on my money?
  5. robert.miner

    Please explain to us what is your major changes that can manage our trading risk?
  6. robert.miner

    Never heard that name before. Is it like a HYIP investment or anything else?
  7. Safe your money in forex by using a stop loss order. Whatever others says..don't listen them..trust your own. It's your money.
  8. Hi twright, how if i only watch the videos and not share to my friends? Did i still get the money?
  9. robert.miner

    You can minimize your trading fee by using low spread broker..
  10. robert.miner

    You should contact admin to request to delete your thread.
  11. robert.miner

    You can check regulated broker in FCA website..
  12. robert.miner

    You can invest start from $1 on forex. And make some profit from that.
  13. robert.miner

    Better to trade forex by my self than with others. Except there is a clear term and condition like PAMM account.
  14. robert.miner

    Successful trading is all about how you manage your money well.
  15. robert.miner

    Put a stop loss to stop your money gone in forex. Trust me it's work..