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  1. amri.rudi

    How long have you use scalping techniques in trading?
  2. amri.rudi

    Trading CFDs, FX, and cryptocurrencies involves a high degree of risk. All providers have a percentage of retail investor accounts that lose money when trading CFDs with their company.
  3. amri.rudi

    the most beautiful place on earth could we frequent with money. where did we get the money? one of forex trading
  4. amri.rudi

    Thank you my friend. I have yet to understand because no one is teaching me right away. I would like to have someone near me to guide me.
  5. amri.rudi

    is it still relevant in this year?
  6. amri.rudi

    How long does a trader always a good thing in his life?
  7. Fraud often occurs because traders still do not understand clearly how the operating system market and broker. They tend to blame the broker will be loss. However, there was also a little problematic scam brokers out there. Therefore, the best way to start trading is to initiate an investigation against broker, open mini account, trading for some time in accordance with your experience. Then decide if the broker is worthy or not to trade and submit your money as a deposit to trade in a prolonged period of time. Money deposit You would have obtained with difficulty, You must protect the capital so as not to experience substantial losses.
  8. amri.rudi

    The forex broker that i use since 3 years ago always make me satisfied. They have fast respon if i have any question...and they offer a lot of interesting bonus too.
  9. amri.rudi

    Not only the bonus amount but how to withdraw the bonus profit too.. Not much forex broker just make a simple way to their client to withdraw the bonus profit..
  10. amri.rudi

    The youngest prime minister in the world is Sebastian Kurz with position Chancellor of Austria (since 2017). Now his age 32 years.
  11. amri.rudi

    Anyone have tried this offer?
  12. amri.rudi

    I'm starting trade in forex with 1:500 leverage. It's more comfort to me.
  13. amri.rudi


    May i know where is Amega broker regulated?
  14. How much your broker fee for deposit and withdrawal?
  15. amri.rudi

    I think it's a normal feeling if you're scary when make an investment in forex. Since forex is a high risk investment you have to very carefully when place an order.