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  1. amri.rudi

    I'm starting trade in forex with 1:500 leverage. It's more comfort to me.
  2. amri.rudi


    May i know where is Amega broker regulated?
  3. How much your broker fee for deposit and withdrawal?
  4. amri.rudi

    I think it's a normal feeling if you're scary when make an investment in forex. Since forex is a high risk investment you have to very carefully when place an order.
  5. amri.rudi

    Hi Radavan thanks for sharing this free internet marketing course..
  6. amri.rudi

    You can use fb ads to promote your fans page. Raise your daily budget and you will get more like.
  7. amri.rudi

    I agree with you but not only your broker was good..There is still many good forex broker..with low spread and low fee on deposit and withdraw.
  8. amri.rudi

    Your destination URL can include up to 1024 characters.
  9. amri.rudi

    I have bought some ripple on January 2018 and now they fall. What must i do?
  10. amri.rudi

    Hi darwin, if one day only max 8 click, so 8 x $0.005 = $0.04/day. And i need 50 day to cashout for $2?? lol..
  11. amri.rudi

    my forex trading tips is just far away from froex if you not ready to lose money.