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  1. lal.remigiusz

    I agree, because the forex Broker will arrange for any individual trader can join the trading on forex.
  2. lal.remigiusz

    Maroon Bells, USA. Located only about 10 miles from Aspen, Colorado, the Maroon Bells are two 14,000-foot peaks in the Elk Mountains
  3. in my opinion, we could from anywhere to search for science of forex.
  4. lal.remigiusz

    AAAFX known as FX-the most suitable Broker create Zulutrade FX compared to other brokers, because here the SLIPPAGE is very low, so the price signal is copied from the signal provider will equal your acc.
  5. lal.remigiusz

    What is the meaning of to much trading? is there a number of times in terms of trading?
  6. lal.remigiusz

    I agree with your opinion. not just in the forex, the field of any kind should be accompanied and knowledge.
  7. lal.remigiusz

    is there a relationship with forex trading?
  8. lal.remigiusz

    Kuwait Dinar is the highest world currency against US Dollar.
  9. lal.remigiusz

    Forex can be a very good investment compared to stocks. The advantage of aforex investment is that the trader is using leverage.
  10. lal.remigiusz

    is it the way it is useful for everyone? or useful to certain people.
  11. lal.remigiusz

    When is the right time to over confidence? and what should not be over confidence?
  12. lal.remigiusz

    Thank you, yes it is very correct. due to the existence of clear and correct information, can guide a newbie trader.
  13. I think whatever the features of the apps must have some value for people or users.
  14. lal.remigiusz

    Hi @Brendan Hill how much minimum deposit on ForexChief?
  15. lal.remigiusz

    How your broker give their client a lot of support?
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