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  1. oliver1007

    In forex, investors use leverage to profit from the fluctuations in exchange rates between two different countries. The leverage that is achievable in the forex market is one of the highest that investors can obtain.
  2. oliver1007

    When you are making an entry, you should be positive about the upwards trend that will allow you to gain feasible profit.
  3. oliver1007

    Just making friends and connections and learning how to make money from forex.
  4. oliver1007

    a trader must remain calm in any condition. because a clear mind will lead us to success.
  5. oliver1007

    Perhaps what has been in the pass by your broker, not you understand completely. just look back to the Guide.
  6. oliver1007

    People hope that forex market will give them a good profit. But not much trader can do that...
  7. oliver1007

    I'm choosing regulated and transparent forex broker...
  8. oliver1007

    Hi @The Mad Max when is your first day of trading?
  9. oliver1007

    My favourite forex trading lesson by private forex mentor...
  10. oliver1007

    How many trader has joined on PrivateFX?
  11. oliver1007

    Hi Brendan, the broker that i use offering up to 1:2.000 leverage for their client account. You can trade with the lowest money...even $1.
  12. oliver1007

    Is there any new promotion from startfx?
  13. oliver1007

    You can read others review about that hyip program. Or you can try it by your self.
  14. oliver1007

    So what is your plan to make money quickly?
  15. oliver1007

    After you make a video ads, you can start to promote using facebook ads or google ads..