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  1. oliver1007

    let's have a discussion for the progress of forex.
  2. oliver1007

    so how do you avoid loss and avoid risk?
  3. no, forex doesn't give me 100% satisfaction in financial.
  4. oliver1007

    my opinion is that if I experience it, I will stop and look for another business.
  5. oliver1007

    the software you are talking about seems interesting to try.
  6. oliver1007

    I don't know about hedging. is it a kind of software or hardware?
  7. thank you forex metal, you have provided forex knowledge clearly.
  8. oliver1007

    so, which one is better?
  9. oliver1007

    thank you for the link you have shared. very helpful.
  10. oliver1007

    this is news that really surprised me. then how after that?
  11. oliver1007

    Gold is the perfect way to hedge against risk, not resistant to natural, financial or political disasters.
  12. oliver1007

    Thank you already introduced on AAFX.
  13. oliver1007

    Use the brokerage firm which provides fluctuating price spreads follow movements in the actual money market (not Fix Spread).
  14. oliver1007

    Why Use Social Media Platforms For SEO?
  15. oliver1007

    I agree with your opinion, because the value of world currencies fluctuate to follow the development of the world.
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