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  1. I am motivated by stories of someone else's success. Therefore, I try every day to sit stories of the formation of well-known brands. Now I read the history of automobile brands. I found a good site with such information, it even says about how the logo of cars was created.
  2. Perhaps the problem is that you offer the reader uninteresting content for him. Create polls to find out what exactly interests your site visitors. And I also recommend to look at the appearance of the site. Create a quality, memorable logo, such as the Alpina logo. Read the story of creating Alpina logo. I hope this helps you!
  3. Companies, that know how to develop and earn money, have realized, that the logo plays a key role in brand promoting. That's why the world-famous companies are very serious about the development of the logo. By the way, the stories of their creation are always very interesting. Most of all I like the Zundapp logo story. I always recommend to read it to all my marketing specialists.
  4. A good logo is half the company's success. I do not agree with those people, who consider the development of the logo a waste of time. As the experience of companies with a worldwide reputation shows, a quality and memorable logo will make your brand recognizable. Accordingly, the number of customers of the company will increase. The perfect example of a well-chosen logo is the Janus logo. The history of its creation inspires many people to create their own masterpiece logo.
  5. I hope that in the future we will see only a high-quality, interesting content, and SEO Planer will help us
  6. Thanks for the information provided. everything is detailed and very accurate! I definitely use my knowledge to promote my blog