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  1. The US Securities and Exchange Commission may tighten control over crypto projects The chairman of the SEC, Gary Gensler, is concerned about the reluctance of cryptocurrency platforms to cooperate with regulators. The official hopes that in the near future companies will begin to build effective interaction with local authorities. Gensler said that compliance with US laws by crypto projects means a lot to clients of such firms. And only thanks to the control of regulators over the platforms, their investors will be able to feel protected by analogy with the protection of the interests of security holders. “I’ve asked the SEC staff to look at every way to get these platforms inside the investor protection. If the trading platforms don’t come into the regulated space, it’d be another year of the public being vulnerable,” Gensler said. The head of FINRA, Robert Cook, said that the organization plans to consider a possible tightening of the conditions for the sale of digital currencies. The structure that controls the brokerage will focus on advertising services in the field of crypto assets and data disclosure. FINRA will not make sweeping changes to the rules, but plans to issue notices. They will talk about the existing norms and how they should be developed for the high-quality protection of the interests of investors. In the field of cryptocurrencies, FINRA is ready to consider additional criteria for situations related to the purchase of unregulated products, in particular digital assets. "We're not going to fundamentally change the current rules or regulatory structure - that's what the SEC and other federal agencies are doing," Cook said. “However, our partners are investing significant amounts in new cryptocurrencies with high volatility. The new rules will help us keep investors safe.” What do you think of the regulators' initiatives? How will this affect market participants in the future?
  2. Fidelity Digital Assets: the authorities of the states opposing the main cryptocurrency will be forced to invest in BTC in the future Governments in countries that do not currently believe in the value of bitcoin will have to consider buying BTC as an insurance tool in the future. This conclusion was voiced in Fidelity Digital Assets. According to the analysts, this year an active period of adoption of the first digital currency by various states will begin. Over the past two years, institutionals have begun to develop a new type of asset. The experts compared the sanctions of the Chinese authorities on cryptocurrencies and the approval of bitcoin by El Salvador as a legitimate payment instrument. “Time will certainly show which way is more successful,” the experts noted. Fidelity experts do not believe in the option of a direct ban on bitcoin by most states, since in this case they will “lose a significant part of their wealth and opportunities.” Analysts are confident that other countries will follow the example of El Salvador. “Very high-stakes game theory comes into play here – if adoption increases, countries that receive bitcoin today will be in a better competitive position than those who delay. In other words, small costs can be paid today as a hedge against potentially much larger costs in the future,” the experts explained. Specialists of the investment company Invesco also spoke about the main crypto coin. The fall of the BTC rate from the historical maximum of $69,000 to $42,000 is considered by them to be “deflation of the cryptocurrency bubble”. The experts have suggested that the price of bitcoin may continue to decline. The company announced this in the list of "incredible, but possible" results of the current year. We are talking about events that, according to Invesco analysts, should come true by at least 30%. The drop to $42,000 earlier this year is absolutely in line with the bubble pattern, experts say. The trajectory suggests that bitcoin will lose about 45% of the price within 12 months after the peak period. “The pattern also suggests that the bubbles typically deflate over the next two years. Therefore, we think it is not too difficult to imagine Bitcoin falling below $30,000 this year,” the experts said. Whether the forecast of Invesco analysts will come true, we will find out very soon.
  3. Will the main crypto coin reach $75,000 by the end of this year? The head of the SEBA crypto bank, Guido Buehler, announced a forecast according to which the price of bitcoin will rise to $75,000 by the end of 2022. He made such a statement during the Crypto Finance event, which took place in Switzerland. “Our internal valuation models point to a price between $50,000 and $75,000. I am quite sure that we will see this level,” the expert noted. According to Buehler, institutional investors can influence the growth in the value of the first cryptocurrency, the only question is timing. In addition, he stated that BTC volatility will be high, but the digital asset may reach new all-time highs this year. Earlier, the bitcoin rate rose to $44,500. Analysts attribute this to the data of the US Department of Labor, which reported a record increase over the past four decades (7%) in consumer inflation in the last month of last year. According to Coinmarketcap on January 16, BTC was worth about $42,800. According to Alfacash CEO Nikita Soshnikov, there is a strong possibility that next week crypto market players will see a moderately bullish mood. The crypto expert believes this trend will help keep the price of BTC above $42,000. However, the cost of bitcoin will not rise above $46,000, since the coin lacks fundamental indicators for such growth. “The most likely scenario is that bitcoin will continue to fluctuate in the range of $42,000-46,000,” Soshnikov predicted. He believes that the next wave of volatility in the cryptocurrency market may occur in mid-March. It is then that the US should raise the key rate. The head of Alfacash said that at first the cost of the first digital currency could drop sharply, but then BTC has every chance for a quick recovery and growth. And Andrey Podolyan, CEO of Cryptorg, is sure that the resistance level is at $45,700-46,000. According to his forecast, it is unlikely that BTC will be able to break through this level in the next week. Which expert do you agree with?
  4. Crypto enthusiast voiced two scenarios for the development of the digital currency industry Well-known American stand-up and TV host Joe Rogan believes in digital currencies and thinks that in the future, each company will start issuing its own non-fungible tokens. Together with fellow podcaster Adam Curry, he discussed the state of the cryptocurrency market. "Either the cryptocurrency industry will completely disintegrate, or it will give people a real chance to fix their financial situation and improve their lives," - Joe Rogan voiced two possible scenarios for the development of the industry. Curry noted that today many of the users do not want to become part of the existing system, so they are creating alternative ecosystems. The podcaster talked about investing in bitcoin, adding that he "jumped on the train", since it is BTC that is able to guarantee the safety of his assets. Adam Curry believes that the monetary system is ineffective, which leads to poverty and war, inflation occurs, since money is associated with oil. Joe Rogan suggested that in the future, companies will create their own collectible tokens for customers to use to buy products. “Apple can easily release NFTs through which users will buy products. This can be called an alternative version of the shares,” said the TV presenter. But Curry did not agree with Rogan's opinion, as he believes that large companies and authorities will focus on introducing digital assets from regulators. All citizens will start digital wallets, which will be a direct link between users and the Fed, and the demand for familiar banking services will disappear, the podcaster is convinced. Billionaire and entrepreneur Bill Miller recently spoke about digital assets. He talked about what prompted him to invest in MicroStrategy bonds. The billionaire's company Miller Value Partners has invested more than $1 billion in the main cryptocurrency. According to the entrepreneur, "there is no other asset with the same growth potential and liquidity." "Bitcoin is still a new and underdeveloped asset with a huge potential market, and it has a great, logical protocol with distributed governance," said the businessman. Miller doesn't believe regulators are planning to ban BTC. He recalled that the main crypto-coin has existed for about 12 years and shows itself perfectly without the intervention of the authorities. In addition, the billionaire noted that regulators in the United States have become more positive towards Bitcoin, prompting large investors to invest in the crypto asset. “Bitcoin is performing much better than just an asset for storing wealth. When the volatility of BTC approaches the volatility of government bonds, then the bitcoin rate will be much higher, the capitalization will be huge, and the profit will be insignificant. I think when it comes to that, bitcoin will become more often used for exchange,” said Bill Miller. Do you agree with the American billionaire?
  5. Opinion: crypto industry can reach stock market scale In the future, the cryptocurrency industry may reach stock market volumes due to the increasing investor interest in digital assets. This opinion was expressed by the Governor of the Bank of Korea Lee Joo Yeol. Many believe that the main cryptocurrency is a hedging asset that can "save" their savings, and bitcoin supporters are confident that BTC can replace gold. A representative of the Korean regulator pointed out that digital currencies have already gained popularity as investment instruments. “I cannot yet say that digital assets are better than gold, but if the global cash flow continues to move towards NFTs and cryptocurrencies, it is likely that this industry will grow to the scale of the stock market,” said Ju Yeol. And the head of the NH All100 consulting center Kim Hee Jong believes that digital assets are not yet included in the investment portfolios of clients due to high volatility, and local financial institutions do not risk working with them due to the tough position of the authorities. However, the number of people willing to invest in crypto assets has increased significantly. According to Hee Jong, today not only young people, but also older clients are interested in investing in digital currencies. Meanwhile, the beginning of 2022 was marked by a serious drop in the cryptocurrency market. Over the week, the price of BTC has dropped by almost 12%. Other popular digital assets fell 22%, hitting multi-month lows. Experts note the growth of volatility in the crypto market at the beginning of 2022 against the background of the absence of a significant number of investors. As the leading strategist of EXANTE, Janis Kivkulis, noted, a drop in trading volumes was recorded on many crypto platforms. According to him, part of the positions that were betting on the growth of digital assets were closed, and some of the investors liquidated them in the wake of panic. The recent unrest in Kazakhstan, which is one of the mining centers, has also become a negative factor for the cryptocurrency industry. Currently, the Internet is unstable on the territory, and banks are working with restrictions. However, experts predict that along with the stabilization of the political situation, the miners of Kazakhstan will resume work in the previous mode. Another prerequisite for the fall of cryptocurrencies was the Fed's position on tightening monetary policy. In the first week of January, a document was published, from which it can be concluded that the regulator is leaning towards a rapid increase in the interest rate and a decrease in the volume of assets on the balance sheet. This, experts believe, was the reason for the outflow of funds from risky assets. The NASDAQ Composite index fell by 4.5% in 7 days, and the value of BTC followed the securities of large IT companies, said the head of Binance in Eastern Europe Gleb Kostarev. Analysts believe that the decline will continue in the future. However, they do not exclude the market recovery by the middle of this year, including due to the continuing interest of institutions. How do you think the digital asset market will behave in the near future?
  6. Financial expert spoke about the reasons for the fall in the BTC price Former manager of hedge fund Goldman Sachs Raul Pal commented on the likely prerequisites for a decline in the price of the main cryptocurrency. In November of this year, the crypto coin surpassed the $68,000 mark, but now bitcoin is trading at about $46,000. The CEO of Real Vision TV believes that this is due to the profit taking by large investors. According to Pal, the process has already been completed, so one should not expect a serious decline in the BTC rate. “It looks like they finished. Last week the market was quite volatile, as it always happens when the reporting period ends and everyone knocked out their balances,” the expert noted. Raoul Pal also pointed out that sales in Asia may still continue, but a fairly large-scale rise in the crypto market is expected early next year. The reason lies in the inflow of capital from institutional investors, which will again be transferred to digital currencies. Former manager of hedge fund Goldman Sachs expects large investors to take an increased focus on cryptocurrencies in 2022 due to the active adoption of digital assets. Noel Acheson of Genesis Trading agreed with Raoul Pal. She noted the significant involvement of institutional investors in the crypto industry. “The growth in interest from institutions over the past year has been impressive and we see strong signs that the trend will continue next year. They will invest both directly and in companies dealing with infrastructure in the cryptocurrency market,” she said. In October of this year, JPMorgan analysts announced the reasons why the first cryptocurrency rose by more than 35%. The report for clients said that a key prerequisite for the rise in bitcoin price was the increased demand for it from institutions.
  7. We have great news for users from other countries! We have added to our monitor BestChange.com new exchange directions — transfers to bank cards Visa and MasterCard in the following currencies: Norwegian krona (NOK), Hungarian forint (HUF), Czech krona (CZK), Bulgarian lev (BGN), Canadian dollar (CAD). Now our users from a large number of countries have an opportunity to use all advantages of the monitor for their comfort and saving funds. If you do not see new exchange directions, just open up the full list — to do it, simply click on the large grey arrow button at the bottom of the list. Here you go! The monitor BestChange.com is always at your service. We wish you smooth and profitable exchanges!
  8. Trump continues to view bitcoin as a threat to the American and global economy Former US President Donald Trump is still confident that bitcoin has the potential to destroy the global economy. At the same time, the billionaire supported the initiative of his wife Melania to launch a cryptocurrency project. She previously launched a Solana-based NFT marketplace, as well as her own collection of non-fungible tokens. In a recent interview, Trump noted that he has never been a fan of digital assets. In his opinion, cryptocurrencies can harm both the American and international financial systems. At the same time, the businessman refrained from detailed explanations why he considers investments in these assets dangerous. “I think the currency should be the dollar, so I was never a big fan but it's building up bigger and bigger and nobody's doing anything about it. I want a currency called the dollar, I don't want to have all of these others, ”he said. During his presidency, Trump stated several times that the United States needs to be careful with digital currencies, especially BTC, since the main mining facilities are located in China. The ex-politician argued that bitcoin should not be used as a payment instrument because of the volatility of this asset, and "its value is taken straight out of thin air." Meanwhile, the CEO of Microstrategy Michael Sailor does not believe that the first crypto-coin can compete with the US dollar. In his opinion, bitcoin is a global reserve asset, and the US dollar is the world currency. The entrepreneur predicted that in the future, BTC will be the best option for protecting against inflation. “There will be volatility, but it seems to me that there is now a general recognition that the world needs an inflationary hedge. If you have bitcoin, don't sell it,” advised the CEO of Microstrategy. According to Sailor, he has over 17,000 bitcoins in his account. Their total value is approximately $860 million. The CEO of Microstrategy, according to his own words, has never sold his personal savings in the form of BTC. Do you think Michael Saylor's strategy is correct?
  9. Opinion: Half of real estate transactions will use digital assets According to the renowned real estate agent Ryan Serhant, over the next 5 years, cryptocurrencies will be used in about half of real estate transactions. The TV host for Million Dollar Listing New York said 2021 is likely to see a surge in virtual real estate activity. Companies and individuals are ready to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in ethereum and other digital coins in order to “stake out” the right to objects. Some people prefer to pay with cryptocurrencies when buying real estate in the real world. "I think we're in a very unique point in time. We'll end up doing, in New York alone, maybe one or two deals this month that are wallet to wallet. And then six or seven deals this month using an intermediary like BitPay,” said Serhant. The stellar real estate agent believes lending institutions should add cryptoassets to their product line. This will simplify the mortgage lending procedure. “Right now, if I go to an institutional lender, and I want to go get a loan on a home and use their financing, and if I say all my assets are in a mixture of Solana, Ethereum, and Bitcoin, the bank's gonna say, 'Yeah, that's too risky, too volatile, we can't really lend on that, or we'll lend on 25% of it or something,'" added Serhant. According to him, while realtors are deprived of the opportunity to freely sell real estate to any user who has a BTC wallet. The authorities are monitoring compliance with the KYC rules and procedures, which are adopted in order to prevent offenders and members of the US sanctions list from buying real estate in the United States using crypto coins. “I'm definitely an advocate of safe money. But at the same time, if being able to purchase your cryptocurrency makes purchasing things like homes and everything else, faster, easier, amongst many other reasons, that goes a long way, ”summed up Serhant. It is now legal to buy real estate with digital assets in Switzerland, Singapore, Indonesia and the United States. Such transactions are absolutely legal, provided that the legislation of the state on whose territory the real estate is located is observed. For example, in the United States, the settlement of a transaction is controlled by a notary through an escrow account. He also opens an account at a local crypto exchange, where the buyer transfers funds in the equivalent of the purchase price in US dollars. The seller can receive money only after the transfer of ownership of the object to the buyer. At the same time, in the United States, the buyer is required to provide proof of the legal origin of the funds. Do you think cryptocurrencies will be able to revolutionize the real estate world and become a full-fledged means of settlement for such transactions?
  10. What are the development prospects for the Solana project? Solana Project: Present and Future. Solana is a crypto coin, which is in 5th place in terms of market capitalization. Following a recent DDoS attack, it has emerged as the leader in network development charts. According to Santiment, SOL has become the leading blockchain in the last month. From November 12 to December 13, Solana's daily GitHub requests rose to 90, overtaking Polkadot with 76 and Cardano with 65. On December 9th, Solana's network slowed down significantly due to a DDoS attack. The developers managed to mitigate the impact without shutting down the network. However, the community was seriously alarmed by the vulnerability of the Solana blockchain. “Solana is ready to take on a DDoS attack again. This attack took advantage of the fundamental design flaws that SOL is responsible for as it sacrifices decentralization and safety for speed, ignoring the consequences of this compromise with Proof of Historу & Turbine», - said the founder CyberCapital Justin Bons. Despite the concerns of the cryptocurrency industry participants about the security of the Solana blockchain, it is one of the most actively growing smart contract networks this year. The network is increasingly being chosen by projects in the field of non-financial tokens and decentralized financing. For example, Twitch founder Justin Kahn is launching Fractal, an NFT marketplace based on the Solana blockchain. The company has already agreed with gaming studios, which are ready to provide their own non-fungible tokens on the marketplace. Fractal users will be able to purchase assets both directly from platform partners and create their own NFTs. Justin Kahn claims to launch the first NFT marketplace focused on NFT in the gaming industry. "The transition to in-game assets, which are NFTs on the blockchain, will open up real ownership and new levels of interaction in games for players," said the founder of the project. Due to its growing popularity among users, Solana is often compared to Ethereum. Some members of the crypto community consider the crypto coin to be an "ETH killer". But will the project be able to guarantee the safety of its users in the future? Will SOL hold its position as one of the most popular crypto coins in the long run?
  11. Will metaverse altcoins go mega popular in 2022? Analyst Nicholas Merten believes that the most attractive tokens in 2022 will be altcoins from the realm of the metaverse. The expert pointed to the Metaverse Index, which has shown higher returns in recent months than ETH. According to the analyst, investing in the Metaverse Index is a great way to reach the entire metaverse realm. “We’ve seen here that overall, the metaverse is one of the few key sectors that’s actually continuously, over the past couple months or really the last second half of the year, outpacing Ethereum. That’s the kind of stuff that I want to look for as an investor. That’s the kind of stuff I want to buy into on a discount, and we can see that every time we get nice pullbacks here, we build the base, we start moving higher,” said the trader. As of December 13, the MVI token is at $234. In addition, its market capitalization reached $47 million, according to CoinGecko. For 3 months the price of MVI has grown by almost 170%. Merten is also confident that high profits next year can be guaranteed by DeFi and NFT. Earlier, another analyst Austin Arnold voiced his opinion on the most promising tokens from the metaverse sphere. He believes that GAIA, THETA and ATLAS will be able to demonstrate significant growth in the near future. The popularity of the fantasy game Gaia Everworld is increasing, the trader noted. Arnold pointed out that Gaia Everworld is supported by, for example, AU21 Capital, Bullperks, EnjinStarter, Polygon. And the Theta Network project, according to the analyst, is becoming an important infrastructure for the creation of the metaverse. Star Atlas continues to grow rapidly, says Arnold. Previously, it exceeded the 100 thousand mark. The trader regards this as a huge achievement for a startup. Do you think the metaverse altcoin sector is a promising investment? What is the future for it in 2022?
  12. DOGE: unique story of the appearance and Elon Musk’s attention How dogecoin transformed from a joke meme to one of the popular crypto assets December 8, 2013 is considered the launch day of one of the most controversial and attention-grabbing crypto coins community. Dogecoin is a prime example of how a meme, a joke, turned into an investment asset. Programmer Billy Marcus did not conceive of DOGE as a serious project. According to him, it took the programmer about three hours to make a parody of the rapidly growing digital currencies. A meme popular in 2013 was chosen as the symbol of Dogecoin - a Shiba Inu dog named Kabosu with funny facial expressions. The slogan of the new crypto-coin was the phrase: "the digital currency preferred by the Shiba Inu around the world." Technically, DOGE is also very simple - unlike BTC or ETH, which are well-developed infrastructure and have serious functionality. However, after some retailers, medical and sports companies began to accept the meme cryptocurrency, it acquired the features of a real means of payment. Analysts believe that the development of the Dogecoin project is based on the popularity of the token among celebrities on social networks. One of them is Elon Musk, who has mentioned DOGE more than once. In October of this year, the businessman wrote on Twitter that he supports the coin, as he considers it to be a "people's cryptocurrency." The entrepreneur, according to him, before supporting the token, spoke with Tesla and SpaceX employees, and many of them turned out to be the owners of Dogecoin. Trader Justin Bennett also expressed the opinion that the value of the token could grow by more than 1000%. “DOGE does what it does best. The last two breakouts have resulted in gains of 1000% or more. The latest round of consolidation lasted 3 times longer than the period leading up to the April 1,200 percent breakout,” Bennett said. Another feature of DOGE is its high volatility, which attracts investors who are ready for the risk and instant market reversals. The spirit of adventurism, rebellion against the conservative financial system, and the meme subculture also influence the popularity of the token. As of the beginning of this December, the price of the meme cryptocurrency has dropped by almost 19% over the past week, reaching $0.17. Due to the volatility, DOGE was ranked 11th among the most popular tokens. However, this situation does not scare those players in the community. Dogecoin has every chance of breaking its own price records in 2022.
  13. Cryptocurrency market is in the red after a major investor's reduction of positions in bitcoins by $500 million Last weekend, an unnamed trading company liquidated its positions in BTC worth $0.5 billion. The media note that this was a prerequisite for "aggressive" liquidations in the crypto derivatives market for $1.3 billion in a fork from $42,000 to $51,000. “Everyone has had a good year, and with this player coming from traditional finance, they have their eye on the macro environment which currently looks shaky,” explained Aya Kantorovich, CEO of bitcoin exchange FalconX. At the same time, the expert believes that the interest of investors in the market with a focus on the long term remains. Another piece of news that turned out to be negative for all players in the digital asset market was the attack on BitMart. Representatives of the company announced the hacking of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain hot crypto wallets. “We have identified a massive security breach involving one of the hot ETH wallets and one of the hot BSC wallets. We are currently trying to identify possible hacking methods. Hackers managed to withdraw assets worth about $150 million "- wrote the CEO of the exchange Sheldon Xia. According to him, the attack became possible due to the theft of the private key, as a result of which both wallets were compromised. The rest of the assets on the exchange are safe. Xia announced the company's readiness to compensate for the losses suffered by the clients of the platform. BitMart also promised that users will gradually be able to deposit and withdraw their crypto assets from December 7. As of December 6, according to Coinmarketcap, the price of bitcoin is around $47,000. However, the market decline does not prevent some analysts from voicing positive forecasts for the market movement. Trader Michael van de Poppe expects bitcoin to hit $69,000 by the end of this year. The analyst is confident that BTC continues to move in a bullish trend, despite the recent decline. Do you think the trader's forecast will come true? And when can we expect a recovery in the cryptocurrency market?
  14. Glassnode does not believe in the correction continuation of bitcoin Experts at Glassnode consider it unlikely that the November correction of the first cryptocurrency will continue, given the significant share of "profitable" coins and the balanced market position of crypto derivatives. The most serious pullback in 2021 was recorded in May-July, when the price of BTC fell by 54% from the maximum. In September, the decline was 37%. The amount of open positions on BTC options during the last two months of autumn varied in the $12 billion - $14 billion fork before falling to $10 billion after expiration at the end of November. The experts pointed out that the funding rates for perpetual contracts indicate a certain superiority of long positions. This level declined along with the fall in value, which indicates more cautious traders' sentiments. Along with the correction, the number of open shorts could have increased, which, against the background of high leverage, does not cancel the cancellation of positions in both directions. In addition, experts pointed to the dominance of CME in the BTC futures market. With reference to open interest, the exchange's market share increased from 10% in September to the current 19.3%. Glassnode analysts recently concluded that long-term investors have adjusted the outflow of funds from their wallets and are accumulating BTC. Experts argued that the stocks of bitcoins with such investors have reached a multi-year high. Earlier, the CEO of SkyBridge Capital Anthony Scaramucci considered the latest correction of the main cryptocurrency "an opportunity to buy." He expressed the view that digital currencies have significant potential for further growth. Do you think now is a good time to buy bitcoin?
  15. How the hamster and chimpanzee got luckier than professional traders The investment world is full of legends and unusual stories. Some of the most interesting cases are the precedents associated with investments in cryptocurrencies and securities by ... animals. For example, the hamster Mr Goxx (the real name of the hamster is Max) was able to make money on digital assets. Its owner designed a special cage with tunnels and a wheel that was connected to special sensors. Firstly, the animal spun the wheel, using a random selection, the system stopped at one of 30 crypto coins. When Mr Goxx found himself in the right tunnel, the currency was sold, but if he ran to the left, the tokens were bought in the amount of 20 euros. Since June 12, the hamster has increased its portfolio by 98.2 euros, which is 25% of the starting investment of 390 euros. However, yesterday the owner of the hamster posted on Reddit that Mr Goxx died last Monday. “Mr. Goxx has brought joy to people all across the globe and reminded us not to take life too seriously. He shed light into dark moments of pandemic, inflation and many kinds of trouble. Thank you and rest in peace, Max. You will be missed, and your memory will live forever on the blockchain,” wrote the owner of the animal. Another unusual case was the appearance on the stock market of a six-year chimpanzee named Raven. Almost 20 years ago, he managed to collect a portfolio of stocks, just throwing a ball at the target. Despite the seeming absurdity of this approach, the profitability of the shares of the IT companies selected by the monkey amounted to 365.4%. Raven has overtaken 10 thousand American funds and became the most successful chimpanzee on Wall Street according to the Guinness Book of Records. “As Raven did not have prior knowledge of how any particular Internet related companies have been performing, we took his ten picks and dated the prices back to the beginning of the year to provide easier year-to-date comparisons with the more traditional market indexes such as Standard & Poor's 500," stated Roland Perry, editor of Internet Stock Review. In the long run, however, the chimpanzee went bankrupt. Today, securities chosen by the animal are worth nothing. Do you think this is an accident, artificial hype or a pattern? Why do animals manage to outplay professional traders?

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