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  1. Babaha

    Grondo, contests are also a sign of a scam broker! A real broker who has real quotes does not offer you bonuses, contests, and so on. It's scams! And you are most likely their employee.
  2. Babaha

    Some clients of LiteForex report that this office does not show them their money. Also, many clients write that LiteForex is blocking out money for more than 14 days. But why are people's money blocked?
  3. Babaha

    Broker IFC Markets interferes in the process of filing the quotations for a trader. This means that the broker can manage your quotes and manipulate them. When you open a deal, it does not go directly to the stock exchange, it is not clear at all whether your deals are on the stock exchange. With a high probability, the broker is a scam.
  4. Babaha

    I saw that this broker is being discussed on several websites. What is there to talk about? olymp trade is a scam! Everybody knows that the binary options are a fraud! The purpose of the binary option broker is to take your money away! Everything that is disscusted in this thred looks very suspicious. Some people showed screenshots, bur theese people can be employees of the company, I recommend to look at them better. olymptrade.com is a scam!
  5. Hello. I have read forums for a long time, but I have never written on them myself. Sometimes I noticed on forums that people try to deceive other people. If I see this again - I will tell you)
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