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  1. Garpolen

    Pixie, it is very true that nothing comes easy on this market. However, some traders prefer scalping because they have trading skills which can bring them profits based on their trading method. This method is eventually not suitable for everyone, however, for some traders is quite profitable
  2. Garpolen

    I agree that one for the success factors is to know when and how to use leverage. It might be a bit difficult for beginners to understand these factors in the beginning of their trading, this is why I am always advising them to use smallest possible leverage when they are certain in their strategy
  3. Garpolen

    I find that this is great idea and very useful material for every trader. Thank you for putting your effort to write this material. Certainly new traders have a lot to learn about this market. One of the major things is also know-how to choose the right broker for them and to avoid to be scammed
  4. Well, I think that it is very easy to make a summary of tips to pay attention to in order to make success with your business. However, in practice that means a lot of time spent on research, thinking, brainstorming, discussing. And it all needs to be done continuously
  5. Garpolen

    I have seen on the internet that some people are selling forex trading classes for substantial amount of money. I was amazed. There is large number of very good and free online courses, so newbies should not spend their money on such learning materials. Everything that they need will find on the net
  6. Garpolen

    Certainly, focus of new traders should be on learning basics of trading on Forex market. It is true that initial focus should not be on profits, but on developing strategy that can generate green pips.
  7. Garpolen

    That’s true that you can set orders according to time. I didn't even notice that before. It's very convenient if you need to open an order, for example, at night, when you don't have an opportunity to sit by your computer. Now you can trade while Tokyo's opening:) Unfortunately, you can't do it on MT4.
  8. Garpolen

    There is no randomness in forex market. Based on market psychological aspects as well as demand for currency, chart patterns are formed. Traders use these patterns in order to perceive next market move and exploit them to their own benefit
  9. Certainly, sitting entire day in front of computer is not at all healthy thing to do. This is why keeping balance in life is important also for traders. They need to find time to do sports and any sort of relaxation in order to stay healthy and to keep brain sharp and alerted for trading
  10. Garpolen

    I think that good approach to find a good broker is to search within legitimate and officially registered brokers on the market. Terms and conditions of service should be on a second place
  11. Garpolen

    It is true that one of the requirements for all brokers is to have legal information on their website, so that all people can see these details. However, more important information about broker can be found in terms and conditions of service
  12. Garpolen

    I would certainly agree that copy trade or copy-strategy is not good approach to Forex market. Traders should be able to have enough knowledge and skills to choose their own trading method and develop strategy around it
  13. Garpolen

    Anna, I find it correct. If somebody does not have previous knowledge about this market, he or she will enter it like a blindfolded person and naturally, increase significantly chances of making a loss. It would be better to make this step on demo account first.
  14. I find it as a good idea to have one guide for crypto market. Everybody is speaking about it, but I think that there are not so many people who understand fully concept of Blockchain technology and crypto currencies related to it
  15. Garpolen

    It is not easy to write a top-quality essay. You need to have an open mind to counter with the complexities of writing a top quality essay. There is no need to get wary of this. You need to practice a lot. If you are struggling, then you can take help from the freelancers. They will surely help you.
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