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  1. Gold is not bitcoin. The latter is definitely not suitable for long-term storage. The current nature of bitcoin is rather reciprocating, but it's been returning to the last year peaks for quite a long time. Hope it's not gonna collapse taken the crisis situation.
  2. Certainly Tradesprint, I would fully agree with you. However, in order to reach point where you can make trades, you need to go through process of learning the basics of Forex trading. In second stage, you will be able to learn from your mistakes. Would you agree?
  3. Also it is necessary to add commissions on orders to the possible losses. FO withdraws a commission from each order, as well as exchanges. This is even more confusing.
  4. Garpolen


    I also dont think that legal broker can be a scammer. Good practice is that they keep your money in separate account from their company’s account. What actually had happen on few occasions in the past is that brokers were broke, so traders had to wait for their money to be withdrawn
  5. Demo accounts provided by broker are for free. Also you dont need to deposit any funds on it,as you will eventually trade with virtual money which would be assigned to your account.This is perfect opportunity for all beginners to learn about Forex trading and prepare themselves good for real account
  6. Parameters are changed using the pencil icon. Icon to the left of the cross. The size of the histogram, unfortunately, does not increase.
  7. I did not have long positions. I don't know. Are you saying that a swap is able to take all the potential profit?
  8. I don't understand why dwell on shares? 40% of the Apple shares do not go in any comparison with bitcoin, which by the way has grown more than three times over the same time.
  9. Pixie, I would not be so hard on traders, as not all traders will be able to blow their account. If you are reacting on time and with first lose deal you make retrospective of things you have done wrong, you will be able slowly to build a path to necessary experience needed to make profits
  10. I dont think that new traders should be focused on idea of changing their life in any manner. They should be focused on learning, practicing and gaining experience on this market in order to be able to make good trading strategy which can bring them continuous profitability
  11. I also find that demo accounts are best place to develop trading strategy. As this strategy is based on chosen trading method, new traders will be able first to research several trading methods before they choose one that suits their skills the best
  12. Olymp ‘s platform is the same. One click and charts are modified manually and orders too. Drawing is also there, at a fairly primitive level. It’s better to draw on the page of tech. analysis.
  13. Certainly Sininfinity, I would totally agree with you. It is very useful for new traders to make regular review of their both lose and winning trades in order to get better overview of what they did good and what was wrong. A trading journal might be very helpful in this quest
  14. Pixie, it is very true that nothing comes easy on this market. However, some traders prefer scalping because they have trading skills which can bring them profits based on their trading method. This method is eventually not suitable for everyone, however, for some traders is quite profitable
  15. I agree that one for the success factors is to know when and how to use leverage. It might be a bit difficult for beginners to understand these factors in the beginning of their trading, this is why I am always advising them to use smallest possible leverage when they are certain in their strategy

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