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  1. Earning money is never an easy job in every field of life. You need to work hard, spend good time towards your job, compete with others, and doing everything to your work are the necessary things to do in any business for getting success as on the Forex market as well. Am I right guys?
  2. I'm considering this broker, can't finally decide whether to register here or not. I think there's not really a lot of cryptocurrencies. And I didn't really get the terms of bonus repayment.
  3. Demo trading is must for every trader whether he is a new or experienced one. You need to practice every new thing you know about the market on the demo account. It also helps to modify your strategy as well. So, it is a beneficial thing!
  4. I think you always have an opportunity on the money market, as on the crypto market, to enter and leave with profits. It is still a great time to buy some coins for yourself if you have the intentions of investing in cryptos especially BTC. Are you gonna buy?
  5. When I was trading with a former broker, I lost a lot because of swaps. Of course this is an inexcusable negligence, one must be careful. I would even say that it's indecent to run up this way. Now I ask everyone about each broker's swaps. Can one open an Islamic account without swaps on TenkoFX?
  6. I would like to say here that you can never ever trust anyone on the money markets, including Forex, without complete assurance. You can not blame others for your own wrong moves as you are responsible for your every decision.
  7. It is a wise and viable decision to start your trading career with the demo account as you need strong practice before doing any technical work convincingly. I think demo account is must for the beginner trader as far as I am concerned!
  8. Demo trading account is a great way to start your career in a much better way as it will give you an idea about the Forex market in a much convincing way. Do you have experience of the demo trading even if you are an experienced one, kindly share!
  9. I think a lot Forex brokers offer you to work on the demo account as they provide it for you and it is very easy to register on it via your email address. So, always make a strategy on the demo account before implementing it on the live!
  10. Hello everyone! I think people fail on the Forex market only due to lack of practice and greed as well. You need to enter the market with huge confidence and skills in order to tackle it in a profitable manner. Thanks!
  11. Risk management is as important as trading itself. You need to work with the particular risk to reward ratio in order to stay long on the Forex market. Your strategy and riak management plan is key to success on the Forex market. Best of luck!
  12. Your approach shows your ability and skills about the Forex trading. A wise and successful trader always enter the market with a long-term and professional approach to stay long on the market alongwith profits. Am I right, successful trader?
  13. I think topgoldforum is doing a great job for helping the new traders as well as experienced ones by developing a great interaction and relation between the traders from all around the world. I am an active member of this forum and it helped me a lot for which I am thankful to the other members and forum management as well. Thank you!
  14. I am a trader that is why I have a good friendship with my computer. I spend most of time with my computer as it is the source of income for me. But I spend less time on it on the weekends due to the closure of market. I usually use my comp at night for news purposes at weekends.
  15. Yes, it is the fact that you can get some bonus from the brokers if you will join thier platformbut you need to stay conscious with it as many fake people try to trap people in the form of fake bonuses and offers. Always stay one step ahead on the money markets!