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  1. Garpolen

    I requested a funds withdrawal and received an SMS about the transaction, but the money didn't come. How can this be? I registered long time ago, but have been trading since November. I withdraw money for the first time.
  2. Garpolen

    Forex market is such a shear volume capital market that scammers are trying to exploit this factor. You need to be aware of them and don't just trust anyone who knows some things about forex. It is not easy to make money in this world. Don't let people rob you out of this.
  3. Garpolen

    You should always help your friend but this doesn't mean you should do the trading for him. You can give him tips and tricks if you have any but don't let him manipulate you into doing the trading process. It is a everyman for himself in the trading world. Don't give in to the pressure.
  4. Garpolen

    There is no harm in using your demo account for a long period of time. You need to realize that the more the demo trading, the more chance of success. Just don't give importance to the people's opinions and i am sure that you will one day become a top forex trader.
  5. Garpolen

    Allna, the only right way to make 90% trading successful is by learning and gaining experience in order to be able to improve your strategy to the level that can generate 90% of successful trades. Not at all easy task but possible
  6. Garpolen

    Yes, it might be a factor that determines future trader. As with bad brokers new traders have good possibility to stay without all their money. That`s why choose wisely your broker
  7. Garpolen


    Well, and if risk are compared. Where is it better to invest and for what period?
  8. Garpolen

    Exactly what uncle gober stated. There are many opportunities on forex market but it is on trader to have enough knowledge and experience to be able to spot those opportunities and exploit them properly
  9. Ggurah, not only that it is the largest market in the world and that anybody can trade it, but also it can be traded with relatively small invested funds and also 24 hours a day. I will not mention that you can trade it from any spot on Earth with internet connection
  10. Garpolen

    If you are long term trader than trading spread might not be so important. But if you are short term trader like swing or scalping, than brokers spread can make huge difference between your profitable and non profitable deals and overall your profitability. One important fact to look with broker
  11. Garpolen

    Unfortunately, loss deals are inevitable on Forex market due to its volatility. Even highly experience traders sometimes carry some loss. This is why I always stress the importance of application of risk and funds management strategies in trading as well as a trading discipline
  12. Garpolen

    You get correlation or relationship methods. The demand for gold, oil or the dollar provides some information to determine the mood of the market. Unfortunately, on the Olymp trade platform the screen isn't divided into several charts, so you can only switch between different charts. To monitor the market, I use and trade on other terminals. It's convenient.
  13. Garpolen

    Uncle gober, you made a good point. I think that new traders on the market should be very well aware of what leverage should be used for. It is sort of upgrade of well analysed and established trading plan. It supports higher profitability of one such trading plan and should be well incorporated
  14. Garpolen

    When choosing a broker, I pay attention to security and if they can support my trading strategy with their service. So, I think that it is all individual and that there is not one broker who can offer all available brokerage services on the market (i.e. lever, type of acc, spreads, etc)
  15. Garpolen

    It is very clear that Forex bears high risk, due to its volatility and sometimes very sharp moves as a reaction on mostly negative news. This is why I always recommend to newcomers on this market to pay good attention on how much leverage they use and to keep discipline in applying risk management