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  1. Garpolen


    How can you get a security deposit, any pitfalls?
  2. Garpolen

    Forex market is one of the most diverse markets and investment place of the world. Everyone has the opportunity to change their lives through forex trading. There is utmost transparency and clarity in forex market. You should give forex trading a chance and see how things go for you.
  3. Garpolen

    Forex is a very difficult place to earn money. Fear of losing money is natural in forex trading as money is not easy to make in this world. But don't let this fear control you into making decisions. You need to analyze the market and see how things go. What do you think guys?
  4. I am sorry to say but this statement is true. The world priorities have changed. They are not doing enough to preserve the natural reserves of the world. We need to make water reservoirs for the sake of our children. We need to rememeber that there is no survival on Earth without water.
  5. Garpolen

    There is no way to find success in forex trading except hard-work and determination. There are no short-cuts in life for making money. Forex is a complicated place for earning success. You have to work for it. I will advise young traders to not go for short-cuts in life.
  6. Garpolen

    You need to make things easy for yourself in forex trading. I will suggest you to not invest with your Bitcoin as a Bitcoin is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will regret it if you sell your cryptocurrency. You should invest in forex with regular money and see how things go for you.
  7. I wish somebody had advised me to save money from my pocket money. All those late night parties took a toll on the pocket. But at that tender age, you are naive and full of hormones. If i had saved money back then, i don't know what i would have been right now. Just imagine.
  8. Garpolen


    Does this broker offer bonuses for the standard account?
  9. Garpolen

    Forex is the business of the future. There is a lot of money and stakeholders involved in it. The biggest thing about forex is that it is legal in almost every country. It is a universal business with a lot of potential. The young generation is attracted towards this platform.
  10. Garpolen

    Forex should never be your primary earning source. Forex doesn't spares no one. You have to be mentally ready for anything. You should never invest your entire money in forex trading. There always should be a back-up money. The future will be very tough if you invest everything in it.
  11. Garpolen

    Forex can be your earning source but there is no guarantee. Loss and failure are the major players in the game. If you want to take forex trading as full time profession, then you should be ready to take and accept losses along the way. We have done our job, the rest is upto you.
  12. Garpolen

    The spreads might be zero, but this broker definitely profits somewhere from swaps or hidden commissions. Or it corrects the movement in the needed direction from the quotation.
  13. Garpolen

    You need to make things easy for yourself. You should stick with a single trusted broker. If you work with more than one broker, you will be confused in your trading strategy. So, it is better to pick a single broker and see how things go from there. What do you think?
  14. You should have to set some rules and follow them at any cost. If you wants others to follow those rules than you should have to follow those rules also. This is the best thing if you wanted to become a successful businessman in the future. I hope you will like my advice. Thanks!
  15. Garpolen

    You should have to make a demo account before starting trade on a forex market. You should also have to do some work on that demo account until you are perfectly sure that you have a full grip on forex market. Otherwise don't enter to that market if you don't want to lose your money.