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  1. Garpolen

    I have not watched a lot of bollywood movies of the current era, but i have watched a lot from the previous era. My favourite movie is Baghban. It really makes you question how we treat our parents. Amitabh Bachan stars in that movie and has delivered an amazing performance.
  2. Garpolen

    I am a sports lover. I like to watch different kind of sports. I have subscribed to a lot of sports pages like benchwarmers, skysports, etc.. They give all the details of the sporting events happening in the world. I like to watch EPL, NBA, MLB, etc. What is you favourite sport?
  3. Garpolen

    There are a lot of good movies made. It would be really difficult to choose between all of them. If i had to pick one movie from the current era, it would be Warrior. A story of a family who has seen a lot of tragedies and the brothers fight it out in the biggest event of the world.
  4. You need to understand that betting is a very risky thing. There is no certainity that you will win. If you want to be successful in sports betting, then you need to have a lot of knowledge about the sports. You need to be careful as betting is a very addicting thing. You don't want to lose a lot of money.
  5. Garpolen

    Can you tell us more about the affiliate program? One guy at a trading course claimed that he made money on an affiliate program. What is it about in general?
  6. Garpolen

    I studied the broker site in detail, but I didn’t figure out the Forex Optimum special offers. Please help me understand what it means "you can not withdraw bonuses"? The site says that they can be used for tradig. And why are they made then, if they can not be withdrawn. It is illogical.
  7. Garpolen

    The beauty of Forex is that you can profit from both directions, upward and downward, so traders don’t have to choose movements on only one side. It is called short or long position in one currency. And when you are making entry don’t be positive, but be sure about market move.
  8. Garpolen

    Everything is fine. I received the transaction with a delay of 10 hours after the SMS. Apparently some problems with the bank. Perhaps, it's also worth re-registering the deposit method. Many people say that money comes faster on electronic wallets. Sorry for the panic. I withdrew money for the first time, and the amount was rather big. I was worried)
  9. Garpolen

    Nicely said and I appreciate your effort. I would recommend to newbies first to learn very good major indicators and how they can be used in order to generate trading signals and then to test their knowledge on demo account
  10. Garpolen

    Learning is requirement to start trading. Actually I find also demo accounts very important to use for some time in order to get some initial practice. Certainly, during this process, new trader can use forums to learn some extra stuff or just ask questions
  11. Garpolen

    I will always choose a broker who is officially registered for conducting brokerage activities. Then I will focus if he can support my trading strategy with leverage and low spreads. Certainly, I am seeking to lower as much as possible carry trade costs
  12. Garpolen

    I think that each trader should find broker that can support best his or her trading strategy. It means that if you trade i.e. scalping, certainly you will search broker with low spreads. As spreads are costs associated with trading, they can significantly impact your profits
  13. Garpolen

    I don’t think that any trader can save him from loses, as they happen from time to time. The most important thing to learn is how to control loses and how to manage your funds successfully. Never be too lazy trader to avoid using at least stop loss to your every trade
  14. Garpolen

    I think that new traders should keep low leverage in case that they would like to use it. I am always saying to all newbies not to use lever at all until they get to know market better. It is simply because lever can drag them into increased loses and maybe some disappointments which is not good
  15. Garpolen

    I think that bonuses are sort of marketing trick introduced by brokers in order to attract traders to open account with that broker. However, the true is that you can use this bonus to trade, as sort of leverage, but you cannot withdraw them, but only your profits
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