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  1. Garpolen

    I have no issues when professional traders, with many years of experience are using leverage. But,there is issue when new traders without good trading strategy are using high leverage in chase of profitability. Without good strategy, profits will not come no matter how much capital you have invested
  2. Garpolen

    Gold is not bitcoin. The latter is definitely not suitable for long-term storage. The current nature of bitcoin is rather reciprocating, but it's been returning to the last year peaks for quite a long time. Hope it's not gonna collapse taken the crisis situation.
  3. Garpolen

    Not all brokers are supporting scalping method. Some other are using high spreads when trader is trading scalping method. In both cases traders should avoid such brokers, as high spreads would significantly impact their profitability
  4. Garpolen

    I have heard that there are some brokers offering 0 spreads. But still, I dont understand quite well this concept, as spreads are major source of income for brokers. So, if they are not earning from spreads, from where they get money? Fees and commissions maybe?
  5. Garpolen

    I think that continuous learning is extremely important on forex market and traders should be aware of this fact. When you finish your initial training on demo account, then you need to learn some real lessons from real life and market. This is called experience then
  6. Garpolen

    Certainly Tradesprint, I would fully agree with you. However, in order to reach point where you can make trades, you need to go through process of learning the basics of Forex trading. In second stage, you will be able to learn from your mistakes. Would you agree?
  7. Do you have any proof of historical performance and profitability, or you have only promises of some sort of potential future profits, if you feel lucky enough?
  8. Garpolen

    Also it is necessary to add commissions on orders to the possible losses. FO withdraws a commission from each order, as well as exchanges. This is even more confusing.
  9. Garpolen

    I also dont think that legal broker can be a scammer. Good practice is that they keep your money in separate account from their company’s account. What actually had happen on few occasions in the past is that brokers were broke, so traders had to wait for their money to be withdrawn
  10. Garpolen

    Demo accounts provided by broker are for free. Also you dont need to deposit any funds on it,as you will eventually trade with virtual money which would be assigned to your account.This is perfect opportunity for all beginners to learn about Forex trading and prepare themselves good for real account
  11. I dont knot what sort of application you would like to develop, buy if it is not something much complicated you can think of engaging some of local developers or eventually find them through freelancing websites. This might be much cheaper option for you
  12. Garpolen

    Parameters are changed using the pencil icon. Icon to the left of the cross. The size of the histogram, unfortunately, does not increase.
  13. Garpolen

    I did not have long positions. I don't know. Are you saying that a swap is able to take all the potential profit?
  14. Garpolen

    I find that email marketing can be good option only if you are able to keep focused and targeted emails as well as to keep some measure in number of emails sent. If frequency of email is high, there is a chance that people would find you annoying and put you into spam folder
  15. Garpolen

    I don't understand why dwell on shares? 40% of the Apple shares do not go in any comparison with bitcoin, which by the way has grown more than three times over the same time.
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