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  1. You should have to set some rules and follow them at any cost. If you wants others to follow those rules than you should have to follow those rules also. This is the best thing if you wanted to become a successful businessman in the future. I hope you will like my advice. Thanks!
  2. You should have to make a demo account before starting trade on a forex market. You should also have to do some work on that demo account until you are perfectly sure that you have a full grip on forex market. Otherwise don't enter to that market if you don't want to lose your money.
  3. official

    And what if the trader gets a drawdown and goes into red? Generally, I think it's some kind of a trick.
  4. Hello friends, I am very happy by seeing that all the members in this forum talks to each other which is very good for their trading career. They discuss about their win and also how they lose. From this many others don't do the same mistakes.
  5. You must be well educated and aware of your business. Well mature that what you have to acheive? And what not to do. Market overview and well know about your field work. A selfconfident and determined person can lead business to a peak. Try to work perfactly without any error.
  6. Never lose your hope in any condtion be calm and peaceful. Loss and profit are part of life. If you lose any where do not lose your hope. Hope is a only key to success. Keep trying to acheive your goal. Try again and again untill you become succesful.
  7. Everyone can get knowledge about the forex market from here and also you can do some research on the forex market. You can also watch videos on YouTube which are free of cost. These videos are uploaded by the experts who knows well about the forex market.
  8. New traders mainly fails to succed due lack of knowledge and experience. They also do not have practice in demo trading. Many new traders are unaware of market survey. They do not fill up the defeciency or gap in market. Always fill the gaps to succed.
  9. All the newbies have a great future in the forex market when they learn well about the market and get every knowledge related to that field. Knowledge plays a very important role in every field of life. In forex knowledge is too much necessary as it is all about the money.
  10. Hey friends, I hope you like this forum. From there you get the answers about your questions and also you can the get many easy and best solutions related to your problem. You can also ask questions we are always here to give you the answers.
  11. It can easily withdraw 10$ probably. But when it comes to many hundreds of dollars, I'm sure, it won't make it happen easily. It will say something like "go through the verification again, we doubt it's still you". And while this goes on, you successfully drain all your profit.
  12. If it's the way you say it is, then I've made my decision regarding this broker. I'll definitely try it.
  13. This is the best platform for the beginners to learn what the forex market really is and how it works. You can also find best experts in this forum who gave you advices. Professional traders are also present in this forum to help you in forex trading.
  14. Yes. You need a lot of knowledge when trading forex. You need to be aware of every aspect of forex. You need to be flexible to change with the fluctuating market. There are many sources to get the latest forex knowledge and news on the internet.
  15. It is really a great post for us and I want to add something from my side here that Forex market is the market with the quickest returns. If you have a good strategy then you can double tripple your account in a year. Stay blessed and best of luck as well!