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  1. Garpolen

    Swing trading as a trading strategy definitely has its benefits. It is quite easy to trade following technical analysis, the money is in in a short time, not so huge stress if there is a loss on few deals, it is also excellent strategy for new traders. Only the profit margins are relatively low
  2. Market analysis is very important on FX market. Not only technical analysis but also some knowledge of fundamental analysis is very valuable. With those understandings and analysis traders are able adequately to predict the direction and future levels of currencies moves and profit from it
  3. Garpolen


    If you look at the exchange, there are thousands of online traders. It's unlikely that those are only miners.
  4. Garpolen

    The possibility of classical trading has dramatically changed my approach to trading. In my opinion, options are the most similar to playing roulette, while margin trading is more predictable. Using only one indicator, or better two, increases predictability. Another important advantage of the Forex platform on Olymp is the automatic limitation of possible losses. This month I finally opened a real account and so faк about 80% of my transactions are positive, i.e. without losses.
  5. Garpolen


    And what if we consider buying crypto as a means of the diversification of the personal investment portfolio? I mean long-term investment.
  6. Garpolen


    I wish crypto exchanges would offer the same perks. It would be great to trade crypto. Comparing to optimum, spreads are much better, especially on exmo.
  7. Freelancing is a way to start a business with zero investment. There is no risk of losing money if you have good command on your skills. It is really a nice field to build your career. I am present in this field from a long time and I am making good money out of it.
  8. Garpolen

    TopGoldforum is a place to know about the things happening in the world of money and ways to earn money. The crypto corner of this forum is really in teresting as far as my experience is concerned on this forum. Which one is your favorite section?
  9. Garpolen

    I am a social person and I love to make good connections with the people on different forums. I always love to talk to the people from different cultures. My friends are from different countries. We share the experiences with each other. I am enjoying my social life!
  10. Garpolen

    This is really helpfull for new users here. Videos should be posted in order to tell the benefit of such sites. It's a great opportunity for those who want to promote their business on the next level. Those who want to promote their online business this is the best place to visit.
  11. Garpolen

    It uses SEO tools that provide reciprocal links and inbound links that can be used as our SEO. A cross-link is a bond that links one polymer chain to another. They can be covalent bonds or ionic bonds. "Polymer chains" can refer to synthetic polymers or natural polymers (such as proteins).
  12. Garpolen

    EMD is called as Exact Matched Domain and as per the latest updates from Panda if your domain name matches on fired keyword for searching then your domain's ranking in Google SERP's will be goes down back to page 5 or 6 or even below that.I hope this helps you.
  13. Garpolen

    Search Engines are now part of our daily life, whether it be carrying out research for Xmas presents or where is the nearest coffee shop open before 7am or looking for best Steak House in town. Google Search Engine is the best search engine in the world and it is also one of most popular products from Google. Almost 70 percent of the Search Engine market has been acquired by Google.
  14. Garpolen

    My main area of interest is to start my very own business. I know that starting a business is not easy but to acheive something in life and to be successful, you need to step out of your comfort zone. What do you think will be the best business for me? I would really appreciate the answers.