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  1. I use Hostovita https://hostovita.pl No complaints. Probably not the cheapest but certainly very reliable. You can visit their website in order to get complete information on the dedicated hosting plans offered. Best of luck!
  2. Hi all I was wondering if I am able to apply for a student visa from a country that I am not a national of? When I initially applied for my F1 visa back in 2007 (Which expired in 2011) it was from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since I was living with my parents there. I am originally from Bangladesh. I have about 2 semester left but want to go visit my parents and sibling who are currently still living in Saudi Arabia. I was wondering if I can go back on a visitor visa to Riyadh and meet them and then apply for a new F1 visa in the consulate there like last time? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. lol
  4. https://eulerr.com/express/cat/corporate-website/ - you sit back, relax, and they do the work for you. Moreover, they don’t just create your site, they also maintain it. This plan is really for those who don’t mind spending the money to have a third-party build and update their website entirely, so they don’t have to do a thing.
  5. I have noticed quite a few panoptic sets for sale online that have only been used for school purposes. I'll be starting school this year and current students recommend the panoptic set; they said a rep will come to the school to offer student discounts, including a warrantee that covers anything while we're still in school. I was wondering what other's experiences have been with buying used (and saving a couple or more hundred dollars) or new and having to use the warrantee. What are opinions on if it is it worth the risk to buy used and not have the warrantee?
  6. One is boring:С
  7. amazing
  8. It is easy to guess that US and UK would be on top of the list for the most expensive university education and university tours. Estimates by Times education group revealed more than half of the world’s top 200 universities are located in either the US or the UK. As the countries move from manufacturing based economies to knowledge based economies, the demand for quality college education increases. The cost of education in both these countries is by no means cheap. However, the UK and the US have fairly generous wages when compared with other nations, but enormous fees which reach tens of thousands of dollars per year makes it a difficult task to pay tuition fees. To compound this, what seems to be happening now is that fees continue to rise each year but wages do not, so higher education is becoming something which only the elite can afford.