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  1. There is a woman I like, but she is also involved with a married man. Though we get along great, I know she loves him and only wants to be friends with me. They have been having an affair for about five years. She says she doesn’t think he’ll leave his wife for her, but I think deep down she is hoping he will as he gives excuses why he is still with his wife – doesn’t want to upset the child who is still in school. Our relationship is dead, but I feel that the wife deserves to know. I doubt he is only cheating on her with one woman. So if someone knew your spouse was cheating on you and they didn’t know you, would you want to be told and how?
  2. christina_ha

    My hobby is traveling. It’s not a competition, I’m not in any rush to tick off more countries. We’re busy re-visiting places we’ve been many times before, they are our favourites, so why not? But it’s interesting to keep a list. This is mine, it’s a work in progress. The majority has still no clue what a blogger exactly does and thinks I drink cocktails at the beach all day long. It is funny to explain them what I really do and see their surprised reactions. I told people I was going for work to Greece and would travel to Athens and they were like but that is amazing. This time I had a chance to explore Athens with Greece Travel Guide and see the incredible ruins which makes this city so unique. At first I didn`t get the feel with Athens I hoped I would get. The city center is extremely busy and touristy and prices for simple things are pretty high. But when you roam around a little you will find lovely places to drink coffee, little squares and cozy restaurants in and between the many shopping streets and I slowly started to like Athens!
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    soccer, basketball
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    You really just have to pick one. The competition between them is pretty fierce, so they all tend to offer roughly the same services - although there def are a few that count on people not researching the competition. I've had good success with Hostovita https://hostovita.pl/vps/ I've set up about a dozen websites and never had any problems or issues. So...do your research.
  7. christina_ha

    Hi. I had such good luck last time I thought I would come here and ask again. I needed to move my server (and clients) to a new host. WiredTree was recommended for one. After researching I went with them and was very happy. Then they were bought out and the new host service is lacking in service so I'm looking again. VPS is what I need with good fast service. Thanks in advance.
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    you're an idiot
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    thank you boo!
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    This site is my fav https://1xbet.com/. because I can easily withdraw money to the card. It's convenient. This is my second job. My hobby=good income. I`m happy that I can use my free time to good use. Friend, I wish you good luck!
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    Thinking of settling on https://1xbet.co.ke/ but which site do the TopGoldForum faithful use? I won't be placing big bets or using it more than maybe once a week.
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    It's gonna turn upside down all the market https://www.hypeanalysis.com/ I like the idea and purpose of the team.
  13. I hired Truth Investigators for surveillance and tracking. The surveillance was for someone who is highly alert and suspicious. This team was amazing and professional. They did the job and exceeded my expectations. They were able to provide me clear footage of the activity. The case was highly detailed and they listened to all my concerns and requests and ensured they to complete the job thoroughly and effectively. Most importantly, they provide a comprehensive report of their findings, which can be used in the court as evidence. I highly recommend Truth Investigators and ensure he will complete the job he was hired to do.
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