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  1. christina_ha

    https://webmoneyloans.com/payday-loans/ms - They don't make you feel uncomfortable and really care about helping. I appreciate them for being there when I need help
  2. christina_ha

    Most of the builder agents I know make far less than a successful independent real estate agent from Conversion-monster - their commissions are smaller because they don't have to go out and hunt buyers down to the extend an independent agent does, and they aren't paying for marketing and branding. It's steady work, but as far as amazingly lucrative? Not around here.
  3. christina_ha

    I wanna go to Australia and I`m looking for cheap but good airport parking. Has anyone used Go To Airport Parking to find the best parking spaces? Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks!
  4. christina_ha

    That's a tough one but didn't want to read and run. Is your husband likely to want custody of the kids. If you think there's no way he will want it you could take the risky strategy of moving out and leaving the kids as a way to force his hand. Other than that you have two options that I can see. One is to go to marriage counsellng and see if you can get him to accept that the marriage is over (some form of mediation is also good around custody issues etc so it could be a longer term investment in that way). Otherwise I think the best bet is to consult a solicitor from Law Firm Carr and get proper advice about this. I can't see that costing a huge amount, some solicitors offer the first half hour free anyway and I presume the legal situation is probably pretty straightfrward. As far as I know there's no way to force him out of the house though, sorry... The only other thing occurring to me is that you sell the house. Not the market for it I know but surely you'd realise enough cash to buy a decent-ish 3 or 4 bed? And it is a good market to be a buyer.
  5. christina_ha

    Just make sure it matches your outfit https://www.myfitteds.com/collections/new-era-9fifty-dad-hats-9twenty-snapbacks They can look fresh af, they are the only type of hat I will wear.
  6. christina_ha

    Our staff avoids big mistakes, loss of time, and loss of money. It's just more efficient to run this way. Our company's goals were and will always be to save time and money and Park medical billing provide our employees with accurate billing, pay forms, tax information, and other organizational needs.
  7. Hi, I would like to pre-book a return airport transfer for my Holiday in June and would like some recommendations for companies that people have used please. Thank you
  8. christina_ha

    It often comes down to what you get is what you pay for. If your requirement is low, or just starting out, you should be good with any decent provider like this one https://hostovita.pl/vps/ As far as reviews go, they do help but don't take them as a deciding factor. Remember all reviews are personal experiences and may differ greatly in your case. The best option is to contact the provider of your preference and ask some questions. If their answers are satisfactory, and if they offer a money back guarantee, take it from there.
  9. Are you willing to deal with uncertainty? https://truthprivateinvestigators.com.au/private-investigators-in-australia-cost-process-legal-process/ You are both young and able to move on. Best of luck!
  10. There is a woman I like, but she is also involved with a married man. Though we get along great, I know she loves him and only wants to be friends with me. They have been having an affair for about five years. She says she doesn’t think he’ll leave his wife for her, but I think deep down she is hoping he will as he gives excuses why he is still with his wife – doesn’t want to upset the child who is still in school. Our relationship is dead, but I feel that the wife deserves to know. I doubt he is only cheating on her with one woman. So if someone knew your spouse was cheating on you and they didn’t know you, would you want to be told and how?
  11. christina_ha

    My hobby is traveling. It’s not a competition, I’m not in any rush to tick off more countries. We’re busy re-visiting places we’ve been many times before, they are our favourites, so why not? But it’s interesting to keep a list. This is mine, it’s a work in progress. The majority has still no clue what a blogger exactly does and thinks I drink cocktails at the beach all day long. It is funny to explain them what I really do and see their surprised reactions. I told people I was going for work to Greece and would travel to Athens and they were like but that is amazing. This time I had a chance to explore Athens with Greece Travel Guide and see the incredible ruins which makes this city so unique. At first I didn`t get the feel with Athens I hoped I would get. The city center is extremely busy and touristy and prices for simple things are pretty high. But when you roam around a little you will find lovely places to drink coffee, little squares and cozy restaurants in and between the many shopping streets and I slowly started to like Athens!
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    soccer, basketball
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