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    MetaTrader 4 for Android Trading Real-time quotes of financial instruments Full set of trade orders, including pending orders Trade directly from the chart More than 600 servers of various forex brokers available Support of all types of execution modes Complete trading history Technical Analysis Real-time interactive charts with zoom and scroll 30 technical indicators, including the most popular ones, such as Average True Range, Bollinger Bands, Commodity Channel Index, Envelopes, Force Index, MACD, Momentum, Money Flow Index, Moving Average, Moving Average of Oscillator, Relative Strength Index, Standard Deviation, Stochastic Oscillator and Williams’ Percent Range 7 timeframes: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4 ? D1 3 chart types: Bars, Japanese Candlesticks and Line Convenience User friendly interface Trade levels and volumes on the chart Offline mode (symbol prices and charts) For more information please visit http://www.fxoptimax.com/platform/metatrader-4-android
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    Spreads Comparison FXOptimax offers competitive spreads for each account type. FXOptimax 4-Digits accounts offer fixed spread, while FXOptimax 5-Digits accounts offer floating spreads. To see the spreads comparison between accounts please check http://www.fxoptimax.com/account/spread
  3. Sininfinity

    @andengireng There are some companies who put irrational terms and conditions like you said. That's why it is necessary to read the terms and conditions before putting real money in to a broker.
  4. Sininfinity

    Here are some listed: No commissions No middlemen No fixed lot size Low transaction costs A 24-hour market No one can corner the market Leverage High Liquidity Low Barriers to Entry
  5. Sininfinity

    No matter what, risk must always be kept under control. A trader should not take more than 5% risk in a trade. It is advised to risk 1% or 2% of capital.
  6. Sininfinity

    A person should go through a forex school first before thinking about trading forex. Everything we do requires knowledge and going through a forex school will give that person a standing ground in the market.
  7. Sininfinity

    Well forex has been a reliable source of earning since a long time. It is not a becoming thing which got popular recently. But new people enter the market everyday and when they start discovering, it is normal to think that way.
  8. Sininfinity

    Leverage is useful to certain extent. After that more is not of any use. In my personal opinion, a trader does not need more than 1:400 leverage for trading.
  9. Sininfinity

    I have never considered forex as an easy thing. I am not saying I am an expert but the market presents challenges all the time.
  10. Sininfinity

    Going back to demo again and again is not a good sign. If you feel the need to go back to demo again and again then you are not developing your strategy properly and being hasty in jumping in real account.
  11. Sininfinity


    Use “USD400DP” promo code to get $400 bonus right now. Bonus terms and conditions can be found here http://www.fxoptimax.com/promotion
  12. Sininfinity


    Best Partnership Program in the Industry FXOptimax partnership gives the most competitive rebates in the industry, let alone we are a STP broker which is completely different to Market Maker/Dealing Desk brokers. FXOptimax advantages highlight: Low $10 minimum deposit High leverage, up to 1:1000 Very fast and no requote STP execution MetaTrader4 for Desktop, Android and iOS Trading Platform Multiple account types to fit all trading strategies 46 popular forex pairs, gold and silver are available to trade eCurrency & credit card deposits are supported Responsive & professional support Hedging & scalping is allowed without any restriction Various promotions and deposit bonuses for clients 5 minutes to open account and start trading Our trading environment is absolutely benefiting your client’s trading business, making it easier for every partner to introduce FXOptimax to any potential client. For more information, please visit http://www.fxoptimax.com/partnership/
  13. Sininfinity


    Execution at FXoptimax FXOptimax is a NDD-STP broker and does not run any dealing desk. All trades by our clients are sent to liquidity providers, which consists of prime brokers and banks. Our bridge system is working exceptionally quick, just in a few miliseconds, but in some cases while the market moves extremely fast (several new price quotes in subsecond), slippage may be occured. Slippage can be both positive or negative, it solely depends to the market movement. Please see the illustration below, the first case shows how you will get negative slippage, while the second case illustrates how you will get positive slippage on your order. We completely believe it is a fair and competitive trading environment and it has been our goal to create such excellent environment to maximize the profit potential you can achieve on your trade with us. Join us: www.fxoptimax.com
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  15. Sininfinity

    One thing to remember is that we are in this market for profit and if we are not making it then we should find out the reason why we are not. Broker can be a casue.