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    FXOptimax Premium Trading Environment Trades on 46 popular forex pairs (including exotics), gold and silver Best execution, real fast order processing time Full STP execution, NO requotes USD 10 minimum deposit Up to 1:1000 leverage Ultra-tight spreads, starting from 0 pips! Multiple account choices to meet your trading needs Micro lot trading support (1000 of base currency) MetaTrader 4 trading platform, provides clear price charting and unlimited indicators Mobile platforms for iOS and Android based gadgets/smartphones Expert Advisor is supported Scalping is allowed Hedging is allowed Massive deposit bonus and other promotions Various deposit/withdrawal options, instant deposits for E-Currencies 24 Hours multilingual Live Chat supports Easy 5-minutes account opening For more information, please visit www.fxoptimax.com
  2. Sininfinity


    Deposit withdrawal with FXoptimax FXOptimax provides a wide range of deposit & withdrawal options.
  3. Sininfinity


    FXOptimax Account Types FXOptimax offers 3 account types to let clients choose the most suitable account to use, based on clients’ trading strategies and styles. These accounts are divided into 2 major group, FXOptimax 5 Digits pricing and 4 Digits pricing. All groups have the same main advantages, very fast execution, no requote and high leverage level. For details about differet types of accounts, please click here
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    FXOptimax Execution Model FXOptimax is a NDD-STP broker. We do not run any dealing desk. All of the trades by our clients are sent to our liquidity providers, consist of prime brokers and banks. Our bridge system is working exceptionally quick, just in a few miliseconds, but in some cases while the market moves extremely fast (several new price quotes in subsecond), the price that you see on your PC/mobile MT4 may already be different to the price we get from our liquidity providers. We completely believe it is a fair and competitive trading environment and it has been our goal to create such excellent environment to maximize the profit potential you can achieve on your trade with us. For details about our execution model please click here
  5. Sininfinity


    Use “USD100DP” promo code to get $100 bonus right now. Bonus terms and conditions can be found here http://www.fxoptimax.com/promotion
  6. Sininfinity


    Best Partnership Program in the Industry FXOptimax partnership gives the most competitive rebates in the industry, let alone we are a STP broker which is completely different to Market Maker/Dealing Desk brokers. FXOptimax advantages highlight: Low $10 minimum deposit High leverage, up to 1:1000 Very fast and no requotes STP execution MetaTrader4 for Desktop, Android and iOS Trading Platform Multiple account types to fit all trading strategies 46 popular forex pairs, gold and silver are available to trade eCurrency & credit card deposits are supported Responsive & professional support Hedging & scalping is allowed without any restriction FREE Welcome Bonus and Deposit Bonuses for clients 5 minutes to open account and start trading Our trading environment is absolutely benefitting your client’s trading business, making it easier for every partner to introduce FXOptimax to any potential client. For details please click here.
  7. Sininfinity


    Leverage at FXOptimax Over-the-weekend leverage To prevent negative equity on high risk accounts due to the potential gap at the market opening after weekend and holidays, the maximum leverage may be temporarily reduced to 1:100 on Friday or the last day before holiday, 5 hours before the market closure. Leverage will be reverted back to your leverage choice automatically 2 hours after the market reopens. Prior notification will be emailed before we reduce the leverage. For more information please click here.
  8. Sininfinity

    Risk will always be there. So one should not be afraid of it and should try to find a way to stay profitable.
  9. Sininfinity

    @Ross Edwards What kind of stop loss technique do you use?
  10. Sininfinity

    The market moves based on supply & demand. There is no way to be sure your analysis will be correct all the time. You have to make room for losses as well.
  11. Sininfinity

    Now a days deposit is not an issue. Competition among brokers has brought deposit requirement to 2 figures.
  12. Sininfinity

    I think you are mistaking scalping for swing trading. Swing trades usually goes for several days.
  13. Sininfinity

    Everyone shares good thoughts but ruins the whole thing by adding few promotional lines at the end.
  14. Is there any performance record which you can share with us?
  15. Sininfinity

    A newbie trader should not use more than 1:100 leverage. He or she should figure out how leverage works and then think about incresaing it.