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  1. Better catch sites deemed to be spamming its search results, in particular those doing so by buying links or obtaining them through link networks designed primarily to boost Google rankings. When a new Penguin Update is released, sites that have taken action to remove bad links (such as through the Google disavow links tool or to remove spam may regain rankings. New sites not previously caught might get trapped by Penguin. False positives,sites that were caught by mistake, may escape.
  2. This 5 strategies are helping to get Backlinks for your website 1. Publish "Skyscraper" Content 2: Build Links From Outdated Resources 3: Stop Guessing. Use Content Formats PROVEN To Generate Links and Social Shares 4: Use Branded Strategies and Techniques 5: Authority Resource Pages
  3. Provide users of Magento e-commerce sites with five steps to optimize their websites for SEO. 1: Use Page Titles and Meta Descriptions 2. Robot Options in Your HTML 3. URL Rewrite Management 4. Generate a Sitemap 5. Monitor your Magento Site with Google Webmaster & Analytics Tools
  4. An inbound link is a link coming from another site to your own website.
  5. This 5 ways Boosting Traffic to Your Website 1. Perform On-Page SEO 2. Get Listed 3. Post to Social Media with Hashtags 4. Use Landing Pages 5. Target Long-Tail Keywords
  6. Is it necessary to use Robots.txt file Because Robosts.txt generator tells the search engines which pages to access and index on your website and which pages not to. But it still depends on the type of website.
  7. Choosing a keyword that's relevant to your business model – You're more likely to succeed in ranking for a keyword if the term is relevant to your site and your business. You're also more likely to get some real return on your ranking.
  8. SEO Services for Astrologers – Providing services related to astrology and looking for the Best SEO
  9. Forum posting is one of the crucial elements of SEO as well as for website traffic growth.
  10. Guest posts and guest posting is where a writer who owns his or her own blog creates a unique and original post on another blog or site with a mention of the author and usually their blog at the bottom of the article.
  11. Google AdWords allows businesses to signup and create an ad to be displayed by Google on relevant SERPs and content pages, and Google AdSense lets publishers work with Google to get those ads placed on their pages for a cut of the profit , And Google AdSense is a system that Google uses to distribute ads that are found in AdWords—this includes the ads you’ve created in AdWords as well as other ads not related to your company.
  12. This points are helping to increase the traffic to your websites 1: Advertise 2: Get Social 3: Target Long-Tail Keywords 4: Start Guest Blogging 5: Invite Others to Guest Blog on Your Site
  13. Off-page SEO will help make your website popular on the internet, so you can get more visibility. With the on-page techniques we can get visibility in search engines. Take a look at the list of top 5 best off page SEO techniques now in trend. 1. Creating Shareable Content 2. Influencer Outreach 3. Social Media Engagement 4. Social Bookmarking Sites 5. Social Bookmarking Sites
  14. Helps in improving for the website rank page these points 1: Focus on your content 2: Update your website regularly with new content 3: Ensure that your content matches your site description and keyword